– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with THE RESISTANCE?

Answer: Hi! For the moment I´m just taking it easy and having some quality time with my kids. For TR everything is running smooth and things are good, very good right now. It´s looking good for us.

– THE RESISTANCE is a pretty new band, featuring well-known artists into the Metal scene so, how did a band as such get together? How was the act formed?

Answer:The band was formed by Jesper & Marco. They where talking over the internet, sending videos and songs of bands they like. And they decided to start a band and they asked Glenn & me if wanted in and the rest is history in the making.


– As I said, all of you are well-known Metal artists, specially into the extreme Metal scene. This tends to be a double-edged sword but, maybe it has more pros than cons? I mean, I guess some people will always expect you to sound as some of your previous bands and will be disappointed by the fact THE RESISTANCE is a new band, a band on its own but, on the other hand, I guess some people will be also pleasingly surprised by that same fact. Moreover I guess it will always be good in terms of promotion, as you have your name made into this scene and your names will always drag attention.

Answer:Well many thinks that we got a record deal right away because of the facts that you mentioned. But I can tell you that name dropping didn´t get us anywhere. We got our label deal as most other bands. Of course some things have gone easier for us, but hey we have been in this business for a long time, so I think we are more than worth it. When it comes to fans and their expectations, there will always be dissapointment. But if they want us to sound like the bands we once where in, they really gonna have to continue listening to those bands. What we do is simply not for everyone. We write the music the way we want it to sound like. We have no pressure on ourselfs whatsoever. We love what we do and have right now and we wouldn´t change it for anything.


– You have just released your debut album, «Scars». How are your expectations on this first full-length album specially considering the response your EP got? How are the first reactions being, both from the fans and press?

Answer: Well it´s not released until the 10th of may. But those who have heard it this far seems to like it a lot. So that´s cool. As I said before I don´t expect everyone to like it. And as a matter of fact I don´t want everyone to like it, because then it´s not brutal enough, if you know what I mean?


– Getting deeper into this new effort; what are some of the main ideas behind it?

Answer: There isn´t really an idea behind “Scars” more then that we wanted to create a really awesome piece of death metal in our style and vision.


– On my opinion, you have mixed the good old Swedish Death Metal, the power of Thrash at the early THE HAUNTED style, the melody of the Gothemburg style and some Hardcore elements. Which means your music is really versatile. Is this something important for the band? As I guess it may keep things interesting both for listeners and for the own band, both as musicians and composers.

Answer: I absolutely consider “Scars” to be versatile, and in the good way too. And by that I mean that there are so many new sub genres in metal music today and bands that are “versatile”, but not necessarily in a good way. It can just be to much from time to time. But this is just my opinion. But yes it´s more fun to be versatile when you create music.


– And still talking about such; what have been some of the most influential bands for THE RESISTANCE?

Answer: That list is to long. But we have our favourites for sure. Let´s just say that we enjoy good music no matter what genre.


– In fact it seems like all the band members would have brought their own touch. Has it actually been like this? How has the songwriting process been? And, could you say, all the bands you have been in have influenced you in some way?

Answer:Jesper is the main songwriter, but of course everyone has their say in it. But this is how we have worked so far. And Jesper is a fucking wizard when it comes

to composing. I would say that the inspiration is just there in that moment when we sit down and create, if you know what I mean?


– All this about «Scars» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?



– What does THE RESISTANCE provide you your previous bands couldn’t?

Answer:Good violent fun, and friendship at it´s best.


– You recently cancelled your European tour. Do we still have any chance of seeing you on stage around here?

Answer:We didn´t cancel it, we where as dissapointed as anyone of our fans when we got the word of cancellation due to lack of some circumstance I don´t remember. We hope to get on the road sometime this year. But we have a few shows booked and some festivals, so we will see you out there in some way or another.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it

Answer:Thanks for showing interest in us and remember to support the cause…


Sergio Fernández

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