– Hi Tony, thanks for your time. What’s currently going on in the CHROME DIVISION camp?

Hi, and thanks to you too. We did a release gig for the new record at John Dee in Oslo a couple of days ago, which was real fun. Now we are going to take some time off and than we are going to work on some new stuff for the next record. Later this year we will dome gigs and maybe a small tour to support the album.

– To start with the interview, could you please present the band to all those people who don’t know you yet?

We play what we like to call Doomsday Rock`N` Roll, which to us means it’s a mix between Rock and Metal.


– What was the main reason behind forming the band?

The band initially started out just by some friends getting together and jamming just for fun.

Since we all had played in different metal bands for a long time, we wanted to go back to our roots playing more straight forward Rock/Metal.


– And what does «Chrome Division» mean?

The name Chrome Division is more of a statement.


– «3rd Round Knockout» came out like a month ago; how has been the feedback for the album? Are you guys satisfied with it?

The feedback has been great so far. Lots of good reviews.

We are very pleased with the album. I think it’s got a lot more variation to it than the other records.

And even though we have gone slightly in another direction than on the other albums, it still sounds like Chrome Division.


– The band has a new singer for this record; could you please shed some light on this? Do you think Shady’s voice fits better the band’s sound?

As mentioned, this record went slightly in another direction than the previous. Much of the reason for this is because the change of singer. Shady has a much wider range, he can do all the songs Eddie Guz did but he can also reach the higher notes and have more variety and melody. Which, in turn means that we could put songs together on this records that we never could have done before.


– In this record I can notice more melody; was this something that just came out naturally or was that something planned?

I would say it came naturally, we don’t really plan too much but just try to make good songs.


– You have included a cover for Johnny Cash’s «Ghost Rider in the Sky». Why did you come up with the idea?

Ricky Black came up with the idea. It can seem as a bit odd choice but it’s a great song and if you listen to the lyrics its more metal than what you usually get in a regular metal song and I think it came out great.


– You have shooted a couple of clips for the album; what could you tell us about it? How has been working with Patrick Ullaeus like?

Patrick is a great guy to work with. When he is doing the work you just know that the result is going to be great. He is also a big fan of the band and he knows what will work for us.


– You have always been working with Nuclear Blast, so I guess everything’s working well with them…

Yes we have released all our albums on Nuclear Blast and it has been all good.


– Your lyrics cover different «daily» topics; women, motorcycles… What’s true about all this in your life?

Everything, of course !


– And what are the band’s main influences? Both musically and lyrically.

We all listen to all kinds of music and have experience from lots of different bands. Its hard to name just a few bands as inspiration but mostly we are inspired by the bands we grew up listening to during the 80`s


– Tony «White», Ricky «Black», Shady «Blue»… Is there any reason behind these nicknames and colors?

Well, I think we have at least ten different nicknames on all the guys in the band ha-ha! It’s a sport we are nurturing well in this band. Regarding the colors, it all started out as a joke, but the names kind of stuck so we kept it and continued the tradition when Shady joined in.


– Shagrath is one of the band’s members, does this benefit or makes things easier for the band? In terms of «publicity», etc….

Of course we get a lot of publicity because Shagrath is in the band and the publicity has been helpful to some degree. But at the same time a lot of people seem to compare the two bands and that’s a bit strange since they are totally different styles.


– After this third full-length album, what are the band’s future plans?

We are starting writing for the next album and already have some ideas we are working on. We will also do a few gigs this autumn.


– Any touring plans maybe? Is easy for you to coordinate your schedules?

Well, that’s the hard part since Dimmu Borgir is very busy. But we are going to try to do some small tours.

Hopefully in the U.S and maybe some countries in Europe.


– That has been all, thanks for your time. Now feel free to add some final words to the interview.

Thanks for you interest in Chrome Division and hopefully we will get the chance to do some gigs in Spain in the near future!


Sergio Fernández



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