– Hello Jörgen, thanks for your time and my apologies for the mishaps. What’s currently going on in the KRUX’s camp?

Jörgen: Hey, nema problemas. Krux is at the moment doing interviews and waiting for the new album «III – He who sleeps amongst the stars» to be released.

We are also talking to some promotors for some gigs.

– You will soon release «He who Sleeps amongst the Stars»; how are you guys feeling just before its release? What are your expectations for this new album?

Jörgen: We feel very comfortable with it and think it is a great album. It is new Krux album and cant wait to hear what our fans thinks about it.

We hope that with this album we will be able to take the band out for some more live shows than before and show that we are not only a great band on albums but also live!


– Your two previous effort got a really great response; was this bonus motivation for the creation of this new CD?

Jörgen; Nah, we make albums cause we enjoy playing together. With a new album out we can do some live shows and have some fun with friends, haha..


– This album marks the last part of the trilogy; do you already know what are you going to do next?

Jörgen: No. The future is ours for sure but we dont know what to make of it yet.


– Starting to get a bit into this new record, first of all, who’s that man «sleeping amongst the star»? What does the album mean to you?

Leif Edling: That song is about fullfillment. Life and death and the big questions.


– Something that caught my attention was the colorful and different cover artwork of the album. Would you mind to shed some light on this?

Jörgen: It was made by a great artist named Bea. She is a very very talented young woman that you all probably will see more from. And remember where you saw it the first time!!! haha.. It does have a hidden message in it but I would not tell you cause it is something for all of you to figure out:-)


– This time, as in your debut piece, you have included a lengthy song that lasts over 10 minutes, which is a Doom Metal with different elements on it, it actually sounds like different songs melted together. Was it easy to write and play something like this?

Jörgen: They are not different songs, they are parts of the long journey that Prince Azaar takes you on. It was a joy to record it since there are many breaks in the song that makes it possible to record different parts and then cut them together, hahaha.. Songs like Hades Assembly are far more difficult to record..


– In fact this tune is an example of the diversity on this new album; was this something you were looking for?

Jörgen: We didnt wanna repeat ourselves from the previous albums even though it sounds like Krux. Also it has been some years since we recorded the last album and our mindset is different at this moment and time.. although our minds are always set towards the heavy side of metal when it comes to creating Krux material.


– I could say this effort is more Metal and has more Rock inspiration. Have you opened to new influences in the last few years?

Jörgen; I guess when being overall music lovers there are new influences coming in from everywhere.. be it rock or metal in any form (doom, black, death etc)

I can definately hear some influences from bands that Leif have mentioned over the years.. Hawkwind, early Manowar, Judas Priest etc..


– As I said before, is a really diverse and dynamic CD, and quite epic as well but; how could you describe it in just a few words?

Jörgen: Doom Metal.


– On «he who Sleeps amongst the Stars» it seems like each track has a different story behind it. Would you mind comment a bit on some of the lyrical ideas?

Leif Edling: Hades Assembly is about greedy businessmen…. and Prince Azaar.. is about finding happiness.. or maybe not finding happiness. Just told you about the title track and the rest is up to you to find out…


– All the members involved in KRUX are quite active with some other bands; how easy/difficult is for you to get together for KRUX?

Jörgen; It is never easy. And that is the reason there is 5-7 years inbetween the albums, haha.. But we are all aware of the situation and when we finally get together it is always magic and overall really good times!!


– For example you are known, overall, for playing in several Death Metal bands, and KRUX has actually a quite different sound. Could you choose between Doom and Death? What does KRUX provide you some of your other bands can’t? Or how does one style compliment the other?

Jörgen: In my world Doom has always influenced Death Metal. Take bands like Autopsy and Asphyx for example. Autopsy have drawn huge inspiration from doom bands like Trouble and St Vitus for example. Also when growing up I was personally alot into Candlemass.. Grave always had a huge doom influence and refered slower parts to the doom parts etc..


– In fact this years THE PROJECT HATE released their latest album but, what about TORTURE DIVISION? Can we expect a full-length album anytime soon?

Jörgen: I am about to record the vocals for three new songs that we will release as soon as possible. Then we make another 3 song recording and that will make the trilogy complete and that will be the new album. Though released in three parts..


– And finally, what are your near-future plans (music related)?

Jörgen; I hope we get some shows with Krux. I have the Torture Division recording aswell as a gig at the Eindoven Metal Meeting the 17th December with Torture Division.. Then I have some more projects I wanna do but it is to early to mention anything more about them yet….


– That has been all from my side, thank you once more for taking your time. If you now want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Jörgen: Thanx. Just get back to me if there is anything more you need to know in the future.

Tania Giménez



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