– Hello Reyash, thanks for taking your time, how’s everything going right now in the CHRIST AGONY’s camp? How is the tour going?

Hi! Everything’s ok. We’ve Just returned from our NocturN European Tour. We’ve played a total of 13 gigs in Germany, Holland, Ireland, England and Belgium. The tour’s been really good, and I think that everyone who came to the shows was satisfied; because we’ve played an over 60 minute set every show. That included almost all the songs off of Moonlight, some old classics from the first 2 albums and a new song off of Nocturn. Besides that some motherfuckers broke into our van and stole some expensive items. I hope their eyes will rot…

– First off, would you mind giving some introduction of the band?

Christ Agony was formed in 1990. Of course the band’s founder is Cezar (guitar/vocals) who is also the main composer and author of all the lyrics. Besides Christ Agony he plays also in Moon and Whispers. Paul is the drummer and he joined the band in May 2011 – just before the “Metal Attack Tour” with the mighty Incantation. Besides Christ Agony he plays in Soul Snatcher, Antigama and Hell-Born. He used to be a member of Vader (2008-2011) and is also active as a session drummer and drum educator. And Last but not Least – Me – that is Reyash – I play Bass and do vocals in Christ Agony. Other that this I also play in Witchmaster, Supreme Lord, Profanum, 3 Years in Vader and almost 100 gigs with Incantation in 2007 and 2008. We’re old school.


– And what are the band’s main musical influences?

Probably Mercyful Fate, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Dissection, Danzig…


– Have been 3 years since “Condemnation” and this brand new “Nocturn”; why did it take you that time? What have you been up to during this time? Or maybe you were already writing this new album during these years?

After recording „Condemnation” we’ve played 3 tours In Poland, a tour around Russia and Ukraine, some festivals including Getaway Rock Festival in Sweden with the likes of: Danzig, Monster Magnet, Marduk, Ghost. In the meantime “Nocturn” was being created.


– What are your expectations with this new effort?

It’s our ninth studio album, so we’re ready for everything. This time we’re trying to reach new audiences – outside of Poland. We’re starting to play regular tours around Europe and we’re having a very good response. Nocturn’s reviews are both good and bad. We’re hoping that this album spreads throughout the world.


– And for all those who may be interested, how could you describe this new record?

NocturN is the heaviest, most polished album that this band has ever recorded in its 20 year long musical career. Just by hearing the first notes you will know that it’s Christ Agony, because this album is a devilish mixture of the now cult “Moonlight – act III” from 1996 or “Daemoonseth – act II” from 1994 combined with the unearthly heaviness of Inferno’s (Behemoth, Azarath) drums, crushing bass operated by Reyash (Supreme Lord, Witchmaster, Profanum, Incantation (live), ex-Vader), who also does vocals together with the band’s leader Cezar (Moon, Whispers) – the author of all the dark satanic lyrics and the entire music characterizing Christ Agony”


– What are some, or the main, lyrical ideas covered in “Nocturn”?

Darkness, Satan and old forgotten rituals.


– This is your first full-length album with Mystic Production; how’s this cooperation being so far?

Yes, this is our first album for Mystic Production. As for now everything is going well. Mysitc is doing some really good promotion, we’re doing our thing. I think this is our first interview for Spain!


– This is your first album with drummer Inferno, how did you hook up with him? And what could you say he has brought to CHRIST AGONY? Anyway, how was the songwriting process this time around?

We’ve known each other with Inferno for a very long time and once we’ve asked him if he’d like to record the new album with us. His decision was immediate. A few months later we met in his rehearsal room and were practicing the new material for three days. On the next day we went to Olsztyn to record the new album. Inferno is an extremely talented drummer with enormous amounts of power and groove in his playing. He recorded amazing drum parts and we were all very satisfied.

I had the pleasure of playing together with him in Witchmaster. We were well prepared for the recordings and the entire session took 10 days. The final effect is killer!


– This album was produced in Poland but engineered in Czech Republic. Could you shed some light on how was this process?

Hahahaha. The sound engineer’s name is „Czech” – Just a coincidence.


– Cover artwork is just fantastic so please, tell us a bit about it; the artist, its meaning, etc.

The cover is great, I think the same. It really describes the mood on Nocturn. The author of the cover, the entire project, as well as the internet website and MySpace is Michal Kowalski. “Unholydaemoon” – that is the first three albums in one box shaped as an inverted cross with a 16 page booklet is also his work. Besides that Michal is our sound guy.


– Extreme Metal scene in Poland seems to be really strong since some years ago; what do you think is reason for this? What Polish bands could you suggest?

The Polish extreme metal scene exists more or less since the early 90’s. Just a few bands remained from those days, but a lot of new ones have formed. Back in the days we had a really strong underground scene. Some of the bands I can recommend are: Azarath, Infernal War, Demogorgon, Voidhanger and bands I playing of course … hahah


– And finally, any other short-term future plans for CHRIST AGONY?

After the successful autumn tour we want to visit All the European countries. You’ll be able to see us on a couple of summer festivals in 2012. We want to record the new album “Legacy” next year. There’s a lot of work ahead of us.


– That’s all, thank you once again. Now feel free to add some final words.

Thanks a lot for the possibility to present Christ Agony In „Queens of steel”. See you on the gigs soon! Satan King!

Sergio Fernández



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