SATAN (Eng.)

– Lots of thanks for answering our interview. We would like to know how is currently the band doing and what are your near-future plans in terms of tours or festivals.

SATAN are doing well at the moment. We have been writing songs for a new album which we will be recording shortly.

– Last year I saw you guys at Keep it True, I already had seen you before at Wacken and, honestly, last year was simply amazing. What were your feelings on that performance? How did you live it?

I was very happy with our performance at KIT. We were received very well and we had a great time there.


– You belong to the so called NWOBHM. Nowadays is easier having access to bands what were part of that movement. Do you think nowadays is when NWOBHM is getting its highest level of recognition due to technology and all those cult festivals?

The NWOBHM was a great catchy term used to describe what was really just British Heavy Metal. I am proud to be part of it but nowadays, if I am asked to define SATAN or BLITZKRIEG, I would describe both bands as «True British Metal».


– Still with the NWOBHM, tell us a bit how were those years in England like? Every time I talk to bands of the genre they have good comments about that period but, at the same time, they think it was a shame a lot of bands didn’t get more success (as MAIDEN, SAXON or LEPPARD did for instance). How was that era for your first steps?

It was hard because there were so many bands. Unfortunately not all of them were good. I consider myself to have been one of the fortunate ones because today, people still want to listen to my music.


– Knowing a bit of your history it surprises me in a positive way the fact some of you were also involved with acts such as BLITZKRIEG, BLIND FURY or PARIAH all of them, plus SATAN, being part of almost a same, and really interesting, concept. I would like to dig a bit deeper in your history so, first off, please tell us how was SATAN born and through what other bands was it formed.

I was never part of BLIND FURY or PARIAH, and my time with SATAN was only «Court In The Act». I have been with BLITZKRIEG since 1980.


– On 1983 your first studio album came out, nowadays considered a cult piece into the genre. What are your memories of that album and how did it work back then?

To this day I am still proud of that album. «Court In The Act» was and is one of the best British Metal albums ever and I am very proud to have been part of in back then in 1983 and again now with a new album.


– Already on 1985 you changed the band’s name to BLIND FURY and you released another superb opus, on my eyes one of the best albums ever created in the UK. Why such change? And why weren’t you involved with that opus?

I did not change the band’s name to BLIND FURY. When I «left» the band was still called SATAN. We could not agree on the direction the band should go in so we parted company.


– From late 80’s it seems like SATAN’s history stopped, but I wouldn’t like to leave all this without talking about BLITZKRIEG which, without any doubt, an act that was also strongly connected to your family tree. You are still playing with them, even Sean was part of the band in the past. Tell us a bit how were your first steps with BLITZKRIEG like and how important was it when it came to form SATAN?

The original line-up of BLITZKRIEG only existed 1980-81. So after the band’s demise I formed AVENGER to carry on where BLITZKRIEG left off, but without being called BLITZKRIEG. When I was offered the job in SATAN It was much closer, musically to BLITZKRIEG than AVENGER ever was so I took the job on.


– I think both SATAN and BLITZKRIEG nowadays has aged really well. This year I saw BLITZKRIEG in Madrid at the Pounding Metal Fest, and some years before at Martohell and, frankly, you play fabulous shows; the crowd enjoys a lot and a lot of younger fans of the NWOBHM love you. Do you notice this at your shows? How do you see the scene nowadays?

I consider myself to be very fortunate. I have the most loyal fans that anyone could wish for and I love them for it. Some call me «Mr NWOBHM and some call me «The Metal God». Whatever they call me is fine I just love what I do and as long as they want me I will be there for them.


– And well, coming back to the present and on a view to the future; when can we expect to hear a new album by SATAN? And what are your long or short-term plans?

As I said earlier there will be a new SATAN album released next year for the 30th Anniversary of «Court In The Act». I am also involved with writing a new BLITZKRIEG album which also will be released next year. But I am also writing an album and a new Christmas single for my solo band METALIZER. METALIZER also released a Christmas single last year and we are making it available again this Christmas. All this keeps me very busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


– That’s all from our side, our best wished and lots of thanks for answering to our questions.

My pleasure. All the best and keep it Metal – Brian Ross 1st October 2012.


Paco Gómez


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