– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What are you currently up to?

I am on a bus to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania!

– I guess there may be some people who aren’t familiar with SABBATH ASSEMBLY yet so, first off, could you please tell us what made you form the band?

I learned about the hymns of this Church some years ago after meeting Timothy Wyllie, an original member of the Church and author of LOVE SEX FEAR DEATH. We looked through the hymns of the Church and I felt that finally I had found something I could believe in and sing with true conviction — and I wasn’t even sure if I could say that for my own music! Timothy said that this music had never been recorded, so we hatched a plan to bring this message to the present day.


– Your songs are processed hymns of the Process Church of Final Judgment. How did you know about it?

For many years people have whispered about this mysterious church and their occult beliefs and beautiful magazines. It was not until I met Timothy that the real portal opened for Processian understanding.


– And what does interest you so much about it?

I think Western religious thought in general is sadly dualistic and warmongering. The Process approach feels like a way to bring true peace to the world through integration of our own dark and light sides; once the conflict in ourselves ends, the conflict outside ourselves ends.


– The ideas of the Process Church were quite shocking during the period when it was founded, back in the 60’s. But, if this Church would know be more known, what kind of impact do you think it would have?

I imagine that the Church could have attracted many followers because its theology fits nicely alongside the Eastern philosophies we have come to adore in the Western world in the last few decades. I describe Processian cosmology as a sort of Yin/Yang path that uses Western symbols. The goal of this work is to bring further awakening.


– On your previous “Restored to One” you contacted several members of the Process Church but, how have you worked on your new album?

We didn’t work in association with any Process Church members on the new album. Instead we were supervised by Jehovah, Lucifer, Satan, and Christ directly.


– I’ve read there are around 60 hymns so, do you plan keep on working with SABBATH ASSEBMLY processing some of the other hymns?

62, but who’s counting? Yes, of course!


– I think these “songs” had to provide a certain atmosphere, a certain feeling, so you don’t just have to play these tunes, but also perform them, as I personally believe both you and your listeners have to connect with them. Has this been something easy to get?

Yes you say it well. It is scary sometimes. We have had members quit because with this music it’s not really possible to have any distance from the material – it can’t be ‘acted.’ The song from Restored to One called «Judge of Mankind» is especially terrifying because it is long, repetitive, and hypnotic, and its sole purpose is to conjure the deities, including Lucifer and Satan. The atmosphere gets very thick in those moments. Not for the faint of heart.


– “Restored to One” was a highly-acclaimed album but, considering it wasn’t an ordinary record; did you expect that?

When we finished RTO, we knew that we had been a part of something very special, but who can ever gauge public response? It’s clear now that it is somehow the right time for this message to come into the world, but we had no expectation or plan about that specifically.


– With SABBAH ASSEMBLY you dig into the teachings of The Process Church and I’d also dare say you dig into your inner-self and spirituality so, what is this band for you? What have you learnt with or from it?

Performing this music is like therapy for me because it heals the religious brain-washing I received as a child; therefore it is also a missionary work because I can feel that other people are also sincerely moved by the hymns, and even experience some healing. Everyone has a spirit that yearns to be free, and the magic around these hymns is that they have an incredible power to open people’s hearts.


– For your new “Ye are Gods” you’ve had some guest artists such as Genesis P-Orridge or Eyvind Kang among others. How did this arise? And what could you say have them brought with their cooperation?

Genesis has long been associated with the Process Church going back to the late 80’s, so having her involved was as simple as asking. Eyvind is a long-time friend and student of the occult, so the project also very much suited his interests. The circle of people that orbit the Sabbath Assembly are seekers, and i would characterize them by saying that they fear neither the Light or the Dark, but rather humbly seek to balance these forces.


– Timothy Wyllie, member of the Process Church, also provided a homily. If I’m not mistaken some of you get to know a bit more about The Process Church thanks to his book “Love Sex Fear Death” so, what influence could you say has he had on the album?

Timothy serves as a guardian angel, protecting and nurturing this project from a distance. We are all inspired by his life story, including his years in the Process Church, but also his work in the present. Please research his books from the last several years, they are quite strong.


– And all this being said; how could you describe “Ye are Gods” in just 3 words?

You are Free.


– Finally, what are your near-future plans? Do you plan taking to a live scenario this project anytime soon in support of the release?

Yes, we are working with our agent in Europe to schedule concerts in 2013!


– That has been everything from my side, thank you once more. If you want to add some final words; last lines are all yours.


-What would religion look like if there were no enemy?


-What if we are already in heaven?


Tania Giménez



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