– First off, thank you so much for answering our interview. Tell us how are you doing just before the release of your new album.

Not to bad! A little hung over but good!

– Explain us a bit how have the recording sessions been. Are you satisfied with the final outcome?

Well we recording the album in October – November of last year with the great Michael Wagener! Recording with Michael was a fantastic experience and we were very happy with how it turned out!


– I’ve listened this record I like a lot how has been produced; you’ve managed to get an 80’s vibe as the good old recordings, not as many current bands that mechanize a lot their production. Was this actually how you wanted the CD to sound like?

We are big fans of Michael’s work with bands like Skid Row, Accept and Metallica, so we knew he would be able to give us the sound we were looking for.


– About the tracks, without any doubt your influences are overall from the 80’s, from sounds near to USA Power Metal of the 80’s to really classic melodies and European bands as MAIDEN or SCORPIONS. You are a young band; how did you get inspired by such styles and period?

Well for me personally it came from learning the guitar. As I learned more about guitar I found that my favorite playing was in heavy metal. If you like shred guitar 80s metal is where its at!


– And on lyrical terms and the artistic concept of the artwork, I would like you to tell us its meaning and what does talk about an act like STRIKER.

Our songs are about a lot of different things, mostly things that interest us or life experiences. Haha to talk and act like Striker? Well you have to like beer thats a big one, and if you don’t watch the simpsons you probably won’t know what the hell we are talking about most of the time!


– You are hailing from Canada, where there have been a lots of bands in all kind of styles, from EXCITER to TRIUPH or ANVIL, ANNIHILATOR, ALDO NOVA and Lee Aaron among other underground groups such as WITCHKILLER, BREAKER or SWORD just to name a few. What does this land have that almost anything hailing from there has a superb quality? And how is the current scene out there with bands like yourself or SKULL FIST?

I’m not sure! Must be something in the water. I think heavy metal has always been on the rise in Canada, and in the last couple years there has been a lot of awesome bands popping up all over like our heavy metal brothers Skull Fist! Ehhhhhhh!


– You’ve played quite a lot around Europe during the last 3 years. I’ve seen you at Spanish festivals and at the Germany’s KIT. How has this experience in Europe been and how have been like your experiences in Spain?

Touring in Europe has been amazing! There is definitely a fire for metal there, especially in Spain. We are always blown away when we play in Spain, it is our favorite place to play!


– How is your schedule to support this new opus? Do you already have touring plans or is still everything to be discussed?

Touring plans are in the works right now, we are hoping to get back out there as soon as we can! We will likely be on tour this fall in Europe.


– And on a view to the future; what can we expect from STRIKER? What are your near and long-term future plans?

Our plan is to shred all over the world! Where ever we can! In the long term we are already looking forward to recording our next album, although it may not be for a while.


– And well, as I’m a person that grew up during the 80’s, after listening to your music I must ask you what are those albums that marked you the most when it came to form a band or just as metalheads.

Personally my favorite bands are Vicious Rumors, Dio, Helstar, Crimson Glory, Testament. The list goes on and on but those are some of my favorites.


– So that’s everything from my side; our best wished and hope to see you very soon in Spain. Thank you.

Thank you! Cheers!


Paco Gómez



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