– Hi Corinne, thanks for your time. What’s currently going on with ACROSTICHON? Is the band rehearsing now? As I’ve seen you soon have a gig with POSSESSED.

Hi Tania. What`s going on ? Well, not much. We reached a stage that we only want to do fun things and we don`t feel like hitting the stage every week anymore. The Possessed gig is one of them and we are looking forward for that one. And yes, we are rehearsing for that one but as soon as the gig is over we`ll stop rehearsing.

– Though ACROSTICHON has a long career behind it, I guess some people won’t be familiar with you yet, specially the youngest ones. Would you mind doing some history of the band?

We started out in 1989 with Richard-Guitars, Jos-Guitars, Vincent-Drums and me on vocals. I quickly picked up the bass too and Vincent was replaced by Roeland . We recorded the prologue demo in 1990 . Roeland was replaced by Serge and we recorded the Dehumanized demo in 1991. We did lots of gigs in that period and played with great bands like Death, Carcass, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel and lots of others. We recorded 2 cd`s named Engraved in Black and Sentenced and in 1998 the band broke up.


– You were formed in 1989 and released your debut album in 1993, entitled “Engraved in Black”. If I’m not mistaken, back then you had some problems with the record label, who delayed the release date. What are your memories from all that?

Yeah, too bad. We recorded the album and it took over a year to release it . Don`t exactly remember the reason why. But by then lots of other bands released their albums too so we missed the boat.


– In 1995 your sophomore release came out, “Sentenced”, which was quite different to its processor. Did the line-up changes affect in any way the album’s sound?

Ofcourse it did. Michel was more of a thrash guitar player then Richard so it did affect the songs. I didn`t mind though , Jos and I are big 80`s thrash metal lovers. And although the sound isn`t very good on the album and my toes curl when I hear some of the vocals I still like the album very much.


– A couple of years later, in 1998, the band split-up and some of the members formed OUTBURST. What prompted the band’s dissolution?

I stepped out of Acrostichon and the remaining members made the right decision to change the name because it wasn`t Acrostichon anymore with a different singer and this way they could change the music style too into a more thrash oriented band.


– Anyway you reunited in 2009 to play at the Mario’s Metal Mania festival. What were your feelings on that show? As finally you reunited officially to play some shows and are still going on.

It was an amazing show. It really was. We played very good, the audience was great . It all felt good. I just couldn`t stop smiling. But we all agreed that we only would play occasional gigs after that. We don`t want to play every week anymore. It has to stay special for us.


– If I’m not mistaken, Doomentia Records will be re-releasing “Engraved in Black” in vinyl, how did everything arise? And what are your feelings on this? As this record has become a true gem into the extreme underground.

That`s something Richard arranged. He really wanted to do this so we all agreed . I have no further feelings about it.


– This year you have also released “Return to Killburg”, a double live album recorded at the aforementioned reunion show in 2009. How did you come up with this idea?

We got in contact with Badger records and Erik wanted to do something special. And we had the live recordings of our reunion gig and I really wanted to do something with that so we quickly agreed. I`m really happy how it turned out. We put some extra stuff like demo`s on it and Richard made a beautiful cover.


– And for all those who may be interested, what does this album contain?

Like I said it contains our complete 2009 reunion gig and demo stuff. A never released song called Thriving on Chaos. Well, we never released this version of Thriving on Chaos.


– You reformed to play occasional gigs, I know, but do you think you will ever write new stuff again? Or do you have any unreleased material to finally unleash?

No, we will never write new songs. We do have some unreleased stuff but I don`t know if we will ever release it. I found 6 songs on a tape , it turned out to be the last songs we ever recorded , just before Acrostichon became Outburst. I even think we never played them live.


– You are hailing from Holland, a country that since the 80’s/90’s has had a really good and healthy Death Metal scene with bands as GOREFEST, ASPHYX, PESTILENCE or THANATOS among many others but, why do you think ACROSTICHON didn’t become bigger than some of those bands? You really had the sound and quality to do it.

I don`t know. The release of our first album had something to do with it I guess. It came out way too late. But it`s impossible to say what might have happened if it was released a year earlier. Maybe we were still fairly unknown. But that`s something that I can`t be bothered with. It happened the way it happened , nothing you can change about it. We are having a good time again nowadays and that`s what counts. I don`t think all of the other bands mentioned can say the same .


– And this being said; how has the Death Metal scene changed in the Netherlands since you started? How is the Metal scene doing around there right now? As they are coming out several interesting bands nowadays.

There are still a lot of Death metal bands overhere and the scene always was pretty strong but I must admit I don`t know them very well. I`m 20 years older now, that`s what has changed . I`m not really into the scene anymore.


– From Queens of Steel we have always tried to let people know women are equally capable of playing Metal music. Even though many people respects and admires female Metal musicians doing their own thing, into this world people tends to illustrate differences between both genres instead of highlighting similarities. Have you noticed this during your career or as a Metal fan?

I felt accepted right from the beginning and we always were a band , not Corinne and the rest. That`s what bothers me sometimes. Lots of bands with female musicians play out the fact they have a woman in their midst. Why ?? But maybe that`s just who I am. I always was one of the boys. Bit of a tomboy maybe. Everyone who knows me thought it was kinda normal what I did.


– And how do you think has evolved the role society uses to give women into the Metal scene? Do you think there’s still discrimination into this world?

I don`t feel discriminated because I`m not an insecure woman. I stand up for what I believe and people can disagree with me but that`s their given right . If you are strong you never ever have to feel discriminated plus a bit of self-mockery isn`t a bad thing either. Don`t take yourself to seriously and live your life like YOU want.


– Finally, what are your near-future plans?

I`m not someone who plans her future but in the near future I`m going to have some cool shows with my coverband The Covering . My brother Jos ( Acrostichon ) is also in that band. We will do the Possessed show in a few weeks with Acrostichon and I`m planning to relax a lot and hopefully enjoy the sun.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Appreciate every precious moment !!! ( That`s the hippie in me saying that ) Hahahaha.


Tania Giménez


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