– First of all, thank you so much for answering to our interview. And tell us, how is the band currently doing with its newest release?
KEV;  Thank  you for  your interest in TYTAN, and I’m always happy when I’m talking about it! :0 The album  is  released  May 26th (also  my lovely Wife’s Birthday)  so a double  celebration  for two momentous events :0


– The album is entitled «Justice Served». Many years ago you recorded the mighty «Rough Justice». Does the word «justice» get a special meaning being present in both releases? is there some kind of link even though the time gap between the two records?
KEV; “Rough Justice”  means  to be treated  unfairly  or unjustly  so  the reference  is  that we have now produced  an  album  worthy of the band , the material and at a time of our choosing.

– In line with the previous answer, I have had the chance of listening to the record, and I indeed see a link. I would say it is the proper evolution  from your first album. What are your thoughts on this assessment? Would you agree?
KEV; I like to think that these are the songs I may have written 30 years ago, which we have had the chance to bring up to date with a fresh sound, great production  but with the raw energy of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

– The album has no doubt lifelong classical elements. It sounds heavy. It sounds melodic. It sounds Hard. Was it clear this was the essence of the band and this is how it should sound?
KEV; Song writing is an organic process  which everybody contributes and to which our personalities infuse the music, so a band that is true to itself will always write songs from the heart which cannot be false or fake. I write about  things  that are important to me and that  need to be said.

– Then there’s the British essence, with those punctual moments that have a NWOBHM kind of sound is still present in some songs that sound specially rockier, as well as quite 70’s sounding moments. Was it easy to build these tracks? How do the youngest members of the band enjoy this kind of songs? Because in my opinion they fit perfectly.
KEV; That’s nice of you to say and I agree with you as in my previous  answer, you can only write what you feel is important and you can only do it with help from the rest of the band…so even though I have clothes  that are older than my drummer James,  he still gets it! :0 :0

– Also even though being some riffs are quite melodic, the overall sound feels more current, more sharp and mechanical, still without loosing the essence. A lof of times nowdays bands mechanize their sound so much that sound sterile and cold. Did you have clear that for your sound the most important was to keep that melodic heavy tone?
KEV;  We were lucky that our friend and producer Chris Tsangarides, has worked with some of the biggest names of the 70’s and 80’s Rock Royalty so when I wanted live drums , live guitars and  live vocals…he captured the sound we wanted perfectly…old school with an edge, no pro-tools, no electronic drums…just pure energy and drive.

– Does exist on the album any old song or are all compositions new? Are you all involved in the songwriting or they come with defined ideas?
KEV;  “Forever Gone”  is a track from “Rough Justice” I wanted to showcase the new band and give fresh feel to. I do write most of the material which is very personal for me, but this time Tom (Midnight Sun) and Dave (Spitfire) have contributed to the overall variety of the album.

– What differences and similarities do you find between the EP, the first LP and this new album?
KEV; Mainly the continuity of the songwriting , the passion of the subjects, and the element of fun which is evident on both albums.  I think it spans the 30 odd years well.


– As I have the chance of interviewing you, I would like you to tell us something about TYTAN’s life. How did the band born and how were those early days like? Back hen you recorded the EP and «Rough Justice».
KEV; TYTAN was born from the ashes of Angel Witch in 1981 with a desire to write more melodic songs, which we were able  to do…it was recorded live at The Who studios in London, and I think we did such a good job with both the songs and recording that the album still sounds good today. Due to problems with the record company  the album was never released in the way we wanted it to, and by the people we wanted it released by…hence the title “Rough Justice”

– You have always been considered a NWOBHM band, but your current is more melodic, as PRAYING MANTIS, DEMON or SARACEN, but you also sound quite 70’s. When I ask Brithsh bands what really was the NWOBHM, some say it was just a blast, and for others it was just a few bands thing. So my question is obvious: what was the NWOBHM and how did affect TYTAN?
Kev;   NWOBHM was a brief moment in time when a group of new rock bands  swept away  some of the old bands, with high energy hard rock sounds and live shows.   TYTAN came  along  towards the end  when punk  was doing the same  thing  to the pop world , it was a breath of fresh air and a necessary evolution  to which I was lucky to be involved.

– I had the luck of seeing you at Keep it True and I honestly enjoyed it a lot. I like that kind of festivals because you managed to see bands otherwise you would only dream with. How awas the exdperience of coming back and playing at that festival?

KEV;  It was one of the best gigs for us, as it told us that people still wanted to see us , to hear us and have fun with us.  It was because of those people (including yourself!) who made sure that TYTAN are still here today.

– And on a view to the future, are there plans to keep TYTAN going? What projects do you have? Will you get out to tour? Or some festival?
KEV;  TYTAN live for the chance to play live and to greet new and old friends ons tage, we will continue for as long as people think we are still making  them happy.  Any live show with TYTAN is great  fun and we hope  to see  many more people in Europe very soon..   We are looking to tour new Countries, get the new website up and running again…

– So that has all from our side, our best wishes and hope we could see you someday in Spain. If you want to add something to your fans, feel free to do it. Lots of thanks.
KEV;   Thank you for your great questions and we hope to see you and our friends in Spain in the very near future…lets hope a promoter becomes interested  enough to contact us about this! 🙂


Paco Gómez

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