– First off, can you recall why did you pick the name «Clan of Xymox» for the band? Both its origin and meaning.

«Clan» means a close knit group united by a common interest or common characteristics and Xymox is the name I wanted to give myself as a Pseudonym way back in the early eighties, but later I decided just to use my own name. I liked Xymox so it stayed. Xymox is a bastardized version of the word Zymotic, Hence, Clan of Xymox

– Though your latest “Darkest Hour” was released several months ago, if you don’t mind I would like to get a bit into it. Overall I think is an album with a bigger role from synths compared to some of your previous recordings, with less guitars. Is this how you envisioned the album since the beginning?

I wanted to have some songs sounding the way I would make them when I started making music with a few synths in the early days. Sometimes songs are more effective when they are not filled up with instrumentation and leaves some space for the basics to breathe. I think these first 3 songs are indeed again a bit different and I like them very much. To me its old school but with a twist. The rest of the album I think are just typical songs for Clan Of Xymox which are very compatible with all previous albums released


– It also gives me the feeling is a somehow introspective record. Is it actually a personal album for you? What does this “Darkest Hour” mean personally to you?

The Darkest Hour stands for a few things; after the darkest hour there is hope , hope for better things. The Darkest Hour is around 3am when all is very quiet and my perfect time to create something musical. I do not get distracted and prefer to write music around this time. I named an instrumental after the title because it was again created around that time and secondly it leaves open to any interpretation of the listener.


– It’s also a really dynamic record, with slow tunes, some more “cheerful” tracks, maybe more danceable… Is this variety something important for you? Or maybe your songs just reflect a certain moment and mood?

Yes , I think the variety is important to make an album work . Each song has its own mood and lyrics matching this mood.


– Lyric-wise; where did you take inspiration from?

Most of my lyrics come from what I experience in life or had experienced or what I hear or read about certain people. To start with the single «Delete» I got the idea of wanting to erase many people who were once in my life for a short or longer time. Sometimes I just get physically repulsed by the behavior of people who I used to know and wished I never had met them in my life or even know about their existence. Unlike the computer we unfortunately do not have a ‘Delete’ button but sometimes wished I had one. We have to solve these feelings by either really trying to forget or project our negative feelings on the present with positive thoughts about what we have now.

Dream Of Fools is a song about love being an idyllic dream of people but never obtainable.

I am not going to explain all songs , most of them should be clear enough when you read the lyrics.

All other abstract feelings lingering are for the listener to interpret further and base them on their own experiences .


– All this about the album being said; how could you describe “Darkest Hour” in just 3 words?

Another good record 😉


– And as it has been a while since it came out; is now there anything you would have liked to change on it or having done differently?

I can say that most likely in 2 years or so, when it is really out of my system. So far I always want to change the tracks again of the ones I recorded in the past. Sometimes I re record a track when I get the urge to change it:) So far all tracks work for me.


– Time passes by and it has an effect on almost everyone and anything so, do you think is it possible to compare “Darkest Hour” to albums like “Medusa”?

Each album has its own character and atmosphere. Its comparing apples and oranges,pears and mango;)


– In fact you have been around for 3 decades now so, what does keep you motivated and what does inspire you to keep on creating new music? As you have been quite active during all these years.

They asked once an old person what her secret of her long life was . The old lady answered : «keep on breathing». In a way this sums up me creating music, I just keep doing it, mainly because I like it and feel the urge to create new songs. When this feeling would fade I most likely do not make music anymore. So far I still feel fully inspired.


– With so many albums within your discography; what album you’ve made are you the most proud of?

All of them but always my latest album as that is the freshest and closest in time to me.


– After so many years into the music scene; is there anything left for CLAN OF XYMOX to get?

A number 1 hit in top of the pops;) Never had one.


– And what have been both the best and worst moments with the band?

One of the best moments would still be our concert in Mexico City in 2000 where we played in the former Olypic Statdium Palacio d’ Deportes. The whole stadium was roaring when we played our set , people walking on each others heads trying to get to the stage. In short a very impressing experience. The worst moment I have all blocked out of my mind and is deleted forever 😉


– Finally, what are your near-future plans?

Yes, I am working on a release for the 18th of October 2012. The release is now sealed as a «secret project», so I can’t tell you much more until the release:)


– That’s all from my side, thanks again for taking your time to answer our questions. If you now want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thank you too. I hope we will be back in Spain one of these days again,

best wishes,


Tania Giménez


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