– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with The Moon and the Nightspirit?
Hi, first of all thamks for this interview. Everything is fine with us. Right now we are preparing for a european tour with Trobar de Morte to present the songs from our freshly released album, Metanoia. Busy times ahead.


– It’s been fourteen years since your duo was formed, what are your feelings about it? Can you talk about your evolution?
It has been a long journey but we enjoyed every minute of it. When we started the band we didn’t think it would be such a long-living project. But here we are:).The Moon and the Nightspirit represents our world, our spiraling path, every time from a different, hopefully evolved and higher aspect. It’s a musical journey through which we explore ourselves and the world around us.

– You have just released your new album, entitled “Metanoia” so, what are your expectations on it?
We feel that this new album is a more matured and diversed one. Our aim was to step up to a new level of musicianship and songwriting, expressing ourselves in a slightly different way, without musical boundaries and restrictions. This time we experimented more with expanding our musical approach and creating something new. We ourselves have also matured in many ways that manifests in Metanoia. This new album has a transcendental approach and -among others- is inspired by shamanistic view of life in a way that we are all part of a greater consciousness and all soul’s ultimate goal is to achieve oneness with the source. This album is a small contribution to this idea and maybe a little help for those who walk the same path.


– What is the purpose of naming your album Metanoia? Can you explain it to us?
The songs of Metanoia -both lyrically and musically- revolve around the theme of spiritual awakening, the returning to the original, pristine path of existence, to a golden age  of innocence and purity. The title «Metanoia» means this as well. This is the turning point, when the inner spiritual eye opens. Metanoia means the realization of a higher consciousness, a source of unity. The realization that we are all part of the same source, a unity with Nature, the starry Universe and with our own divine self.

– Talking about your new work, did you enjoy the making of? What would you like to emphasise about it?
It was a very creative and joyful time of our life and we think we’ve managed to write an album that authentically represents us and the musical world we try to create. We are still very satisfied with Metanoia, which is very strange since we finished it quite a long time ago and at this distance we usually found things we would do differently but not this time:). It was a great joy to write this album and we hope listening to it evokes the same feeling as well.

– And what did you want to depict with its cover artwork? Can you tell us some more about it?
The cover artwork also represents a spiritual awakening, a transformation. The evolution of soul- in this case represented by a stag- and its unity with the universe.

– Can you describe your new album in three words?
Transcendental, spiritual, fairy-music

– We’ll focus on the creative process now. How does your band compose the songs?
We usually spend a lot of times discussing the conception of a new album and we only start to actually write new songs when the path is crystal-clear. The composition itself is an easy and relatively fast process after finding the conception and having the inspiration. We usually have more musical ideas so there is always a selective process, choosing the best theme/melody that fits the actual song the best.  We work in our own recording studio so we can work stress-free and without time limits. I think this is the only way we could express ourselves fully without any pressure.

– What does paganism and Eastern traditions mean to you? What do you want to explain to us with your music and lyrics about it?
For us paganism means the love and respect of nature, our unity with Mother Nature. The answers for the biggest and most important questions, the truth of existence can be found in the immortal words of ancient masters. Preserving the old traditions is a purpose for all of us humanity. This is all about finding, rediscovering our spiritual heritage, and inner wisdom. As Hungary’s greatest philosopher, Hamvas Béla said: „ The golden age is not a historical era but a condition and, as such, it is present all the time; the only thing it depends on is whether there is someone to realize it.. .”
– If I ask you which song of all of your albums is your favourite, what would your answer be?
Right now I would say Mysterion Mega from Metanoia.

– Can you tell us about your experience with Equilibrium Music?
It was an honor to work with them. They are a great and exceptional label. We are proud and feel lucky that our first three albums came out under their caring wings.


– How do you feel about your upcoming tour? Has it become usual for you or it has still some thrill?
We are very excited about this tour and are very happy to return to places we played very long time ago. We’ll go on this tour with Trobar de Morte which i personally think will be a very good and interesting line-up. Playing live never gets boring and is always a new and thrilling experience.

– If we focus on your interests, do you prefer the studio or rather showing up on stage? Is creating music better for you or do you like feeling the warmth of your fans the most?
They are both important. Song-writing is the creative process when all the «magic» happens but we do this to share our musical world and experience, and the best way to do it is playing live. We enjoy both of them.

– Can you explain what we’ll see when we come to enjoy your show?
We are doing our best to make all live shows an experience memorable.

– Talking about your upcoming visit to Spain. Have you ever played in our country before?
Yes, we played several shows in Spain many years ago as a support for Corvus Corax, and also one show with Faun and Narsillion in Pallejá.

– I know you can tell us a lot about your band but can you tell us which word  describes The Moon and the Nightspirit better? Can you summarize it all in just one word?

– Can you turn back on time for a while and explain us any special event that happened at any of your gigs?
Every gig is a special event for us:).

Thanks for the opportunity! I’ve enjoyed answering your questions a lot!


Noelia Montalbán

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