-Hi Christer, how is it going? To begin with, obligatory question even though you may have already answered to this before I guess; what prompted you to bring the band back in 2014? Tell us about how did it arise.
Hello, we’re good thank you. We got the question from the Muskelrock Festival if we wanted to come and play to celebrate the 30th anniversary for the release of the first Mindless Sinner record Master of Evil 1984-2014. We talked within the band cause we weren’t active at tha time if we wanted to do it and of course we did.

-I must say that I have watched you live a few times and you are in great shape. Have you been involved in any other bands or projects during these years? Or was it like going to the rehearsal room and the «feeling» of being part of a band was still there?
No, we’ve been playing in different formations throughout the years so there was no difficulties at all.

-The albums you have released in the new century are more than worthy, but there’s no doubt that this «Poltergeist» sounds more solid and compact. How was the songwriting process? Are you a band that rehearses weekly or do you meet only to record and for shows?
No, we kind of rehearse regularly and as often as we can. The song ideas are brought in by some of the members and then everybody add their inputs into the songs.

-For this new release you have collaborated again with Pure Steel Records. How is it working with them like? Is it the label that best suits your needs? I guess -keeping your good shape in mind- that there might have been other companies interested in you.
Yeah there were a couple of labels but we think that Puresteel Records serves us well.

-The album’s title, «Poltergeist» surprised me (in a good way). Are you horror cinema fanatics or did you want to give the themes a different approach?
No, not really, I had these lyrics and we thought that it was a cool title for the album.

-I must add that besides having released a superb album that sounds 100% like MINDLESS SINNER, in this new record I even find some German Power Metal influence, ala HELLOWEEN. Are you influenced by this kind of bands? Did this happen naturally or was it a conscious effort? What bands do you use to listen to?
No, actually not. We are influenced by bands like Priest, Saxon, maiden, Dio, sabbath etc etc.

-All this about «Poltergeist» being said; how would you describe it in just 3 words?
Heavy Metal Mayhem!

-Something else that made me somehow happy was the first live album you released in 2018 if I’m not mistaken, «Keeping it True», recorded at Keep it True XVIII (2015). I was at that show. I enjoyed it a lot. Why did you decide to record and/or release the live recording at this specifical gig?
All of our heroes have released live albums and when the opportunity came up we thought it was a cool thing to do.

-I also watched you live two other times in my country, on the previous year 2014 at Metalcova (Barcelona) and then in 2018 at Heavy Metal Espectros (Murcia). How did you enjoy those? Will we see you again in Spain sooner than later?
It was great playing in Spain and great crowds singing along to our songs. We will definitely come back to Spain again

-Coming to the end, since you are hailing from Sweden, a country highly appreciated by a lot of people into Heavy Metal, and with a very powerful Metal scene; how is the Metal scene like over there compared to the 80’s? Is life the same way? Is it better or worse?
Much, much better than the 80’s, at least for Mindless Sinner because back then it was hard to get gigs if you weren’t a big act. Nowadays it’s a much better vibe with great old and new bands around.

-So that’s everything from our side, it’s been an honour to interview the frontman of one of the best comebacks in underground Heavy Metal. I wish things keep like they are now or even better for you guys, and hope to see you soon again. If you want to add something else, take the last lines.
Well, we thank you for the interview and we hope to see our spanish fans soon!
Let’s have a “Heavy Metal Mayhem”

Philip Graves

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