– First off, thank you for answering our interview. How has everything been with the recordings of this new album and when it will be released?

You’re very welcome! Thank you for your time and interest! Our new album will be out 24 February in Germany and 27 in europe

– Tell us a bit what does this new effort deal with and the reason behind its title and the cover artwork.

The title of Crystal Eye reverse to the paintings of our beloved friend/ guitar player Jan Somers. He always painted eyes in his artwork. He was also a very good painter. He suddenly passed away last year .


– I have had the chance of listening to the album and it sounds really energetic and rockier; are you happy with the final result and its production? Was this what you were really looking for this new opus?

Yeah , this is what I wanted to do. To give energy and happiness through this record and also some serious songs . The production is done perfect by Michael Voss ,super as always.


– I also notice that essence from your previous albums, more Hard and Heavy. What does this album have of those first VENGENACE and what new things does it provide?

I think when you listen to the album it takes you on the journey of Vengeance , starting on the beginning and changing along the way. Every song on the album tells a little piece of the story of Vengeance , some good and some bad times. And I think at the end it’s the new level of Vengeance


– As I said before, this new albums seems really energetic and rockier to me, but there are two tracks that I could stand out, as “Crystal Eye” and “Missing”, both of them stand out among the rest. I think they are quite elegant tracks and full of epic and class, at the QUEENSRYCHE, ROYAL HUNT or CRIMSON GLORY’s style. Tell us a bit about these two tunes.

This is what I meant with the a new level. The song Cristal Eye is a story told through the eyes of an eagle who tells the story about a ship called Crystal Eye (the cover is the what the eagle sees through his eyes) When you listen to the lyrics maybe you can find out what’s it’s all about …. And well the song, Missing same same but different haha


– If I am not mistaken, in this recording there have been artists as Chris Glen, Chris Slade or Tony Martin. Elaborate a bit on this and what band is going to tour with you.

I’m very proud that we go on tour with Mr Chris Slade, Mr Chris Glen, Mr Timo Somers and a mystery guitar player…??? Tony Martin wrote especially for Vengeance a song!


– I don’t want to miss the chance of interviewing you without talking a bit about the band’s history. How did VENGEANCE start and how was the band’s life during the first years, since your debut album since “Arabia”, in 1989?

Well when participated with a talent show I was asked to come play in a band called lynx. Just before a tv show we heard that we could not use that name , at that moment we changed is in Vengeance. Man o man the first years… let’s keep it on ROCK and ROLL


– You are hailing from Holland, were also hailed really special bands as HORIZON, PICTURE, VANDENBERG or AGNUS among others. How was everything for a Metal band in a country like Holland?

In the beginning there was a real market for hard rock, when the years go by that changed and it was very hard to exist as a rock band. Luckily we have very faithful fans who always stood by us.


– During the 90’s you released two albums as “The Last of the Fallen Heroes” and “Back from Flight 19”, but you took a 5 year break before that. How did those albums work and how were the 90’s for VENGEANCE?

At that time it was very hard for rock bands to even survive. I have always wondered why Back from Flight 19 didn’t do better, I think this is a very good album, maybe wrong time wrong place . But still proud of it


– Then it took you almost 10 years to comeback, already in the 00’s with “Back in the Ring” and “Soul Collector”. What happened during that time? What were you up to and what made you record again with the band?

We came back together and felt the urge to make some good old rock music, just to let everybody know that we still love to entertain our fans. Strange maybe but when I’m on stage I’m home. It’s the thing I love to do the most.


– Coming back to the present and already with the mind on “Crystal Eye”, how are the touring plans right now?

At the moment we are full time promoting the album and the tour 2012 is being planed.

Just heard that the kick of will be 28 April in the Tavenu, in Waalwijk (Holland).


– And on a view to the future; how do you see the band in the upcoming years? Do you have something in mind or maybe you would like to do something you haven’t done yet (musically)? What are your plans?

Of course first the tour, then I want to get in the studio with the son of Jan, Timo to make something special of some rough songs I made with his father…


– So nothing else from our side, our best wished and let’s see if we could finally see you in Spain someday. Thank you so much.

We would love to come to Spain! Can’t you pull some strings 😉

Thanks for your time and we hope to see you on the road

Rock on!!

Paco Gómez


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