– Hello Wolf, thanks for taking your time. What’s currently keeping you guys busy? Much promo going on lately?

Hello. At this time we’re producing our own DIY video clip, which we recorded in Dec 2011, and should be out Feb 28th, 2012. We’re also doing as much promotion as possible, mostly in the form of interviews.

– Have been none less than 6 years between your previous “Darker Days Ahead” and this new “Hordes of Zombies”; why did you take that time? Will we have to wait so many years until your next opus?

We actually wrote the songs for ‘Hordes of Zombies’ back in 2008 and recorded them in January 2009. In the spring of 2009 we sent our demo to Leif Jensen at Clandestine Music to shop for a label. Unfortunately it took longer than we anticipated, but I guess some things are beyond our control.


– After all these years without having any studio activity and considering this is your second album with TERRORIZER, what were your feelings about this new release? And how’s its feedback being so far?

I really love this album! And so far the feedback has been extremely positive. – How could you describe “Hordes of Zombies” with just 3 words? Extreme brutal onslaught


– I think this is a more brutal, passionate and honest album than “Darker Days Ahead” but, what could you say are the main differences between these albums?

«Darker Days Ahead» was put together with older and reissued songs. «Hordes of Zombies» is all new material that embodies the spirit of the band, plus a new producer, new recording engineer, and new mixing/mastering engineer. All these things together make a more balanced and focused album.


– Your vocals have improved a lot actually, besides having more feeling they are really diverse. How did you approach your vocal lines this time around?

To be honest, I wasn’t too happy with the production of «Darker Days Ahead», especially my vocals, as I know how I like to sound. My singing hasn’t improved as I used the same techniques for «Darker Days Ahead», the improvement is the production and the approach for the vocal lines. Also, for «Darker Days Ahead» I only had a few days to write all the lyrics. As a matter of fact, I was still writing lyrics the day I sang them. For «Hordes of Zombies» I was able to fully spend the necessary time to perfect them, not only in content, but also in placement.


– And how do you personally see has your evolution been from album to album?

A major difference of course. I can feel good about my work in Terrorizer, because I’ve been involved with this album from the beginning, from music and lyrics to artwork.


– Lyrics seem to fit perfectly with the album name so, as you are the responsible for them (if I’m not mistaken); could you please tell us what do some of the lyrics on the album deal with?

The lyrics deal with eco, social, political, and in some cases even spiritual (not religious) issues or situations.


– After the dead of Jesse Pintado, Katina (your band mate from RESISTANT CULTURE), has joined the band. How and why did you choose her? What has she brought to the band?

Jesse played in Resistant Culture post Napalm Death. He recorded one album with us entitled «Welcome to Reality» and played a few shows. Jesse said he enjoyed playing with us, as we have a totally different approach to being in a band than what he was used to. He really enjoyed playing guitar with Kat, and he said that she was a shredding guitar warrior. He even mentioned at one point that we should get her to play in Terrorizer as a second guitar player. Katina Culture was probably the last guitar player to share the stage with Jesse. So considering all the close ties, we know that Jesse would be happy with our decision. And we know that Jesse is giving us the claw from the spirit world.


– We also find here David Vincent’s comeback, and this has been your first album with him. How has everything been? How did his return arise?

We actually already had someone else on the session bass player duties, but SOM suggested that we ask David instead. We thought he’d be too busy with Morbid Angel’s new release «Illud Divinum Isanus», but we were surprised that he was interested and made time from his busy schedule to record the bass as a session bass player for «Hordes of Zombies».


– On the other hand, Pete is a blast behind the drum kit. Is he 100% recovered?

We recorded all the drum tracks in Jan 2009 before his back surgery. Pete says that he’s had a 90% recovery and that he is ready to get on the road and play live. We actually got together with him on Dec 2011 to rehearse and to record a video clip for the song ‘Hordes of Zombies’ .


– As you guys have some new blood on the band, and after seeing you have top over “Darker Days Ahead” with this new record; did the songwriting process change?

Well, the difference is that Kat and I took on the responsibility of writing the new material, so course the approach was different. If Jesse would’ve been alive, it would’ve been him and me writing the new album, as we had already talked about it. He knew my working style and discipline. On ‘Darker Days Ahead’ I came in late into the writing process, my contribution to that album was lyrics and artwork, besides singing of course.


– You have filmed a video for “Hordes of Zombies”; what can we find on it? Would you please mind to elaborate a bit?

‘Hordes of Zombies’ is a DIY video production made possible by friends and family. I think of this video as a performance art piece that somehow represents the sentiment behind the song. Using elements of horror, it binds fiction and reality to show a satirical world really close to the one we live in today.


– This has been your first album with French label Season of Mist after leaving Century Media; what prompted your move? How’s everything being with Season of Mist so far?

My understanding was that this album was first offered to Century Media, but since they declined we moved forward to what could be the best possible label for us. So far Season of Mist has been really cool to work with. We look forward to a good relationship with them.


– Finally, what are the near-future plans for TERRORIZER? Do you plan touring to support this new album on stage? If so, will David be on your shows or is he busy with MORBID ANGEL?

We will definitely play some live shows, not sure about a tour just yet. Unfortunately David won’t be joining us onstage as he is really busy with ‘Morbid Angel’.


– That has been everything from my side, thank you once more for your time. Now the famous last words are all yours.

Again, thank you. I appreciate the opportunity to express myself on behalf of Terrorizer. We wish you and your readers good health and well-being in these uncertain times. Stay grind!! Wolf Terrorizer

Tania Giménez



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