– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What is SATURNUS currently up to? You will soon release your new album, «Saturn in Ascension», 6 years after your previous «Veronika Decides to Die» came out. How do you think has the band evolved throughout these years?

I think the band has evolved in a good and natural way, the new members has contributed with some fresh new blood, and that is really good. We have found a good way to compose and it works better than ever before.

– Anyway you have always taken your time when it comes to release new material, and it has really worked really well for you. Do you think taking things easy is something necessary in order to create good material?

It depends on who you are, but for Saturnus it is not necessary to take so long time like 6 years, there is many reasons why it has been taken so long, and the same goes for Veronika, change in the line-up must be the main reason but also getting new members into the universe and understanding of Saturnus But the total working time on this album if you count in it all like making cover going to studio etc. It has been over a period of the last three years.


– As I said, this new album is entitled «Saturn in Ascension» so, after none less than 6 years and some time of inactivity; are you excited to know how its feedback is going to be like? What are your expectations on this release?

My expectations hmm that’s a hard one. I fear the worst but hope for the best, there is a lot of pressure to be honest, once again I feel like I have to prove something with the album cause there is many opinions and meanings on what you are doing, from different angels like fans old members doubters and so on, so yes I can feel the pressure but i try to put it behind me and just relax and enjoy the result which I think is perfect.


– After giving the album some spins I think the album’s title could perfectly fit your musical situation, as you are constantly evolving and growing but, what’s the actual meaning behind it?

The deeper meaning with the title is that something new is coming and we are more ready than ever to play live and making music, to say it short we are a new band with new blood and we are back stronger than ever.


– And what’s the main concept hidden behind the lyrics on this album?

There is no deeper meaning with the lyrical concept for the album the lyrics are just small histories of questions and reflections on life. You are just a memory of those who are left behind when you are dead, but when they are gone you are gone forever, I think that is deep.


– Though you are always looking and going forward, on this effort it seems like you’ve mixed all the elements you’ve used on all your albums. Was this you consciously wanted to do?

We only wanted to be true to our selfs and do what like the best, so yes it has been made with a purpose, but we also tried to evolve which I think we have done.


– For instance, you’ve almost left aside the piano used in a classical way and these agonized/»screaming» vocals to just focus on spoken and clean vocals. Why did you decide to do this? As it seems you always do something for a reason and not just for the sake on it so, maybe this didn’t fit with the whole idea of the new record?

The reason why there is not so much screaming vocal on is because I simply don’t think it fitted properly in to the record in these kind of songs, we only made room for the screaming vocals on one song, and again I think the result is really good. The piano has been taking care of by Rune our lead guitarist, he has put his soul into the keyboards, he has a different style than the former keyboard player, and I think he has done a good job on the songs and gave them the right atmosphere.


– There are also, on tunes like «A Lonely Passage», that sublte pagan/Folk vibe your first CDs had. Why did you decide to go back to this after several years?

We did not decide to go back to this we just wanted make a good emotional acoustic song, so it is a coincidence that is reminds you on our past, it has not been done with a purpose, but I am glad that you think so, it means as I mentioned above that we have been true to our self’s.


– In fact on that song Laurie Ann Haus has provided some guest vocals. How did everything arise and how did you come up with the idea?

The plan from the beginning was not to have any guest musicians on the record. But when I recorded the vocals for A Lonely Passage I suddenly got that feeling that something was missing, I could somehow hear Laurie´s voice in my head, but I could not tell what I heard. I send her a mail asking for her phone number so I could talk to her in real person telling her about my idea, she replied really fast, I told her about my idea and asked her to try doing what she felt when she heard the song, I guided her where I wanted her to sing, she added the last line herself to the lyric and she did a wonderful job, I am so proud to have done something with her, she is so talented.


– With this combination of different elements I could say you’ve created your most diverse album. Is this something important for you? As I guess besides keeping things interesting for your listeners, it may also keep things interesting for yourself, both as songwriters and musicians.

I think we always try to do something special with our albums, this time we added some more acustic songs, I also think that the songs are more epic now, and I love the long solos. We are trying to do it so perfect as we can, we simply put all our powers and energy into every little note and tune.


– Moreover structures are more dynamic than on your previous record, besides being a lengthier opus, which in that way is similar to «Paradise Belongs to you» so, did you focus more on the songwriting or has this process change? And could you say having lenghtier songs you manage to explore further with different elements on each track?

The way we write songs has changed, but we have not talked about that the tracks should be that long or anything else, it is just what we felt like, we also did not have any idea on how long the album should be, it was finish hen we think it was. So there has not been any deeper thoughts about that.


– Production it’s also better, though once more Flemming Rasmussen has taken such duties, guitars here sound more powerful, almost as the rythmn section. Was this the sound you wanted to get for this opus?

Yes we have got the sound we wanted so that is good, you never know if the results will be as you hoped for, but it was a success. The guitars has been recorded in another studio, but re amped at Flemmings studio, so maybe the mix between those two things has made the rhythm guitar so powerful. Flemming is the man for Saturnus.


– But overall, and as always, «Saturn in Ascension» is really melancholic, and it certainly provides this feeling with really interesting melodies. Where do you take that sad and eerie feeling from and how do you come up with such well-cared melodies?

We are just a bunch of happy guys palying sad music, the atmosphere in the band is really good and every one is really hope and jokeful, maybe that is the inspiration for the sad music hehe. Over all i think music is about fellings and the strongest fellings is the sad and sorrowful ones.


– And all this about the new album being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Makes me proud


– This has been your first album with Matts and Rune; how have they brought to the band? Anyway Matts left after the recording so, how’s right now the situation? Are you looking for a replacement?

They brought some new energy into the band, that was also what we needed so that was perfect, Matt sadly left but we have already found a replacement so it has not been slowing us down at all, I cannot tell his name yet cause we are still trying him out, but I am sure it is going to be him.


– You are also working with Cyclone Empire, whom you signed with recently. How is everything going with them so far? Having signed with them a 2-record deal, will we have to wait again another 6 years until your next opus or they don’t pressure you in that aspect?

So far the work with them has been satisfied, we have a good comunication so all is good in that way. I promise that it ont take six years again, all in the band really want to make the next album as soon as possiblen not rushing anything ofcourse.


– I could say the cover for «Saturn in Ascension» is one of your best covers to date, crafted by Frode Sylthe. What did you want to express with it?

We just wanted express a fine cover thast is nice to look at thats all, no depper meaning in this.


– Being a melodic Death/Doom band, I can’t help but thinking about early KATATONIA, a band that has been though a clear evolution; what are your thoughts on this? Do you think SATURNUS will ever go that deep into some kind of evolution that would even change its style?

Saturnus will always stay true to it self, we will never change into something that is not Saturnus.


– During the last 6 years a lot of bands have came out, and it seems like there are way more bands but less ideas (though there are really great bands as well). Anyway, what are your feelings on the ever-growing Metal scene and the effect the Internet has had on this?

It is good for the scene that there is more bands coming, it means that there is more fans out there, os that is good, internet hasmade it easy to spread your music but also hard to survive and earn a litlle money for recordings and all youy have to do for a record, internet is good for music but bad for buisenss.


– And talking about the Danish Metal scene; how is it like right now?

Denmark sucks big time in the metal scene nothing musch to tell there.


– Finally, what are your near-future plans? Any special plans to celebrate the band’s 20th annviersary?

Plans is to tour as much as possible for this year and paly some 20 annviersary shows hopefully, 20 years is a long time. In the end of the year we have a europena tour with the vision bleak, that is the plans so far.


– That has been everything from my side, thank you once more. If you want to add some final words; last lines are all yours.

Stay Doom for ever and hopefully see you out there someday.

Tania Giménez

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