– Hello, thanks for taking your time. What are you guys currently up to?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: Hails!!! We are currently in preproduction for the follow up to “By the Hands of the Devil”, we have been in writing mode getting ready for the recording process at the end of April.

– You are an underground band I think you have never gotten the attention you have always deserved, at least in Spain so, could you please make some history of the band?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: Please refer to our bio page at , there you can find a nice run down of the history of Satan’s Host.


– You have released a compilation album to commemorate the 25th anniversary of your debut album, «Metal from Hell». What balance could you do of these 25 years? Did you ever expect the band could last that long?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: It has been a good 25 years, tho I’ve only been in the band for a short time, I can say that Satan’s Host has great fans (LEGIONS) around the world. The longevity of the band is all on Patrick Evil, he has been the driving force with his signature sound, that’s what has kept the band going on for so many years and all the Legions that love our style of Metal. True Metal!


– «Metal from Hell» was your first album but you didn’t release any other full-length piece until 2000. What happened during that time? What made you leave and what prompted the band’s comeback?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: Well actually after “Metal from Hell” was released, Patrick and Harry begun production of the “Midnight Wind” album, the others in the band were not to motivated and what was bootlegged around the world was the sessions for that album. Patrick and Harry split up, but still remained in contact over the years, Patrick went off and made Psychronaut, then after that ran it’s course he got together with Eli Elixir and reformed Satan’s Host in the late 90’s, and they put out several albums, then in 2009 me, Patrick, and Eli made “Power~Purity~Perfection…999” and after that Eli left to pursue another adjenda and Harry hit us up about the Keep It True Festival in Germany, so as Eli left, Harry stepped back in, he and Patrick felt they had a lot of unfinished business, and so here we are today.


– How did the Metal scene changed during those years you were on hiatus?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: I think the scene is always evolving, sometimes into great things and sometimes into horrible things, at the time that Satan’s Host was in Hiatus, the movement from the NWOBHM transformed into Death/Speed metal, then went to Black on one hand and Grundge on the other, Grundge isn’t that Evil or has any Evil overtones to it, so it was logical that Satan’s Host go towards the Blackened Death Metal scene.


– And what did that «Metal from Hell» mean and still means to you?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: Metal from Hell is a testament to the true roots of Satanic Evil Metal.


– You came back in 2000 with «Archidoxes of Evil», a more brutal album than your Heavy/Power debut. What prompted that change in your sound?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: I think with the evolution from the NWOBHM to the Death/Black style. As musicians we like the heavier and darker side of music, so it was only natural to put an album out in that vein.


– Since then it seems you have been shaping your own sound, creating a more brutal music still with plenty melodies. Is there any reason for this? Are you still opening to new influences or could you say is just a natural evolution?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: Patrick created the signature Satan’s Host sound and basically everything we do is basically natural, we don’t really go and see what others are doing, we have influences from all walks of Metal and when Patrick feels a riff or has an idea for a song, it basically comes straight from the heart.


– On this «Celebration» album we can find two new songs: «For the Love of Satan» and «Convictions». What could you comment on them both?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: We have heard others say that they are throw aways from the BTHOTD sessions, this is not true, we wrote these specifically for the Celebration album, these are some powerful songs with pretty deep meaning, we are just expounding on the message we were trying to put out on BTHOTD, trying to get people to think out of the box, think for themselves, try to see all the lies that are swirling around us all.


– All tracks have been rerecorded and, once more, with Dave Otero. How’s now your relationship with him? Why do you like that much working with Dave?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: We have a long history with Dave, I know this sounds cliché but he is basically the 5th member of Satan’s Host, we have a strong working relationship with him, he knows he we work, and we know how he works, and when we work with him, he gets the best out of us.


– Earlier this year you also released a new studio album, «By the Hands of the Devil». How was its feedback?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: the response was phenomenal on a global level for us, everyone was just blown away with what we put out, we enjoy pushing the envelope and are have a grand time with how our band is evolving, it’s the same, but different you know, we have the Signature sounds, but we are able to go anywhere with it, most bands do not have the luxury, most never find a signature sound, that’s why there are so many bands out there that sound the same and do not have a long shelve life, and now that we Harry back in the band we are able to tackle more outlets and markets.


– In this album we can find some «nuances» to your past with some Power Metal details, anyway you have always blended different styles. Does everything come naturally?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: basically yes, very natural to us, we are so much in sych at the moment that we just blow ourselves away with the music we are coming up with, the new material for the next album is a little heavier, menacing than BTHOTD, if you can believe that, we have a lot to say and enjoys pushing and surpassing our limits.


– I would also like you to tell us something about lyrics on the album, as I have always found certain sense of poetry within them.

Anthony Evil Hobbit: “By The Hands Of The Devil’ – reveal historical lies.

‘Shades Of The Unlight’ – unleash unseen spirits.

‘Demontia’ – Those who meet the unseen spirits, is dismantled.

‘Before The Flame’ – After removing your lights and you will stand in front of the flame.

‘Bleeding Hearts Of The Damned’ – in humility before the flame, you realize that you’re a bleeding heart of the damned.

‘Black hilted Knife’ – In order to control the unseen spirits can, you need a tool.

‘Revival’ – If you control the unseen spirits, then you will be brought back into yourself.

‘Fallen Angel’ – After the self-awakening within yourself, you see the fallen angels shine glorious as the morning star.

‘Inferior Worlds’ – When everything is finished, will reveal to you that you live in a smaller world.


– This «By the Hands of the Devil» marked Leviathan’s return. How did everything start? I guess it has been well accepted by your fans.

Anthony Evil Hobbit: Having Leviathan’s return has been great! It all started by the promoters of the Keep It True festival hitting Harry up last time Jag Panzer performed there to see what it would take to get him to reunite with Satan’s Host and have us come out and perform for the festival, Patrick and Harry have always been in contact over the years, and when the opportunity came up, Eli was going out the door so we figure sure, why not, so we started rehearing for the festival and it turned into the sessions for the BTHOTD album, Patrick told Harry that we might as well go as far as we can since they both felt that they had unfinished business.


– If I’m not mistaken you still have to do two more albums with Moribund; have you already started working on it? Does the label put pressure on you regarding this?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: We have the greatest label ever, we have a great working relationship with our label, we produce so much on our own at a short amount of time that they never put any pressure on us. We are currently working on the follow to BTHOTD, we hit the studio in April and will have a summer release this year.


– In fact you have been a while now for them, so I guess you guys are happy with this cooperation…

Anthony Evil Hobbit: yes, very much so.


– Finally, what are the near-future plans for the band?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: well we are getting the next record out this summer, we would really like to tour, so any promoters out there interested in have Satan’s Host, bring us out!


– That has been all, thanks again for taking your time. If you now want to add some final comments to the interview, feel free to do it.

Anthony Evil Hobbit: I’d like to thank you and all our Spanish Legions!! Demand Satan’s Host in your cities and have your promoters bring us out!!! Hail Satan! 666.

Tania Giménez


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