– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What are you guys currently up to?

Right now we are in Orlando Florida on your with Aegeaon, we had a show in Tampa that was sweet. This tour has been great.

– First of all, what does «Fallujah» mean?

The name is a representation of hostility between opposing cultures and religious ideologies (primarily east and west, Christianity and Islam) Fallujah for a long time was the center of destruction and casualties in the Iraq war, therefore being the pinnacle of those tensions.


– Your latest effort, «The Harvest Wombs» as usual, has got amazing reviews; did you expect such response or did you already know what you created was realy solid?

We try to put the reviews out of our minds, with everything we do we assume it will be less successful than we would like or that it wont have the same effect as it does on us, but luckily the response has been unanimously and overwhelmingly positive.


– In this album the great atmosphere is something that stands out, as well as fusioning your music with certain Jazz elements. Is it easy to blend so different musical genres?

We don’t really think of it as blending genres persay, moreso writing in a way that extracts different feelina or emotions, regardless of musical constraints.


– You use to be tagged as a Progressive Death Metal band but, considering the mix of different influences we can find in your music; how do you feel about being pigeonholed in on single genre? Or maybe you don’t care?

We don’t really care what anyone calls us as long as they dont include «hardcore» in the description. We are content with the term «atmospheric death metal»


– And due to this; how could you describe your sound in a few words?

Complex, aggressive and atmospheric.


– So all this being said; what are some of your musical influences?

We are influenced by lots of stuff ranging from fusion, to electronic music, tech death, atmospheric black metal. The list goes on.


– And how does the songwriting process tend to be like in FALLUJAH? Is everything something spontaneous or do you conciously try to get a certain sound?

We do most writing on our own with home recording equipment, then we come together and share ideas, we spend most of our time togeter on song structure and transitions instead of actual parts


– You recently signed with Unique Leader Records; how’s everything going with this relationship?

It’s been great, they are the exact type of label we want to be on at this stage of the band, they allow us the control and flexibility necessary for us.


– Production this time sounds just superb. Who took production duties this time? Are you satisfied with it?

the production was done by us initially through guitar and bass DI tracks, then drums, vocals and reamping done by Sam Pura at the Panda Studios, the album was then mixed and mastered by Logan Bennet. The album came out much different than we anticipated but were happy with it!


– Sound apart; could you please shed some light on the lyrical themes covered on «The Harvest Wombs?

The lyrics cover a wide range of topics from paganism, human sacrifice and various other concepts dealing with the capabilities of the human mind.


– And would you mind to elaborate a bit on the artwork?

The cover was done as a collaboration between Cameron Grey and I. I wanted to depict colorful, slightly psychedelic artwork that encapsulated the human form and fractal geometry. The ongoing theme of humanoid figures with expansive mental imagery was the most exemplified.


– You are a really young band; have your goals changed respect to when you started with FALLUJAH?

Yes we are, the goals now are much different. We take things much more seriously and have a much clearer path which I’m sure will evolve with time.


– Many people would ask if being from the USA makes you things easier but, being from the States, with so many bands coming out; is harder to promote your music?

The US is rather closed minded and frustrating in regards to metal, most kids enjoy trendy repetitive garbage. While it is easier than being from let’s say Iceland, it’s still really difficult to get kids to take their heads out of the clouds.


– Before wraping this interview up; if you could choose two bands two play with (with whom you haven’t played yet); which ones would you choose?

Probably the Deftones and Opeth would be two bands we would love to play with.


– And finally; what are your near-future plans?

we plan on writing a new small EP that’s going to be wayyyy different, we’re very excited. We are leaving for your with Hate Eternal and Goatwhore in February and are trying to hit Europe this summer

Sergio Fernández



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