・ Hi there, thanks for your time. Your new “Opus Mortis VIII” some weeks ago. How has been its feedback both from the fans and press?

Hi! The reactions we´ve gotten for this album has been great from both the fans and the critics.

・ Has it reached your expectations?

When the recordings was completed we didn´t have a clue how people would react to it since there is a few elements on it that has not been in the vomitory sound before, but we all felt that this is one of our strongest albums so far.


・ And now that you can hold the CD in your hands, can you find any bleak moments in the album?

Musically, no not really, but there is always something you fell you could have played a bit better or differently, but you are always your own worst critic haha.


・ “Opus Mortis VIII” is an actually strong tittle and represents quite good what this album is (not just musically), does it also represent what the album means in your career? Or being briefly: do you think this is one of your best releases so far? As the name gives a certain feeling of this record being an outstanding piece in your career.

Well the title was decided before we started recording so we didn´t know at that time that the title would fit the music so well as it does. We do feel that this is one of our best albums so far, an opus of death metal as the tiltle implies.


・ You are a band that has never been through any drastical changes in your sound, but this time you have added some elements that are new for the band. Was this something planned? or just how things flew?

Both actually! The music were written before we started recording but certaing this came in to being while recording when we were trying out different sounds and spur of the moment ideas.


・ When we interviewed Tobias in support of “Carnage Euphoria” he explained it was getting harder each time to come up with ideas that weren’t used by you already so, maybe has this had something to do with this album with more dynamics and more varied?

I think we are getting better at not limiting us to sounding “Vomitory” and by that getting better at incorporating new ideas that still are going to sound like Vomitory but still letting the music evolve


・ In fact, “Carnage Euphoria” was already slightly more diverse, so this time you have gone a step further on this. Will you keep expanding this “new horizon” with upcoming releases?

I´m sure we will, but no one has to worry, it´s still going to sound like death metal and Vomitory.


・ One of the things that most caught my attention off “Opus Mortis VIII” are the Thrashy elements, which a strong SLAYER vibe (in my humble opinion)…

Well since we all grew on Slayer our influences are bound to shine through from time to time, but it´s more a subconcious thing I´d say.


・ When we did that interview he also told us you were going to do one more album (this new “Opus Mortis VIII”) with Rickard Löfgren. Do you already have any ideas about what will you do for the next one?

We will most like record with Rikard again but time will have to tell.


・ There’s also a limited edition for the album containing some bonus tracks so, as the digital promo does not feature them, could you please tell us anything about it?

Well they are four tracks from our two first albums that we thought that it could be fun for people to hear how the sound with our current line-up.


・ You have shooted a video for “Regorge in the Morgue”, could you shed some light on this?

Since the band has been active for 22 years we thought it was about damn time we did a proper video! We thought it turned out great and really capture what the song is about.


・ Over 20 years of musical career now, seveal studio albums, gigs, etc. What’s left for VOMITORY?

There is still countries we haven´t played that we would like to go to if we get the chance and I guess we will keep on doing this as long as we are having fun.


・ I saw you will play some festivals this summer but, do you have some tour plans? Any chance of seeing you in Spain once more?

We are working on a european tour so hopefully it will swing by spain also.


・ And finally, what’s next for VOMITORY? What are the band’s near-future plans?

First we got a couple of festivals lined up this summer and as I said before we are working on a tour.


・ That would be all from my side, thank you once again for your time. If you now want to add some final words; last lines are yours.

Thank you and hopefully we´ll meet everyone who´s craving some death metal out on the road this year!



Tania Giménez



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