– Hello, thanks for taking your time. What’s the band currently up to? Much promo going on lately?

We have been very busy these last 4 months. As soon as we finshed the mixing of Iconoclast, we hit the road. Toured Europe last February-March, USA last April-May, and just got back from South America.

– «Iconoclast» will come out really soon, what are your exectations and aims to get with it?

With Iconoclast, our expectation is to out sell Paradise lost. With each new release, we seem to get a little more popular. We want to continue this trend.


– Have been 4 years since you released your previous «Paradise Lost». What has been the band up to during these years?

In those 4 years, we toured Europe, USA, South America and Asia. We also worked hard on the Iconoclast CD. It took a long time to put together the songs and the concept behind it.


– Why did you choose «Iconoclast» as the album’s title? Does it represent the band in any way or the feeling your music provides?

We chose that particular title because it just sounded like it fit the theme of the CD. I think it sums up the overall feel of the music this time around.


– I personally think this is your album which is nearer from perfection but, what are your thoughts on this? Now hearing to the album, what things would you like to have had the chance of changing?

With every CD, we strive to make it our best. During the whole writing, recording and mixing process, we are always changing things until we get it to the point where we are all happy. After listening to the final product, I would not have changed anything else.


– Anyway, what could you say fans are going to find on this release? Could you describe briefly the content of the album to all those people who haven’t listened to it yet?

This CD is heavier and darker than anything we have ever put out in the past. It has a futuristic theme in which technology has gone too far and now the machines we created have taken over. Many of the riffs have a mechanical texture underneath them that is in line with the overall theme.


– I noticed the whole album and its cover artwork has a darker halo. Was this something intended?

Yes. The artwork had to be really dark to get the point of the theme across. I think we accomplished this with the mastery of Warren Flannagan, who we also worked with on Paradise Lost.


– If I’m not mistaken, this is your first album released through a label different to Inside Out. What prompted that move?

Inside out just didn’t have enough money and resources to propel us to the next level. We had to move on. It was time…


– And how did everything start with Nuclear Blast?

They were very interested in us. They presented us with a winning strategy for our future and we felt like our new home should be with them.


– Nuclear Blast is one of the biggest Metal record labels actually, does this fact benefits or helps the band in terms of promotion?

Yes it does. Nuclear blast is an amazing promotion machine. They have done so much for us already. It’s incredible !! With their help, Our CD is going to exceed all expectations.


– You’ve been a while into the music world and your line-up hasn’t changed since 1999, I guess this may help as a band to compose…

Yes, our lineup hasn’t changed since 1999. We are a family. We love each other and it shows on stage. It makes everything in our business run smoother because we all know what to expect from each other.


– And after all these years of existence for SYMPHONY X, what’s left for the band to get into this world?

We still want to make the best music possible and play to as many people as we can. It doesn’t matter how many years go by, we still have the same passion as we did in the 90’s.


– The Metal scene is obviously growing day by day. What bands could you suggest from the current Metal scene?

Well everybody in the band likes different stuff. I like the epic bands like Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of fire as well as the classics like Maiden and Priest


– As curiosty, how did you come up with the name «Symphony X» and what does it mean to you?

Michael Romeo came up with the name. It means a Symphony with an unknown or mystery variable……the X


– And finally, what’s next for SYMPHONY X? Any touring plans tu support the album live?

Yes. We will Tour Europe in October and then hit the USA soon after. We will also return to South America and Asia.


– That has been all, thanks for your time. If you want to add some final words, feel free to do it.

Just want to say thank you to all our fans for their love and support. We look forward to seeing you on the road. God Bless !!


Sergio Fernández


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