– First off, thanks a bunch for the interview and tell us a bit how have the recordings for this new album been.

Hey man, how are you? The recording of the album was awesome, though it took us quite some time to put it all together. The four of us worked really hard to make this record amazing, and so far the reviews from the fans and press alike have really made us proud of what we have done.

– You have once again James Rivera at vocals, do you think he’s the perfect voice for your band?

I have to say that James Rivera is absolutely the perfect voice for this record. All of the singers we have had have been unique in their own ways, and have been fitting to the albums they were featured on. This is James’ third record with us, and it is probably the best performance to date. I couldn’t be more happy with the way this record sounds, and James definintely is part of that.


– I have had the chance of listening to the album and It really sounds powerful. Are you satisfied with the final result?

Oh yes, as satisfied as a pig in shit lol….I’m very happy with the outcome of this record. As I have said, I am proud of the hard work we put into the making of the album, and especially the end results. All of the elements came together to make this probably our best record yet. The saying is, good things come to those who wait…well 3 years in the making was the perfect amount of time to make this record mind blowing.


– I think is an album with a powerful basis but it also has place for several influences from the most traditional Metal and thanks to James’ voice, also 80’s US Metal. What are your thoughts on this?

I agree with that. This record is most certainly powerful and hard hitting, but the natural progression of the songs are very much rooted in the more traditional, classic metal style. James added to this sound with his very Halford, 80’s metal vocals, and brought to the record a very old school metal vibe. Witches has it’s own style, but like all bands, we obviously use our musical influences to help shape each record.


– This is your 8th studio album. What do you find different in this album compared to the previous ones?

As I mentioned this record is more traditional metal than previous ones. It also has undertones of prog metal too. We used several vocal styles
and harmonies throughout the record, and even feature a female vocalist on the track, End of Days. We really wanted to make this record incredible, and taking our time with it really let us branch out and pay a lot of attention to detail.


– From 2005 and 2011 the band has had no activity as some years ago, have you been involved in any other projects? Or did you had in mind taking some more time between each album?

Well, Deadly Sins came out in 2007, with Alan Tecchio on vocals, so it hasn’t quite been since 2005. But then after that, yes, I did take some time to regroup and think about what the next Witches project would sound like. And yes, I was also involved with other projects as well. So was James, Mike and Taz. I played with Chris Volz of Flaw, Lizzy Border, and Joey Belladonna. I also made an instructional DVD, due out for release soon. I have been recording and producing a young, upcoming female artist, and also played some solos for other artists records. I have been a busy man lol


– How have these 10 years for SEVEN WITCHES been? What could you standout and what do you think is left for you to do?

Its kinda hard to put into words how appreciative I am of everyone who has helped get Witches as far as we have, It has been truly a wonderful experience. A whirlwind of tours, records, great musicians, and growth as an artist. Who could ask for more than that? I’ve been blessed. Probably the most memorable, standout event of Witches history for me was when we got our first record deal with Second War in Heaven at Woodhouse Studios in Germany. The sheer joy of getting this band up and going was amazing. Whats left for me to do? Haha, world domination….


– Looking back to the past, you toured with SAVATAGE during the “Poets and Madmen” tour, how has that experience like?
What did you gain with that?

Oh wow, again, it’s hard to find the right words to explain just how that felt. Being a part of Savatage was one of the most surreal experiences I have ever had. The memories from that era for me are ones that I will never forget. Although it was one tour, I was so lucky to be a part of one of the most iconic metal bands of all time. It was like meeting God lol. The outdoor stadiums, the energy and adoration of the thousands of fans gave me so much more experience as a musician. I will always be thankful for my time with them.


– Beside SAVATAGE, you had some projects such as SPEED, THE BRONX CASKET CO. as well as cooperations with MARSHALL LAW or BELLADONA. Do you have something in mind for your future beside SEVEN WITCHES?

Yeah, I may try to break into the porn industry lol….Seriously, I’d like to make another solo album at some point, cuz in the past I had a lot of fun doing my own thing, my own way, as I’m sure many artists like to do now and again. I also want to do more touring and playing becasue thats my passion. Making and playing on more records, and maybe a Dvd or two may also be something in the works for the next few years.


– Is there anything you haven’t done yet but you would like to?

Well, I have been very fortunate in my life to make a living playing my guitar, so I am happy with what I’ve done, and will do in the future. It would be killer to make a record with Tony Martin though lol


– Coming back to the present, how does future look to you? Will yo tour for this album?

As long as I keep playing, I have to say the future looks wonderful…of course it wouldnt hurt to see great riches and platinum records there in that future too, but hey, can’t have it all, huh? Haha. Yes, we plan on touring soon to promote Call Upon the Wicked, because we know it’s a killer record, and we would love for our fans to be able to hear it live.


– And, overall, will be more SEVEN WITCHES’ albums? Maybe some live?

I’d love to see Witches make more records. Ideally, I’d love to keep playing as long as I can still hold my guitar lol. Maybe some time in the near future a live record or DVD could be a possibility….


– As curiosty, where did the band’s name come from?

I can’t take credit for the name. Our first singer, Bobby Lucas, is the man that came up with it. Somehow he brought up that seven witches makes a perfect coven, and from then on, Seven Witches just kinda stuck.


– That’s all from my side, nothing else. Thanks for your answers and hope to see you soon in Spain.

Thanks man, and we also hope to see you and all our fans in Spain very soon!

Paco Gómez


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