– Hello, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? It seems nothing can’t stop you, as after playing several summer festivals you are now touring the US, how’s everything going so far?

Things are going great. We just finished up a US and Canadian tour with Arch Enemy. We start a headlining tour in a few days and our record comes out very soon, which were excited about.

– First of all, could you please make some history of SKELETONWITCH

The band was started in 2003 in Athens Ohio. About a year after the band put out Beyond the Permafrost I joined up although I had been friends with the guys years prior to being signed. As of today were about to put out our 3rd studio album on prosthetic records.


– How did you come up with the band’s name?

It was actually recomended by a friend


– And what are the band’s main musical influences? As you guys seem to mix elements from almost any extreme Metal style.

Everyone likes a wide variety of stuff. From classic rock to black metal and everything in between. I think it shows in the music and in everyones personal performances. I don’t think there’s a conscious decission to just «mix a bunch of stuff up» it just happens naturally.


– You have just released your latest «Forever Abomination», what are your expectation with this new effort? How are first reactions being?

First reactions have been great. We all worked really hard on this one and put alot into it from rehearsals to everyones effort recording their own parts. It’s exciting to see it come to fruition .


– To all those who may be interested; what are we going to find on this new record?

It’s a skeletonwitch record one hundred percent. I think we opened it up a little more this time. There’s more rocked out parts and more black metal melodies going on. It a little more sinister and evil than out previous releases.


– This is your first full-length album with drummer Dustin Boltjes. What has he brought new to SKELETONWITCH?

He’s a maniac on the kit. He hits hard as fuck and plays from his heart. When you’ve played with someone for years you get used to alot of tempo changes and nuances so it’s always hard to start over with a new member, especially a drummer. However Dustin has done a great job, worked hard and he’s one of the best drummers Ive ever played with.


– This album will be issued in threee different formats. How much input did you have on this decision? In these tough times for the music industry it’s always important to care about other aspects beside the musical one.

We want every part of every release to feel like a skeletonwitch album. From the art to the lyrics to the riffs. Fortunetly we have a label that is very easy to work with and allows us 100% creative freedom.


– «Forever Abomination» was produced by well-known Matt Hyde (SLAYER, etc.). Are you satisfied with this side of the album?

Matt was great. Not only did the album turn out sounding the way we wanted but Matt was very easy to work with. It was low pressure the whole time.


– I could say this new album sounds more Black Metal (guitars and vocals overall, or maybe the blend between both). Was this something you aimed for?

Not really. Were all really big black metal fans and Im sure that had something to do with it. We just write and play stiff we want to hear as fans of



– Anyway, how was the songwriting process this time around?

Nate is the main songwriter in skeletonwitch. Basically he’ll write both guitar parts and drum parts on a drum machine and record it all on a 4 track. Time wise we were a little less under the gun this time so that was nice. We were able to get together and rehearse and tweek the material alot before going into record it. In my case Nate ends up emailing me the demos he makes and I just write bass parts to it.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans? I saw you have some European dates booked for early 2012, but will you announce more? As most of them are just UK dates thus far.

That’s actually almost an exclusive UK tour. Normally when bands tour the UK you play 5 to 8 shows but this tour is hitting like 21 citys. It’s great. Were playing places that probably don get alot of metal show. After the UK shows we will be doing 4 or 5 shows in France before we come home.


– That has been all from our side. If you now feel like adding some final thoughts; last lines are all yours.

Thanks to everyone that comes out to our shows or picks up the new record. Fans continues support allows us to keep doing this.

Sergio Fernández



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