– Hi Daniel, thanks for answering to our questions and congratulations on the IRON LAMB’s debut album which you have just released. What meaning has «The Original Sin» for the band?

Hello, and thank you very much! I really like that title, since it kind of fuck with your mind…what does it mean?! In fact, it can mean anything – just search your memory for that moment when you started your journey on the left hand path. In terms of music, I like to see the title as a reference to what got us all going in the first place, pathfinders such as Black Sabbath, The Stooges, Judas Priest, Ramones and Motörhead. For us, this album is a step into that wonderful area of the original sin – free from the stupid rules of expression that modern genres sadly has developed. With this album, we had no rules. As long as a riff felt good and rocked, it was in.

– First of all, how did these well-known names in the underground extreme Metal scene got together? I mean, could you please introduce a bit the band?

Well, I don’t know if we are that well known…we all come from the underground really. However, I and Tomas played in Insision together during 1999-2004. We shared rehearsal space with Repugnant, which contained Johan and Grga – and Tomas eventually joined them. Those three guys have been very close friends over the years, and I know they talked about creating a no-bullshit rock band. A few years ago they did, and soon phoned me to ask me to join them. I hadn’t been in much contact with them for years at that point, and I turned them down since I was busy with Tyrant. However, I locked myself out of my apartment that very night – and since their rehearsal space was very nearby, I walked down to check them out. When I heard their music, I basically joined on spot. It was just so good. Since then we have recorded a slew of 7” singles and the album, and played live quite a bit. Earlier this year Jens joined on guitar, to complete the horde.


– Coming from such different musical backgrounds (all of you), how did you come up with the idea of forming a Punk band?

I actually think we come from very similar backgrounds, just look at the bands we’ve been in. We have all played death metal, and in Insision and Repugnant we actually played together. We have also all played in various punk rock bands before, such as Diskonto, Bombstrike, Martyrdöd, Crash Diet and Subvision. Then we have all been involved with other metal genres as well, including Tyrant, Dr Living Dead, General Surgery and Rise and Shine. In short, we have all been active in a variety of metal and punk rock bands before. What really unites us, however, is our musical upbringing. We all have our roots in classic heavy metal and punk, none of us started out listening to any definite genre such as death metal, thrash metal, crust punk or black metal. And our aim is that raw essence of rock & roll, that great riff that just hit you in the belly and gets your blood pumping. I also do not think that Iron Lamb is an actual punk band, we owe as much to heavy metal as punk. We don’t care about genres, we just want to rock!


– What’s this band to you? Maybe an outlet to express something it won’t fit with some of your other bands?

Iron Lamb means freedom; we can create whatever we want in this band. In that sense, this is the most extreme, unpredictable and subversive band I have ever been in (well, Dellamorte was perhaps as insane). The thing that matters is quality, not safety.


– And why the name «Iron Lamb»?

I wasn’t involved in naming the band, but I think the guys did a great job. You see, to combine one “dark” word with one “light” always creates the best feeling. Just look at the best name ever: Black Sabbath. You just can’t do any better than that (“White Sabbath” would just sound awful). Then you have Judas Priest, Velvet Underground, Guns & Roses, Morbid Angel…combinations of words that create something more. To combine two “dark” words, as many black metal bands did, just sound corny to me. It’s like when Homer Simpson started a MC gang, and named them Hell’s Satan’s. I guess we can all agree that Hell’s Angel’s sound a lot better! I also like the fact that our name seem to piss people off, they can’t handle it and try to make fun of it. Well, they can just stay within the Hell’s Satan’s cage, as we break out of the horde ready to destroy the world!


– For all those who haven’t heard your music yet, how could you describe your sound?

No bullshit, no rules, no trends – just dirty rock & roll with one foot in heavy metal, and the other in punk rock.


– In this album I noticed elements from different music styles; Punk, Hardcore, Punk Rock, Rock N’ Roll… So how was the songwriting for this effort? Was this blend of different details something spontaneous?

I would like to add heavy metal to that list, since it is one of the cornerstones for our musical creativity. I guess we just went back to what attracted us to music in the first place: the riffs, the attitude and the immediate songs. We just found that place where Ramones and Black Sabbath merge, and that ain’t no bad place to be!


– How did you hook up with Pulverised? As you are not the typical band we would find on their rooster…

I think they just liked the music, and wanted to release it. And that’s just what labels should do – release stuff that they like. Most of the old “death metal labels” kind of killed themselves by signing only death metal, not caring about the individual qualities of the bands. Soulless imitators will never make an impact. Great bands doesn’t follow trends, you have to look beyond the horizon.


– Artwork for this piece has been done in a collaboration between Lindström and Erik Danielsson, of Trident Arts. I would like you to comment a bit on this decision and how do you feel about the final result.

Grga and Erik are very close friends, and they are both very talented when it comes to designs. Erik had already done the artwork for our debut 7”, and our first t-shirt design, so he was basically onboard already. However, the entire concept for the album is made by Grga. What Erik did was mainly to help out with the technical stuff, even if I’m sure they inspired and pushed each other in the process.


– In this album we can find some tracks that were featured in some of your previous EPs, will you keep on giving them a second chance for all those who will discover you with this full-length album?

Since the 7” singles are all in limited editions, we decided to feature some of the songs on the album as well. However, we always have at least one song on each single that is unique for that release. The versions are quite different though, and I have always loved to be able to track the history and development of a song (and screaming that the demo version was best while drunk, ha ha). While making an album, you have to choose the songs that fit best within the concept. We have in fact recorded some unreleased tracks, but their time will come!


– Anyway, can we expect upcoming studio albums? I mean, is IRON LAMB just a project or a steady band with future plans?

Iron Lamb is not a project, as it turned out it is the main focus for everyone in the band right now. We have many plans for the future, new EPs, t-shirt designs, a new album, tours and festival appearances. There is stuff going on all the time.


– If I’m not mistaken you are living in Oslo, did this cause any troubles while creating this «The Original Sin»?

I actually lived in Stockholm during the writing process and the recording, so it was no problem at all. However, Grga lived in Oslo during that time, so the vocals took a bit longer to record than planned. As irony would have it, Grga moved back to Stockholm at the same time as I moved to Oslo. It hasn’t created any problems living here; it’s cheap and easy to get to Stockholm from here. Next year I will move back, so the creation of the next album will be the first time we all live in the same country!


– The press release stated you are a mix of GG Allin and MOTÖRHEAD and, though I don’t use to pay that much attention to these kind of statements, I must say this time I’m totally agree, in fact you have covered GG Allin’s «Fuck off, we Muder» (not in this album though) and «Poison», by MOTÖRHEAD. Why these concrete tunes? And what other songs would you like to cover?

Poison is one of the very best Motörhead songs, but it is sadly kind of forgotten among their slew of great tunes. It embodies everything great about rock & roll, and we wanted to bring it out in the open again. GG Allin, on the other hand, kind of brings to attitude of rock to the very extreme. However, most people tend to see him as just a freak while he actually made some incredible songs in the middle of the madness. We wanted to embrace that, and we have actually recorded a couple of his songs.


– I guess both bands have been an influence for you but, what other artists have influenced the IRON LAMB’s sound? And your own playing style?

To name a few: Judas Priest, Venom, Ramones, Thin Lizzy, Autopsy, Black Sabbath, The Stooges, Guns & Roses, Hellhammer, ZZ Top, Hawkwind, Slayer, Ac/Dc and Discharge. You know, all the great punk/rock/metal bands we grew up with. Personally, I am also inspired by music like Foetus, Birthday Party, Skinny Puppy and Swans. As for my playing style, I am a huge fan of Phil Lynott, Cliff Burton and Lemmy. It was those guys who shaped me.


– We could say you are an “all-star band”. This terms tends to be a double-edged sword. Do you think this works more as a benefit for the band or the opposite?

I can’t see that any of us is anywhere near being a star, and it seems odd sine the majority of the band played together in Repugnant 10 years ago. Like I replaced Tobias Forge, and all of a sudden we are an all-star band?! It doesn’t add up. However, if I look at the musical ability of the members, this is probably the most competent band I have ever worked with. And that will undoubtly benefit the band in the end, since the music is what counts.


– Anyway DISMEMBER for instance have just disbanded and some other bands some members are playing in right now are not being that active actually but, what priority has for IRON LAMB for all the members involved?

At the moment, this band is our main focus. This is our own band, not something we just joined. However, General Surgery, Martyrdöd, Usurpress and Dr Living Dead are far from inactive. My experience is that you actually get better if you have different channels of musical expression, it keeps you on edge and it sharpens your skill.


– In fact you are now having plenty live activity, but do you plan doing some touring to support the album?

Yes! We will start a European tour on the 26th of October, which will take us through Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Holland – ending with gigs in Åland and Sweden. We are also planning a slew of festival gigs next year, so watch out!


– And finally, what are your near-future plans? What can we expect from you from now on?

First we will make the tour, and then we are scheduled to record a new EP. After that work with the next album will be initiated, and we will most certainly record it next year. Then there is the festivals…so I guess we will be very busy in the future!


– That’s all from my side, thanks again for taking your time. If you now want to add some final comments, feel free to do it.

Thank you for the interview!

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