– Hello, thanks for taking the time. How is everything going right now with ABIGAIL? What is keeping you busy at the moment?
Hails ! We just played gig in Tokyo last night. Also we played at Fall of summer fest in France 2 weeks ago. We will be start new recordings in October. Very busy now !



– You recently played Europe at the Fall of Summer fest. How did everything go?
Yes we played at Fall of summer fest in France. It was great metal fest ! Every thing perfect. Fall of summer fest staff supported for us and very kindly. I met many Abigail fans at the fest. Sure show was great response. We were so happy play with huge audience !



– You formed ABIGAIL back in 1992. At that time there weren’t much bands in Japan into your style. What motivated you to form a band like this?
Yes Abigail was formed in 1992. In early 90’s death metal was very populate in Tokyo. But It was so boring and almost bands were not evil. I was into black metal since 80’s and there were no black metal bands in Tokyo early 90’s without Sigh. So I decided foamed most evil black metal band in Tokyo.



– If I’m not mistaken you took your name from KING DIAMOND. Why so? Has he been an influence to you?
Yes I got band name from King diamond 2nd album. This is my favorite album always. I really like King diamond and Mercyful fate. They are pioneer of black heavy metal bands.



14397421_10154472388598419_1125737107_n– You recently released your new full-length album, «The Final Damnation». What are you feelings on the final result? And how is its acceptance being?
We released new album «The final damnation» on Nuclear war now ! prod. 2017 is our 25th anniversary. Many guys tole me latest Abigail albums are too much punk sounds. 1st album is my favorite album. I decided back to roots and recorded black metal album again. Half songs are our black metal style songs. Also it’s including black thrash metal style songs for recently fans. Response is really great. I think this album is best Abigail album so far.



– Here you are going back to your roots. Why did you decide to take this direction?
Yes I decided back to roots for Abigail die hard fans. Recently albums are too much punk style. Sure we got many new fans for recently albums. I think both fans loved out new album.



– Anyway you mix your old Black Metal roots with your latest Metal Punk. Do you think this album will please fans both old and new?
Exactly. Half song are black metal style. Half song are metal punk style. I think both fans will enjoy this album.



– There’s a song on the album entitled «Sweet Baby Metal Sluts», what it supposed to be part of the «Sweet Baby Metal Slut» album?
I love this album title. This song is dedicated to world street metal bitches. Also this song is perfect style latest Abigail sounds. I think fit song and title.



– Besides the obvious VENOM, MOTÖRHEAD or CELTIC FROST influences among other I’ve noticed here some touches of SABBATH, BULLDOZER or from the NWOBHM. What could you say have been the most influential bands for you or for this album?
Yes we influenced these bands. Venom, Bathory, Sodom, Hellhammer, Celtic frost, Bulldozer, NME, Carnivore, King diamond, etc. New album song «Whisky coke and bitch» is very influenced from the NWOBHM sounds.



– All this about «The Final Damnation» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?
Black metal holocaust !



– After releasing this album; what are now your near-future plans? You’ve released a bunch of splits, EPs and live albums, any in the works?
We will be play few shows in Tokyo this year. Also We will be release split 7’ep’s with Vuil, Lustrum, Nocturnal damnation, Fall of summer fest Live CD. Then we must record more new songs for future split.



– In fact for splits a lot of bands gather with friends, but you rather seem to have a more underground approach to them, like supporting lesser known bands, am I wrong?
Yes I love split 7’ep ! It’s best promotion stuff for overseas. Then I want support new bands for this split. If they can spread band name to the world use for Abigail, it’s cool.



– Anyway you are also involved in some other musical projects such as BARBATOS or TIGER JUNKIES. What’s going on with them?
Metal punk band Barbatos released new album «Straight metal war» on Hells headbangers. New album influenced from Japanese heavy metal. I’m singing by Japanese almost songs. «Rocking ,metal motherfucker» and «Let’s fucking die !» LP version will out on Hells headbangers 2017. Punk band Tiger Junkies is still active. We will be release «Green tea or die» 7’ep on Hells headbangers. Perhaps we will be play first show in USA on 2017.



– And next year you will be celebrating the ABIGAIL 25th anniversary. Will there be anything special?
We hope play 25th anniversary show in Tokyo 2017. Then now we are booking first South America tour for 25th anniversary.



– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.
Thanks for the interview ! Please check new album «The final damnation». You can check our new information on official Facebook page. We hope meet to you at shows. Beer ! Metal ! Sex !



Tania Giménez



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