– Hello Alex, thanks for taking the time. What’s currently going on with GOREAPHOBIA?

We have just released our new record “Apocalyptic Necromancy” with our new label Dark Descent.We are now gearing up to play with Autopsy,Incantation(i play guitar with as well),Divine Eve,Acheron etcc in LA.Should be a killer show so things are all in good spirits right now in the band.

– First off, I hope you don’t mind to start making some history of GOREAPHOBIA.

I started the band in 1988 with Chris Gamble.The intentions were to make the darkest and most exterme music we could at that time.There was a lot of problems in the band in 1991 so i left in 1992 then Chris disbanded the band in 1993.Me and Chris started working together again in 2004 and here we are now.


– And what are the band’s main musical influences?

So much stuff i can,t even begin to think about it.Well i guess you really have to start with the music that inspired you from the beginning and that was a lot

of rock and hard rock from the 70,s.For me it would be Pink Floyd, Sabbath, Purple, Thin Lizzy etc then onto Judas Priest, Angel Witch, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate.Then i have to say all the great early exterme bands such as VoiVod, Bathory, Celtic Friost, Death, Repulsion, Necrophagia and a hell of alot of other forms of music as well.


– The band was on hiatus for around 15 years, first «splitting-up» shortly after you were formed. What prompted the band split-up and what made you come back?

We had the wrong people involved with the band and speaking for myself i had a lot of personal problems.So the band was pretty doomed.We were signed to Relapse records in 91 and were going to record our debut record over in sweden but things just got out of control with the other guys in the band more less with the guitar player we had at the time.And i left.Me and Chris started talking again in 2004 about doing the band again.We never reached our potential and this band has and still means a lot to the both of us. We learned from our mistakes in the past and are on much firmer grounds these days.We also knew we needed the right people involved.We eventianly had Jim Roe join on drums.He has always been one of my fave drummers and we had been friends for a long time.I new he was a serious muscian .And not too long after we got VJS on guitar who has been the best guitarist that i have worked with in this band.There is a magical chemistry between the 4 of us something me and Chris never had in the old days with the old line ups.


– How did the Death Metal scene change from your early demos until your debut «Mortal Decay»?

The scene has changed a lot for sure.The bands that they label death metal now adays are not death metal at all.Or what they call black metal.In the 80,s black metal and death metal were the same to me.There are so many clones and not enough individuals these days.People need to think for them selves and make there own path.And i rarely see that any more.But there are still

some youger bands who still carry the flame.


– GOREAPHOBIA has had several line-up changes throughout its existence, even with some mebers leaving and coming back. Now, with two full-length albums, do you think you have guys found a more steady one?

The line up now is the real Goreaphobia to me.Having Jim and VJS in the band they are the missing links that we needed.We all feel very conifedent in this line up.There is a Magick between the four of us.


– You have recently released your second album, «Apocalyptic Necromancy»; how’s being its feedback so far? Both from the fans and press.

I would say much better recieved then the last one without a doubt.Of course you have people who are not so enthusiastic as the last one or for our early material.But not everyone will like what you do everytime.But the feedback is much much more positive this time around.


– And how could you describe this album?

It is very diverse.I believe we touch on all the great aspects of what metal is.The record will take you on a journey.We really go back to our roots on this one.


– How and what’s the link between its title and the lyrical content?

Well,it is a concept record lyriclly.So yes the title track ties into all the songs.


– In fact, is an album based on the occult so, could you please shed

some light on the lyrics?

That is a question on Chris could awnser correctly.They are based on his experience and his belief,It is up to the listoner to get what they get out of it.


– I read Chris is the main responsible for lyrics but; do you know how did his interested for the occult start? And if he has done any kind of research or self exploration for this record?

Yes i would say so this was his experience for the answers he was searching for in the times we live in now.


– I would also like you to tell us a bit about the album’s artwork; who crafted it, what does it represent, etc.

It was Chris,s concept at this time the artist does not come to mind buit Chris had all the input on what it would be.It is sybolic of the records lyrics.


– I could say «Apocalyptic Necromancy» is a bit more polished than your previous effort, still being raw and with an old school vibe.

Was this something you aimed for?

It is better recorded and produced but still very raw.And yes i think that was the goal.I think some of the power of some of the songs from Mortal Repulsion do not come acrous as well because of the sound,We wanted this record to sounds much more powerful and be able to really hear the the instruments.


– Tracks as «Shroud of Hyena» have some Black Metal feeling to it, and some of the band’s members have been playing in different Black Metal bands. Could you say some of this bands have influenced you in any way?

No not really more influenced from progressive rock.That song was mainly Jims idea.I think people get confused about our style as i said early black metal death metal were the same to me.Death metal is suppossed to be dark not just brutal.It should have all those aspects.People seem to forget about what death metal truely means.



– Beside this, the are some Doomy parts, a few more thecnical tunes and so on so to sum it up, it’s a quite varied album, and because of this I would like to know how was the songwriting like.

This time around we all wrote the music.In the past i would do almost 100% of the music.Now everyone is a songwriter so thats why it is very diverse.And that is what always wanted to do was to write with the right people.I am very happy with the creative process these days.


– You have signed with Dark Descent; how’s everything going with them so far? And why did you move from John’s Ibex Moon?

Very very good.Matt from Dark Descent has been doing a fantastic job.He really believes in the band as well as our new PR people Liz from Earsplit are all doing a fantastic job.It is so important to work with the right people.As far as Ibex Moon is that was a good stepping stone for the band and John helped get the band back out there but it was just i simple progression for us to work with Dark Descent.


– It’s obvious there’s now an urge for Death Metal but, what could you say GOREAPHOBIA provides to a saturated scene?

Truth!!! Very simple!! There are no pretenders in this band this is the real deal.True heavy metal thats all man!!


– And finally, what are your near-future plans? Any touring plans?

Yes we have some shows in the works and we are working on some touring for 2012 so the people will get to see us for sure.


– That’s all, thanks again. Now feel free to add some final words before we wrap this interview up.

Thanks you Cheers!!!


Tania Giménez


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