– Lots of thanks for answering our interview. Tell us a bit how is the band currently doing after the release of your latest opus.

The band is doing great!! We’re now planning shows and a possible world tour early next year.

– This new album is entitled «Order of Chaos». Tell us why did you pick such title and what do lyrics on this new record by OBSESSION deal with.

The title is about all the chaos in the world and how we’re told that everything is in order(under control), when it’s really not. The lyrics deal with world events, personal experiences, life in general


– Listening to this opus I see it follows the style of your previous «Carnival of Lies» but with way more melody. Is it actually like this or is it just a personal interpretation?

We feel that it is like this. I think the band has really come together and work together very well. The writing/recording process is a pleasure with all the members. They truly understand the Obsession sound!!


– It also retains a lot of the 80’s OBSESSION, but vocals differ a bit and it has a more modern production. Are you satisfied with the final outcome?

Yes, we are satisfied!! It just happened that way, it wasn’t intentional. I think that Obsession has been part of my life for so long that it just comes naturally at this point. We’re happy that it does retain some of the 80’s feel, but has a modern twist as well!!


– Have been 4 years between this new effort and the previous one; what have you been up to during this time? How has been for you this new period?

I’ve been very busy with various projects. It also took a bit of time to get «Order of Chaos» together. I’m now living in Nashville and the other members are back in Connecticut, so there quite a bit of traveling involved as well. We’re happy with the outcome and excited to promote the CD.


– I had the luck of seeing you at Keep it True 3 years ago and, honestly, as a fan of the band since its beginnings, you were really in a good shape. What are your memories from that period and of the live shows of these last years?

KIT was great, this was our first time to play in Europe as Obsession. The show/fans were great!! All of the shows we’ve done in the past few years have been killer. We love playing live and meeting our great fans!!


– You are a guy that has made a lot of things into the Metal scene, so I wold like to take the chance of reviewing a little bit your career. How was OBSESSION born and what are your memories of your first steps?

Obsession was formed by childhood friends Bruce Vitale/Jay Mezias and Art Maco/Matt Karagus. Although they lived in different parts of Connecticut, they came together form the love of the same style of music. I was actually the last member to join. They were having trouble finding a singer that liked the same style of metal and that could actually sing it. I got together with the guys and we hit it off right away . it was a great time for metal, the scene was great, many, many fans, large venues to play, etc. I’m honored to have been part of it.


– Both «Scarred for Life» and «Methods of Madness» are classics of the 80’s US Metal. What are now your thoughts and feelings on both releases?

I love both these releases, we didn’t know at the time what we were creating. They’ve stood the test of time and are still listened to by a great many people.


– Later you also played in one of my favorite bands. I’m talking about LOUDNESS. How did Mike Vescera get to sing in a Japanese band?

I actually received a call for their US management. They asked me if I would be interested in singing for Loudness, I was quite surprised. I guess they had seen a video of me on MTV and thought I was the right guy for them. Within 2 days, I was on my way to Tokyo, rehearsed with the band a few times, then went in to start recording «Soldier» That was a great experience. The band was unbelievably talented and it was and honor for me to be part of that.


– And how were your years with LOUDNESS like? How did your time there end?

They were great!! I still stay in touch with the guys, we’re still good friends and speak about doing something together again(at some level). The band had many business problems back then, it was getting very complicated. I just wanted to tour and make records, but there was too many other things in the way. I just felt it was time for me to leave.


– Another of your collaborations was with Malmsteen. How did everything go with the Swedish? Is he so odd as people tend to say?

Yngwie is an interesting guy, I had an awesome time with him. He always treated me great and we worked well together. I think that era of Yngwie was one of the best line ups he’s ever had. The band was absolutely killer!! Quite a lot of fun with him!!


– Then you have also done several projects as MVP, KILLING MACHINE, REIGN OF TERROR, etc. Have these been your best years? Do you feel fulfilled with all the things you’ve done so far?

I’m happy with mostly everything I’ve done.I’ve been fortunate to play with some of the greatest musicians in the world and most are great friends. Every album is a challenge, but a welcome one.


– And recently you have done ANIMETAL. Tell us a bit what this is all about.

Animetal USA is great fun!! I love playing with these guys. Rudy Sarzo, Chris Impelliteri, Scott Travis (Jon Dette is filling in for Scott at the moment)!! They’re great players with great history. It’s a cross of Anime and Metal, very interesting, intense music. We work great together and plan on doing this for many years to come!!


– And coming to your present; how’s the situation to support this new record? Do you have anything booked to get out on the road?

We will start playing shows in late February/March in the North East of the States here. We’re speaking with promoters to put a world tour together around the same time. We hope to tour Europe and the rest of the world this coming year.


– So that’s all from our side. Has been a pleasure interviewing you and our best wishes. Hope we could see you in Spain.

Hope to see all of our fans in Spain. Always great shows there and the fans are some of the best I’ve ever played for. All the best and «Bang ‘Em ‘Til They Bleed»

Paco Gómez



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