– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with SINISTER?

Hello .. yes with Sinister everything is going really good, we have no reason to complain at all.

– You have a new album coming out soon, «The Carnage Ending». What are your expectations on it? How are the first reactions being?

First i would like to say the reactions are absolute great from fans and magazines on the new record and ofcourse we are really pleased with this, When it comes to expectations we would like to play many live gigs as possible all around to globe because of this record.


– This new record is the follow-up to «Legacy of Ashes», an opus that created quite a buzz among your fans due to changing your musical approach, and now you have gone back to your roots. Was «Legacy of Ashes» some kind of experiment?

Legacy of ashes a experiment? really strange you are saying this. This record was more back to the old Sinister,than you can better say that The silent howling was a experiment because this record was really different than all other Sinister stuff. When i look back on this one i know that this record was more Alex his thing for me it was to soft but still good.


– As I said, «The Carnage Ending» is a 100% SINISTER album, really heavy and thick. Was this how you envisioned the CD since thebeginning?

Yes for sure. With this new line-up we had in mind to make a record how Sinister really have to sound and that means Brutal,Fast,Aggressive and Catchy !!!


– I personally think it’s an effort with influences from the US Death Metal and bands as MORBID ANGEL for instance. Is this an important inspiration for you?

No not really but ofcourse its a band that we all really like(old Morbid Angel) That it turnt out more US death metal is maybe because Bastiaan did all the new tracks and he has a different view on creating new music. We have already one new track finished and its in the same vein as The Carnage Ending.


– Overall it’s a better sounding album than your previous one. Jörg Uken took production duties so, are you satisfied with the work done by him?

Of course that is also the reason why we recorded again the new record with Jorg. He did also the two records before and we were really pleased with his work, but this is for sure his best job he did for the band.


– For this effort yo’ve got a whole new line-up being you the only founding member remaining so, why these changes? How did you find the new guys? And could you say this is a more solid line-up?

I am also playing with these guys in a band called Absurd Universe.So when the last line-up split up they where they first guys i was thinking about. I asked them or they like to join me in sinister and they all said in a second hell yeah ofcourse we do .. so that was absolute killer for me, a complete new line-up in one day hahaha.


– In fact SINISTER has always been through different line-up changes. Has this affected the sound on your albums in any way?

I already gave the answer.. yes ofcourse it will sound a bit different, what do you expect when you have 4 new members in the band.


– And due to this, has the songwriting process changed with the joining of the new members?

No not really now is Bastiaan taking care of this and first it was Alex. Dont forget that its is not easy when you come as a new guitar player in Sinister and you have to do the job with creating new stuff .. i think he did a hell of job for the band.


– Now you have, for first time in several years, two guitars in the album. Was something that just happened with the addition of the new members or did you want a more powerful sound for SINISTER?

Yes man now alex was away i had finally the change to play with two guitar players something i already had in mind for many years. Alex never didnt whant this because he didnt whant to play stuff from other people, and when you are the only guitar player in the band you have alot of control. Now with two guitar players the band sounds so much better and powerfull so better late than never.


– If I’m not mistaken the digipack version of the album will include some covers of songs by WHIPLASH, MASSACRE, POSSESSED, BLOODFEAST and CELTIC FROST. Would you mind to tell us how did you come up with the idea, why this concrete tunes and what changes have you done to them?

It was my idea to do some covers this time so we were able to make two versions from the record. It was clear from the beginning for all members when we do covers it have to be metal from our past also when 4 from 5 still playing hahaha. When we do covers we like to stay close as possible by the original version, thats why its called a cover. I dont like it when bands make it there own version .. Massacre or Possessed with Blast beats sounds complete stupid i think.


– And what other covers would you like to play?

Not easy to answer .. but a track from Cyclone from Belgium will be really cool.


– All this about «The Carnage Ending» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Pure Sinister brutality !!!


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

Playing many shows as possible and working on the next record.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thank you for the intie .. and all you extreme metal heads check out our new piece The Carnage Ending

Hail the Beast

Adrie(Aad) & Sinister


Sergio Fernández


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