– Hello and first of all, thanks for taking the time. To start, please explain us what are SHINING currently up to and how is everything doing right now into the band’s camp.

Hi, nice to be back here! Well, right now we are actually planning tours and gigs for 2013 and doing promotion. We have one or two gigs too, but mainly it´s just preparations.

– You have just released your new album, «Redefining Darkness». How is its feedback being thus far?

I think it has been quite good. I try not to read to many reviews actually, for me it´s always more important to hear what fans say directly when you meet them on the road.


– The title itself and the fact is the first one since 2001 that is not preceded by Roman numbers gives the feeling you are facing a new period, a certain change. Is it actually so?

Not really. I think that every new album has been a change from the previous, and of course now when we have a completely new line up (again…) it´ll sound different. But if you feel that it´s different then it is, but it´s not made to be different.


– In fact the cover artwork also has a different vibe. Is now darkness something white and full of light?

That was actually something that we did discuss, and we wanted something completely different from what people would expect, and different from the previous albums. It´s so boring with all «standard evil» cover arts. Everything is black, so why the hell not!? White can be evil too… A cool thing also is that there´s no name or title on the booklet, just a shining sticker on the case.


– Anyway musically isn’t actually a huge change, it follows that evolution toward more fragile and almost catchy melodies, a more acoustic path. Is this your actual nature or it can always evolve and change?

Yes, that´s just the natural progression I guess. And next album will probably go in another way. We don´t sit down and come up with changes. We just do whatever album that «comes up» at the moment.


– You have also stuck to certain traditions, as featuring 6 songs. Is this something you always plan to do?

That is actually the only thing I have been trying to change for many years now, so hopefully next one will have more songs on it. But we´ll see about that…


– And, once more, fifth song is an instrumental track/interlude, in this case called «Det Stora Grå». Does this, both including instrumental/acoustic tracks and having them near the album’s end, hold any meaning?

Yes it does, but I don´t want to go in to that…


– It also seems like you are becoming more emotional and less rational, you seem to focus more on following your heart without caring about the way or form. Do you actually follow your emotions instead of studying the music?

Like I said earlier, we do what we feel like doing at the time. And that´s the way it has always been. So I would say that emotions has guided us trough all albums.


– In fact the desperation feeling your creations provide and a really rough and dark music are mixed with beautiful acoustic passages, it’s like a mix betwen light and darkness, which can be associated to different things or meaning but, what’s your music for you (leaving lyrics aside)? Is it like a description of live itself, which can take you to the top and then to the bottom?

Yeah, I guess it pretty much is. I feel the most when playing it live on stage, when you can connect with the audience. And that can be very alike, yet very different every time depending on the audience and what kind of vibe there is. Sometimes I just close my eyes and feel…


– That mix creates something extreme and full of contrasts. Is that your vision on music? Do you think it has to be done from the heart and also have certain acoustic and melody sense in order to create something with impact?

Absolutely, it must come from inside. But for me stuff must have musical quality as well. I really dig bands that can play AND deliver emotions.


– This being said; do you feel like a Black Metal band? Do you feel comfortable when people labels you as so?

No, I don´t see us as black metal. And if people wants to say that that´s fine. I´m really tired of all labels here and there. It´s music, that´s it. That´s how I see it anyway.


– Some time ago Kvarforth stated on several interviews he changed his lifestyle so, do you think this has had any effect on his creations or on his way of working?

Was it? I guess he forgot to tell me…


– All this about «Redefining Darkness» being said; how could you describe it in 3 words?

Pure, fucking, music (in whatever order you like)


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

To make plans about the near future.


– That has been everyting from my side, thank you once more for taking your time. If you now want to add any last words; feel free to do it.

Thank you, and to all fans; Stay true and I´ll see you on the road!


Tania Giménez


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