– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What’s currently going on with MURDER CONSTRUCT?

Right now, not much, haha. The album is out, and we’re basking in it’s great reviews, but overall, there’s not much happening with us at the moment. We’re sifting through a few offers we have right now, but it’s very difficult for us to put together tours and shows let alone rehearsals and whatnot.

– First of all I would like to know how was the band formad as, if I’m not mistaken, originally it was just a side project. When and why did you decide it was time for MUDER CONSTRUCT to become a full band?

It’s a weird combination of things. It started out as a side project for me, and after years of being unable to put together a solid lineup, it became more of a back-burner kinda thing while I was doing stuff with Exhumed, Intronaut, Phobia, etc. At some point, most of those bands ended for me and I started to think about seriously doing MC again. Today we have the lineup you see now.


– I guess the gap of time between your inception around a decade ago and the release of your first album in 2012 may have something to do with the search of full-time members and with your activity in other bands, isn’t it?

Something like that.


– «Muder Construct»; what meaning does this name hold personally to you?

To quote WIkipedia: «A construct in the philosophy of science is an ideal object, where the existence of the thing may be said to depend upon a subject’s mind. This, as opposed to a «real» object, where existence does not seem to depend on the existence of a mind.» Thus, the «murder construct» is a mental state.


– Talking about your first album, «Results»; how is its feedback being? Both from the fans and press. And what are your expectations on this opus?

So far things have been peachy. Great reviews across the board, which is a genuinely pleasant surprise. However, the album was written to please ourselves and not anyone else. So even if it was a complete flop, commercially, it still would have been worth undertaking for the simple fact that we all enjoy it.


– Beside the expectations, what are the main goals to achieve for MURDER CONSTRUCT?

I don’t think there’s any real goal to be had. It’s a piece of art. You can like it or not, but it will make no difference because the artists MUST release it, no matter what.


– Your songs give a feeling of organized chaos, with aggressiveness and violence but not just providing brutality for brutality’s sake. Is important for the band to have a certain sense of melody?

Sometimes. The songs are organic. There’s not a lot of planning and deciding and hemming and hawing about it. Basically, the song is a self-contained journey that starts, has a middle and ends. The means from end-to-end are different for each track, because the desired tone is set from song to song.


– Due to this I would like to know how is the songwriting process in the band.

Generally, everyone writes their own songs, but we do have some collaborative stuff. On the EP, I wrote 99% of everything. On «Results» it was more like 60%, and Kevin contributed 2 of his own songs with little change and Caleb contributed one with no change at all. There are, however, 3-ish songs that were written by the 4 instrumentalists and put together in rehearsal, too.


– Your sound sometimes reminds me to bands as NASUM or NAPALM DEATH but, what are your main musical influences?

Not too far off on either one, haha. Everyone likes other stuff, but certainly Northern European grind is top of the list on stuff that gets us going.


– On the album there’s a track entitled «Resultados», in Spanish. Why did you pick a Spanish title for it? Moreover is one of the most different or outstanding tunes on the album, even adding a piano.

Part of the lyrics are also in Spanish. That was really Travis’ choice, but we all thought it was kinda cool that the title track was slightly different than the title of the album. The entire song was written by me, and I had a lot of music for the end piece, but we had some problems in the studio securing some of the instrumentalists. There were pieces written for violin, cello and other instruments, but in the end, only viola, piano, sitar and hand drums made it to the final product.


– Most of the band members are also palying or have played in different well-known bands into the Extreme Metal world. What does MURDE CONSTRUCT provide you that bands as EXHUMED, IMPLAED or PHOBIA can’t or couldn’t?

Well, the main thing is that I’m not in any of those bands anymore, haha. Actually none of us are in Exhumed at this point, so MC is now my main project, along with Nausea LA. I think that MC is a bit more aggressive than any of those bands, and that was the point, to be VERY aggressive.


– As you have a name into the Metal scene, do you think it will be easy to reach a Extreme Metal fans or rather everyone would always expect more from you?

It’s kind of a weird, double-edged sword. On the one hand, those who are not really paying attention will say «It just sounds like Exhumed/Cattle Decapitation.» On the other, it does stand alone as not really sounding like either band to those who have really listened to it. So because we have some «names» in the band, it draws differing opinions and comparison to the other bands which sometimes helps, sometimes hurts.


– Leaving aside the musical aspect on the album; what do some lyrics on «Results» deal with?

Those are almost all up to Travis, but it’s nothing mind-blowing. Fighting Christianity, nightmares, specific assholes, etc.


– The cover artwork is really simple and straight-forward; what did you want to express with it?

That was actually all done by Orion at Relapse. It was just an amazing piece of art that we knew we HAD to use the second we saw it. If we had seen it before we had done the lyrics, we might have tied the two together a bit more.


– On the other hand, you recorded the album at different studios. Would you mind to share some light on this and how was the production process like?

Well, Danny loves recording with John, so we always do the drums there. We had talked to Sean about doing the other instruments and he was very flexible with what we wanted to do, and even mixed the entire album twice. It was more just playing to the strengths of our friends for this one, but I think for the next one we’re gonna try something even different from that.


– All this about «Results» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Very fucking fast.


– You are a veteran into the scene so, what have been your best and worst moments since you started into the music world?

The best have been onstage, usually. Sometimes everything just goes perfectly right and the show is amazing. That feeling is very tough to beat. Coming home not totally broke from tour has also been nice, haha. The worst, I think, are reading uninformed opinions on the band. People will make empirical statements as if they are fact that are just completely wrong and off base and then peddle that to the consumer. This is the age of the internet where your facts can be checked fairly fucking easily.


– Which band you would like to share stage with you haven’t done it yet?

You know, it’s actually surprising but I’ve been able to see and play with almost all of my favorite bands. I wish I could have seen Disrupt back in the day, but that’s one of the few I’ve missed.


– Nowadays there are coming out a ot of interesting bands haling from the States into different styles as Death Metal or Black Metal among others but, any new personal favourites?

We have our friends bands like Exhausted Prayer, Dreaming Dead, Colombian Necktie, P.O.O.R. and others, but to tell you the truth, I’ve always thought of the states as mostly being a shitty places for death metal and grind core.


– And finally, what are the band’s near-future plans?

In the very near future I’m gonna go grab a bite to eat and then probably take a shit. Beyond that, I’m hoping that MC will play some festivals and maybe do some short tours in 2013.


– That has been everything from my side, thans you once more. If you want to add some final words; last lines are all yours.

Cheers, and STAY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sergio Fernández


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