– First off thank you so much for answering our interview. How is the band currently doing?

Thankful to be here and the band is doing very well at the moment,thanks.

– This year you have released a new album entitled «Generation Nothing». Tell us a little bit what does this new record deal with; from its title to the cover artwork as well as the main themes. What does METAL CHURCH talk about on this new opus?

The record lyrically is centered around todays struggles and strengths as well as some personal rants. The song Generation Nothing express’s the angst about the youth of today and the lack of living a real life as opposed to a virtual one. It also express’s the want and need for the way things used to be..such as waiting in line at the record store at mid-night to buy the new record of the moment.


– I’ve been lucky enough to listen to the new opus and I think is a great Heavy Metal album, quite traditional, with that USA Power sound from back in the day. Are you satisfied with the final outcome?

I/We are very happy with what we have done on this record and we are very much looking forward to getting on the road so the people can hear some of it.


– Something else that I like a lot is an «old school» production. Nowadays bands use tu overproduce their records, with more powerful sounds but more mecanized. Was sounding more traditional than ever your idea?

That all starts with Hoof he is the master mind behind the production and engineering and song writing.Then we give our opinions or critiques if you will and we go from there. As far as the sound of the record…this is just how it turned out.There was nothing contrived about anything,Kurdt just did his thing and it worked.


– It reminds me a lot to the two first albums by the band, the mood and structure makes me think of them. You weren’t in the band yet during those early dies but anyway, have you tried with this new release get a little bit closer to those early days?

I just went in and did the best I could do with keeping in mind the past of the band but doing what I do now. A mixture of both is what I have always tried to do.


– Since you joined the band you have recorded 4 studio albums. How did you join them and how have been these last years where you have resurrected again?

Through a mutual friend of Kurdt and I. Kurdt and I talked a few times and it just happened. Since we broke in 09 I have put out two solo Cd’s and done a couple tours with The Trans Siberian Orchestra. I am now going to be releasing my third solo effort around the first of the year and do some dates on that but now that MC is back I will make that my main priority and see where it takes us this time around, I hope far.


– Anyway since your previous album, from 2008, entitled «This Present Wasteland» until nowadays have been 5 years. What have you been up to throughout these years?

As I mentioned above solo stuff and TSO as well as photography.


– When we talk about METAL CHURCH we are talking about one of the most classy bands that were hailing from the USA during the 80’s Power Metal and Thrash Metal period. You weren’t there during their first steps but you knew the band so, did you ever think you would become the band’s vocalist?

I used to drive around screaming Gods Of Wrath at the top of my lungs when that record first came out and no I didn’t really think I would be but when I saw them live I wished a couple times that I was fronting the band and it came true 20 plus years later,pretty cool man.


– By the way, and as curiosity, I have an EP by a band named PALADIN where you were you sung. I think it’s agreat effort, so I would like to know what happened to this act and why didn’t you keep on recording?

Thank you thats from way back. We just did the one recording with Paladin and like most bands at that level people end up leaving for different reasons and the band breaks up. Thats what happened with that.


– Coming back to the present; how is everything working to go out on tour or playing in festivals?

We will be doing a month long run in mid Feb to mid Mar. in the US and then a couple festivals throughout Europe in June. We are also fielding offers as we speak for

other shows.


– And on a view to the future, are there any plans for upcoming releases?

Yes I think we are join got do a live record and then another studio effort. All in good time.


– That’s all from our side, if you want to add any last words; it’s the time. Our best wishes and hope to see you in Spain, I have only seen once METAL CHURCH over there and was back in 1987. Thank you so much for your time.

I appreciate the time and please let the fans know that we can;t wait to get out there and meet as many of you as possible. Please check out all of our sites for future news and updates. Cheers…


Paco Gómez

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