1. Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What are you guys currently up to?

Howdy dude, now we’re in the studio, sometimes we sit in front of the fireplace (hehe, coldness came) and record the second album that must be out in early 2013!

2. First off, could you make some history of the band?

😀 Again this question! Okay, so it was like this:

Majesty Of Revival was formed by me (Dimitriy Pavlovskiy) in mid 2009 (I remember it was late August). The main influences were Symphony X, Time Requiem, Rhapsody, Kenziner etc. From 2009 to 2010 we had several changes in the band’s line-up. At the end of 2010, drummer Vasilij Irzhak joined the band, & at in early 2011 keyboard player Grotesk, vocalist Oleksa Dinnik and bass player Trajan Mustyace joined the band too. With this line-up in June 2011 the band released a promotional EP, «Meaning Of Life». We had many positive responses & took part on few compilations. In October 2011 we started recording our debut album. Before the record session Oleksa Dynnyk left the band (oh, this guy is f»»»ing lazy). Later Grotesk also left MOR. Then Konstantin Naumenko & Marat Adiev joined MOR (the best musiciants which I’ve played with). On March 2012 the debut album, «Through Reality» is completed. We immediately signed a deal with Metal Scrap Records, started negotiations with them at the beginning of the recording. As a result the album released on Ma 30th by Total Metal Records, a division of Metal Scrap Records. Now we have finished recording the second album.


3. How could you describe your sound?

Neoclassical Power Metal with progressive elements and evil riffs!


4. What are the band’s main musical influences?

Main influences of all members of the baND are: Symphony X, Rhapsody, Time Requiem, Stratovarius etc.


5. How is the feedback for your new album being?

Many positive feedbacks! We expect the worst reception. It was a great pleasure to receive such great feedbacks!


6. And are your personally satisfied with the final outcome?

Yes, fully satisfied !!! This gives us the desire to move on!


7. How could you describe this opus in just 3 words?

Pleasant, symphonyc and fascinating!


8. How has the production process for your new release been?

Very good! We recorded all instrumental parts for the album and starting to record the vocals! It was awesome!


9. And how do you use to work on the songwriting?

Sometimes we jamm in studio. But I am personally doing the main songwriting! After composing the songs I sent the demo stuff to all the members and they correct/complete their parts how they see them. So we do all the stuff and then lock at the studio and record the album.


10. Finally, what are you near-future plans?

We will release our second album and after that we plan doing an European tour and record a live album.


11. That’s all from our side, thanks again for taking your time to answer our questions. If you now want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thanks for the nice questions & for the interest in talking with us! Thanks to everyone who supports the neoclassical/prog scene, enjoy our first album and see you soon on tour!!!


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