– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? You are right now on tour with MACHINE HEAD, DETHKLOK and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. How is it going so far?

It’s been rough, hurricanes and hernias! It’s starting to smooth out for us but it’s had some bumps. Shows have been cool though and those are what matter.

– You have just released a new album entitled «A War you Cannot Win». What are your expectations on it? Have you worked under any pressure knowing with each step you take ALL THAT REMAINS is still growing?

I don’t sweat it. I’m wicked lucky I can be in a band and do this for a living so I don’t sweat awards or chart placement n stuff.


– «A War you Cannot Win» is a pretty explicit title but, what does it make reference to? Does it fit with the lyrical content on the album? And, this being said, would you mind to shed some light on some of the topics you’ve covered with your lyrics this time around?

It’s kinda about how the government tends to try to use force to get a behavior and that just doesn’t work.


– This new opus sounds pretty solid, anyway I’ve read the writing process began sortly after your tour in support of «For we are Many», due to this I guess, despite the consistent final outcome, it didn’t take you too long to compose th record so, has the songwriting process changed at all compared to some of your previous records?

We wrote it in about 4 months or so. But no, nothings different. Same rehearsal space, same producer, same band members.


– On the other hand, I’d dare say this is your most melodic album to date, also the catchiest one. Was this something you strived for or do you just let things flow naturally?

It did flow naturally but that’s what we do. We just write songs we like. That’s the point.


– There’s also a superb balance between heay and straight-forward sounds and for mellow and melodic parts. Is this balance something important for you? As I think it gives a certain extreme feeling to the whole CD, plus an interesting contrast that makes everything more enjoyable.

Yeah, we like the balance. We like that we can do pretty much any kind of song we like and get away with it. But the most important this is always the songs and making sure they are good.


– Once more Adam Dutkiewicz has taken production duties, whom you have already work with several times so, what does he provide to your sound? What makes this team so good for any ALL THAT REMAINS’ release?

We’re comfortable with him. If something is bad he tells us and we do it again. We trust his opinion.


– On the other hand, the cover artwork looks quite warlike. If I’m not mistaken has been crafted by seasoned artist Paul R. Brown but, could you please tell us what did you want to express with it and how did you work on it?

We just wanted it to have a creepy apocalyptic feel. Paul got that for us.


– All this about «A War you Cannot Win»; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

All that remains.


– Hailing from the US and playing you musical style I guess it may have its pros and cons. Pros would be it may be easier for you to get international coverage and spread your music around the globe, and cons could be the fact there are a lot of bands from the US playing a similar style but, what are your thoughts on this?

There are a few bands playing this style but there aren’t any that have as much variety in their music. So I don’t know if I agree with you 100%


– And which bands into the genre that aren’t that known could you suggest?

I really have no idea. I don’t listen to much music.


– Anyway you are a band that has already got a lot of success, has toured the world, etc. but, what’s left for you to get into the music world? Is there anything you would like to achieve or something you would like to do you haven’t done yet?

We’d love to play w metallic.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

Tour tour tour. We’ll be on the road for a good long while.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.



Sergio Fernández


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