– First off lots of thanks for answering to our questions. How is the band currently doing?

The band are currently doing great gigs in Belguim & Holland were a great success Italy was a shame it was cancelled due to the sad situation with the earthquakes in that region but we are hoping to go back and have offered our services for free

– This year you have released an EP entitled “Hammerhead 2012”. How and why did you decide to release this opus with classical songs re-recorded? And why these 4?

the Hammerhead EP came about because Rob Walker didn`t play on The Beware Of THe Dog Album strangley enough it was Ged Cook (Atomkraft) who now own`s Blast Records/Studios and Global Music and Rob had been playing theses songs so much better that the original recordings so it seemed fair to re record those 4 tracks and live they are so popular,unfortunatley Rob has since had to leave the band due to family and work commitments but we have a fantastic replacement in Phil Brewis who has been Blitzkreigs drummer for the last 5/6 years


– Your last studio album came out back in1986; what has TYSONDOG been up to during throughout all these years and what prompted the band’s comeback (if you really ever split-up)?

we just faded away really we never actually split up there was no falling out Alan strated doing stuff with Pariah and i was gigging and recording with Jess Cox the original Tygers Of Pan Tang singer and after Neat didn`t take up the option on a 3rd album and cut our funding (we had to cancel an apperance at the prestigous Dynamo Fest in Eindhoven because of it and a usa tour with Venom


– You belong to the English movement of the NWOBHM. How there those first steps of the band like and how did you leave such musical culture hailing from England?

think nwobhm has bands like Purple,Zepplin,Preist,Sabbath to thank they were the bands that we all listened too but although money was very hard to come by we managed to put bands together and play pub gigs


– What do you think is the secret recipe for a NWOBHM band to actually be really successful? Only a few managed to do it, as LEPPARD, SAXON or MAIDEN. Why do you think it didn’t get more off the ground something which today is considered worth studying and is also musical collectible?

i think bands like Maiden,Saxon,Leps were to be fair strrets ahead great songs and cathcy lyrics and a bit more radio freindly (altghough we had a few catchy songs on Beware !!! (dog soldiers,The Inquisitor) but just glad we had a good run and to be fair got a lot of publicity of Enfer in france,Aardhock in Holland,Kerrang in the uk said of Beware it was one of Neat Records finest coupling together UFO,MAIDEN AND PREIST INFLUENCES TO GREAT EFFECT


– Are you conscious that today, with all this technology and easy access to music, more people gets to know you guys and your releases have become cult records into the genre?

Yeah being a Cult is better than being another similar english word Ha!! it`s really great playing these gigs and meeting up with people who are just getting into the old stuff and older fans who seen us in the 80`s


– Coming back to the present; how is the live situation (gigs, tours or festivals)?

Just announched this week Barcelona in Feb with Avenger, and 1st March in Newcastle a massive nwobhm fest Bro Fest which Strike TV from Germany is doing a nwobhm documentary around it


– Last year you were in Barcelona. Myself, as members of the Metalcova association, I thank the fact of having had the chance of seeing you on stage. How was that experience and how did everything go at our city?

We loved every minute of metal cova the fest was really well attended and organised and a massive thanks to Alex,Polan,Tony,Ramon and all who looked afterus we had a blast our Singer Clutch enjoyed himself a bit too much Ha!! it wasn`t great the sound on stage and our sound engineer tried to get a flight out but couldn`t so although he couldn`t really hear himself that wasn`t an excuse but Clutch doesn`t drink anymore but i think a few very freindly fan`s were kindly having a drink with him he has since not touched a drop before going on stage and if you compare the footage of us on stage at The Ages Of Metal in Belguim recently and Metalcova this is why we are so please Tony Martin at Doctor Metal Promos has put on this show in Feb


– And on a view to the future; what are your plans? Do you plan releasing any new studio material or will you release any DVD? What would you like to do?

Future plan`s ??? unfortunatley the record company/Studio we put Hammerhead out with have been hit very badly with this recession and they had put a lot of effort and money into bands like the New York Dolls,Irish rockers Therapy,and many more and the sales are just not there due to people not having a lot of money so we have a deal on studio time to record the album and have 20/30 great new tunes which we need to agree on 12 the new album working title is/was REGENERATION and the quality of the footage from Belguim from 2 cameras means we may be able to release that as a live dvd and footage from other gigs coming soon in 2013 as well as the Barca show we are in talk`s with other promoters in Switzerland,Holland & Belguim again,Madrid,Germany and Italy so hopefully 2013 could see a new Tysondog album and many more Euro shows


– That’s all from our side, our best wishes and hope to see you around here again anytime soon. Thank you.

Thank you again, first for your patience in waiting for my reply to your questions and your interest in Tysondog


Paco Gómez



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