– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with SISTER SIN?

Hey! Right now we have just released our new album «Now and Forever», which we are very proud of. We’ve been getting a lot of really awesome reviews. The video for «End of the Line» was released just over a week ago and it is a killer video.

This summer we played a lot of festivals and many headline gigs around Sweden and Finland. We also played two gigs with WASP, which was awesome.

In February, we go back to the U.S. and we are really looking forward to that! Everything feels fucking great now.

– First off, how did you come up with the band’s name and what meaning does it hold personally to you?

The name is from a Swedish 80’s band called Machine Gun Kelly. They had a song called «Sister Sin», and we really liked that name and thought it would be a perfect name for a band, and I mean we have a girl in the band so it makes sense.


– You have just released your new album, «Now and Forever». What does this album have new compared to your previous records?

There are very good songs on it with a lot of dynamics. A raw and hard sound just like a metal album should sound. (Thanks to Cameron Webb) There are some phenomenal lyrics on this album. You will also hear the difference between the songs in speed and many different melodies.


– The album’s title it’s quite inspiring but, is it «autobiographical»? I mean, does it mean you are here to stay forever?

Of course we will be here forever! We are so proud of this album because it feels like we’ve found our sound for real and it kicks ass. We will definitely be making music now and forever.


– This album has a really rough sound, giving more power to the whole CD and the final output. Was this the approach you were looking for this new opus?

As I said before .. It is just like a metal album should sound in my ears. We are first and foremost metal fans, so we get really excited creating and experimenting with different sounds. This is what we wanted.


– In fact in general I’d dare say this is your best-sounding CD so far so, could you please tell us a little bit how was the mix/production process and how took such duties?

Thank you! I have to agree.

We worked very hard with the acoustic sounds on the guitars, bass and drums before we added any effects. We also worked a lot to get some fresh melodies and to add a lot of dynamics. Before we even entered the recording studio we rehearsed a lot to be as tight as possible.

Chris Snyder is the producer behind the album, but unfortunately, the mix of the album didn’t turn out the way we wanted. Nothing bad without bringing something good with it though, we were lucky enough to have our album mixed by the awesome Cameron Webb, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. He really delivered.


– It’s also quite varied, but just as your other efforts were, mixing Heavy Metal with some Hard Rock and giving fresh air to a traditional style but, what bands have been the most influential ones for you throughout these years of career?

Yes it is. And that’s how we want it. Motörhead, Accept, Twisted Sister, Kreator are some of the bands that we are always listening to. We draw inspiration from our idols a lot.


– You have already done a video for «End of the Line». How did the shooting go? And do you plan doing any other videos for this album?

The shooting went great. It was shot in an old disused nuclear power plant, 40 meters underground. There were about 10 of us working on the video, which I think helped making it as good as it got. The video speaks for itself.

Actually we are. Next video is being shot in the beginning of 2013 for «Hearts of Cold». Very excited!


– Last year, if I remember correctly, you also filmed a video for your cover of the MOTÖRHEAD classic «Rock n’ Roll» featuring none less than Doro. How did everything arise? Both the collaboration and covering this tune. And what other tracks would you like to cover?

We have toured with Doro before and we got along really well. We think the song «Rock’n’Roll is a true classic, as you say, and we saw potential in it. We thought it would be a fun thing to make it together with another female singer, and no one would fit better than Doro.

In this moment we’re not planning to do any covers. But perhaps sometime in the future it would be cool to covering Twisted Sister.


– You are hailing from Sweden, a country that lately seems to have great Heavy Metal bands coming out, but it’s Heavy Metal scene I think isn’t as big as the Death Metal one for instance but, how do you see the scene out there as an insider? And what Swedish Heavy Metal bands could you suggest?

Yeah, that’s true. The heavy metal scene has just started to return over the last few years but I don’t know if there’s been any change for us. Most metal fans are metal fans for life, and they stay true no matter what.

Oooof, there are a lot of great bands over here.. But I’ll try to pick out just a few then. Of course we got the great Hardcore Superstar, Grand Magus and then I’d also like to cred the band RAM. And let’s not forget about Mustasch. I can go on, but I haven’t got time! Haha!


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

Right now we’re just chilling after this big eventful year. A few weekend gigs, but nothing big. We’re gearing up for next year’s U.S tour with Doro. And we’re also looking on new European shows and festivals for next year.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

And thank you! Stay true \m/


Sergio Fernández


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