-Hello, thanks for your time! How’s everything going with the band and with the release of your newest disgusting piece?

Hey! The Slob here, it´s going nice and smooth as newly shaven greased up snaily cunt. Just got our copies of the new album sent to us, so now we´re trying to sort out who ordered what.

-It’s been seven years since “Up from the Sewers” came out. What have you been doing during this time besides drinking? Have you been writing the new album during all this time?

Yeah, we started writing songs back in 2014, but then we got interrupted by 2 different touring offers. And of course we´d rather go out on the road on tour than to sit at home trying to write new songs.

Can’t really remember what we did in 2015 and 2016. But in 2017 we went on another tour. After that we felt that maybe we should start writing songs for a new album again. Another year went by. And in 2019 after coming home from a show in Prague we got a deja vu feeling that maybe we should start writing songs for a new album again.

Said and done, wrote them, recorded them, released them. And here we are.

-So have some of the songs on the album morphed since you started the songwriting?

Not really, except maybe the last track on the album. It was kind of puzzled together and finished in the studio with an guitar effect outro that might be too long for people to stand. But I kinda like it, it closes out the album and wraps it all together as a whole.

-Anyway you haven’t really stopped, besides playing live you did in 2015 the split with BONESAW. How did it happen?

Aaah, yeah. That´s what happened back in 2015. Thanks for reminding me. Thats correct, we did this Split EP with Bonesaw.

Those scottish basterds we consider being great friends of ours. We went over to Scotland in 2013 and did 2 shows with them in Edinburgh and in Aberdeen. Good times!

Anyway, they decided to end Bonesaw in 2015 but wanted to do one last album release and that was a Split with us. We were really humbled and how could we say no to a dying bands last whishes.

-In fact last year you did the PUKESAW thing with some people from Scotland. How was it? Will we ever hear any more covers from this “project”?

Yeah, Calum, the ex drummer from Bonesaw. He and a friend was coming over to visit Stockholm and attend Scandinavian Deathfest last year. And they were staying over in my flat. So we just went to the Repuked mansion and played some covers which we accidentally recorded and added to a bandcamp page.

At the moment we are planning on doing a world tour, but we´ll see what happens as we only know 4 songs and live very far apart from eachother. I hope for the best though.

-Going to your newest “Dawn of Reintoxication”; how does it compare to your previous releases?

It´s the same formula, we just play the shit we would like to listen to ourselves. Biggest difference is probably the sound and maybe we have gotten a tiny bit better at handling our gear.

-Why did you decide to record it for the first time in a professional studio instead of doing it yourselves again?

Its quite boring and very time consuming doing everything yourself. Especially when you have no idea how to do it. That´s the main reason. Also getting a better sound, we are older and wiser I guess.

-And why Sverker and Wing Studios?

Well, Sverker is a great death metal musician himself and have been producing great sounding studio stuff for years. So we choose Sverker because we know what we would get. That fat sounding heavy as fuck shit sound. Sverker satified us and we satisfied Sverker.

-I wonder who and how do you write the lyrics? As I guess having three different vocals means writing lyrics that can fit all these three vocals.

It´s yours truly. I write them using pen and paper. That works out pretty fine until I misplace the all those papers. Then I move on to writing on a computer, that works out much better because of the saving options.

Writing for three different voices is something Im going prepared for, I can hear it in my head how they will approach the lyrics handed to them.

-And what do you think having three vocals brings to REPUKED?

I think it makes it more fun to listen to. Also as Im the “main” singer it makes it a bit easier for me not having to sing all of the time on all of the songs. Especially when doing live shows that comes into play, I can move around more or even take a sip of beer while the other guys have to sing their parts. Perfect.

-The band has a lot of feeling. A disgusting one. Between filth and fun. Listening to your music is listening to a bunch of guys having fun. How important is the “feeling” in REPUKED? What do you want to transmit?

That´s the most important part of Repuked. We want to deliver a feeling to our listeners, a kind of nasty fuck off to everything feeling. The technical part is not as important if we cant get out that vibe of utter dark insanity.

– As I said, REPUKED is pure filth but also sense of humour, like a mix between AUTOPSY (or anything Chris Reifert actually) and PUNGENT STENCH, but what would you say have been the most influential bands for you guys?

Too many to mention. Of course Pungent Stench and Autopsy are super big influences for us, but also loads of other stuff we listen to gets thrown into the Puke mix. It´s hard though, we dont want to be just another copycat but try to do our own thing. It´s a fine line. But then again, who cares, the more perverted death metal to the people, the better.

-All this about “Dawn of Reintoxication” being said; how would you describe it in just 3 words?

Ugly people music

-What’s your favourite drink to go with your favourite music and your favourite music to go with your favourite drink?

Anything with alcohol in it to any Abscess album and I´m happy!

-And before we wrap this interview up; what are now your near-future plans? It may suck doing plans to promote a release during pandemic times.

Haha, that´s exactly what we´re doing now. Planning a tour in the beginning of next year. And a festival show in Czech rep, in September. And a 2 day festival in Sweden that´s been postponed 4 times now. Fucking Covid, it all depends on that shitty virus.

Otherwise we´ll stay home, listen to records and drink beer. Actually doesnt sound too bad.

– That’s all from our side, thanks again for your time. If you’d like to add some final words, feel free to do it.

Thanks as fuck for taking your time! See ya all down the road and share a couple hundred cervezas!

Tania Giménez

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