– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with RAGE NUCLÉAIRE?

We’re up to the seventh song on the follow-up album. It’s going quite well.

– First off, as you are a new band and I guess most people won’t know about you yet; could you please share some history of RAGE NUCLÉAIRE?

The original members are Alvater and Dark Rage. They did some songs with a drum machine, enough for a demo, and asked me to do the vocals. I was still busy with Cryptopsy, and by the time I was ready to commit myself to a new project, the demo had turned into a full-length album. I really liked the material, so I wound up joining full-time and, later, we got Fredrik Widigs on drums.


– As I said you a re a young band and have just released your debut album, «Unrelenting Fucking Hatred» so, what are your expectations on it?

Photo by Emilie Lauzon

We have no expectations; people will hopefully either love it or hate it, but as long as they feel something about it (other than apathy), that will be fine with us.


– After giving the album some spins, I can say the record’s title (as well as the band’s name) fits perfectly the musical content but, what do you want to state with such title? Maybe indeed portrait the music on it?

We feel unrelenting fucking hatred for many things, and lots of it. The title merely reflects that, as I’m sure it will for fans and non-fans alike. It just fits.


– This means all your songs are fierce, straight-foward, filthy and raw. Could you say this terms are something missing on the current extreme Metal scene? What are you bringing to it?

The current scene lacks for nothing; if anything, it’s improving. We’re simply adding our voice to the global Black chorus. We bring to the scene whatever people find in our offering.


– The album is just brutal, a constant sonic attack with overwhelming programmed drums. How do you fit these drums within the songwriting process?

Fredrik Widigs isn’t programmed, but I will state he’s a genius. His drumming flavour and texture are phenomenal. He takes whatever we send him and either goes with it or improves it. But he lives in Sweden and we need beats to get our songwriting done, so Alvater programs our machine while Dark Rage riffs away. I do my bit later.


– In fact your blast attack could sometimes remind to bands as ANAAL NATHRAKH but, what have been the most influential bands for RAGE NUCLÉAIRE?

I don’t think we’re really influenced by anyone anymore, though in the beginning, there may have been moments where Anaal Nathrakh, Mysticum, Windir and Sodom made us glad we’re musicians.


– It has surpised me a lot this rough and primitive sound the album has, as I never expected to hear something like this coming out from Season of Mist so, how is everything going with them?

The mighty SoM are a killer label and it has been a real treat to work with a team of that caliber. As to our spound, that will evolve a bit with the next album, now that we’re using a different recording program.


– All this about «Unrelenting Fucking Hatred»; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Photo by Emilie Lauzon

Curmudgeonly, yet avuncular.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

We want to finish writing the second album, so we can begin laying down tracks for it. Other than that, eat, drink and hate some more.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.


Lord Worm


Sergio Fernández



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