– Hello, lots of thanks for answering our interview. How is everything going into the PROTECOTR’s camp right now?

Hi! Everything is working fine at the moment. We have just released a new album and done three gigs in Germany.

– You have just released «Reanimated Homunculus», your first full-length album in none less than 20 years so, first off, how did this album born? How and when did you decide to release finally a new full-length with the new PROTECTOR?

It all started with a Protector-coverband called «Martin Missy and the Protectors», that I started in 2006 together with three swedish Metalheads. When we had played together in the same lineup for five years, we decided to write new songs, and to release them officially under the name «Protector». I talked to founding member Hansi Müller before we did this. He said it was ok with him. We first released a demo called «The Return of Thrash and Madness» in 2011, then two split singles and now the album.


– And how are you feeling about being unleashing brand new material with PROTECTOR? As you have a new line-up (you’ve been playing with them for some years now, but this is your first full-length album with them), times have changed…

It feels great to release a new album with Protector again. My bandmembers are totally oldschool, so when we write songs together or play gigs, it feels like in the good old 80s again.


– Was different the songwriting process than back in the day? As you are still sounding really old school, but I would dare say «Reanimated Homunculus» is the most diverse album by PROTECTOR to date.

I would say that the songwriting process today is just as back in the 80s. The only difference is that I get mp3-files with the new songs on, instead of cassettes. Our guitarist Michael Carlsson and bassplayer Mathias Johansson write the riffs, and together with our drummer Carl-Gustav Karlsson they put the songs together. After that I get the songs to write lyrics for them. Just as with the «old Protector».


– You have gone back to your roots, Thrash roots, stepping away from that more Death approach the band had during the 90’s. Was this something you had in mind since the beginning?

Yes. We wanted to go back to the beginning of Protector again (when I was a part of the band), so we wrote all songs in a Thrash Metal style (with some Death Metal influences), rather than plain Death Metal songs.


– The album is being released by High Roller Records, with whom you signed recently. Considering their rooster they seem to be a quite fitting label for a band like you but, how is everything going with them thus far?

High Roller is a great label. It is increadible easy to work together with them. The releasing-process of the new album went very smooth. Everytime I sent a mail, I got an answer from the record company the same day. I’m very pleased with the work they have done with the album.


– When we interviewed you a couple of years ago you explained you actually never liked PROTECTOR’s covers. Do you finally dig the cover artwork for «Reanimated Homunculus»? Would you mind to tell us how did you work on it and what does it represent?

Yeah, I like the new cover better than the artwork on the covers of the other Protector albums. Back then the record company decided who should do the cover and what it should look like, with the exception of the first EP Misanthropy. That was my idea, but the artist, that did the cover, did not do a good job in my opinion. The cover for «Reanimated Homunculus» was done by Kristrian «Necrolord» Wåhlin. Actually I had a different idea for the artwork, but Kristian said that he had something else in mind, so I let him do it as he wanted it. I like the cover a lot. It shows the return of the Golem, not through the hands of the rabbi, but maybe as in a kind of dream-sequence.


– On the album along with some brand new songs you have included tracks off your lastest splits as well as «The End», off your 2000’s demo. Why did you decide to do this? Do you have written any other new tunes?

The songs from the 2011-demo and the split single were mainly only released on vinyl. We liked the songs so much, so we took some of them on the new record, so they could be released on CD as well, and by that maybe give more of our fans the chance to hear them. We did a cover of «The End» to make a connection to the last known lineup of Protector that had existed before the new lineup (aproximately until 2003). We have not written any brand new songs yet. We will start with this in a couple of weeks.


– You recorded the record at famous Sunlight Studio, the most popular choice for old school Swedih Death Metal bands, and famous for getting always a really organic sound. How did the whole process ago? Hearing the album and its old school vibe I guess you got what you were looking for. Are you 100% satisfied with the result obtained?

We are really satisfied with the work Tomas Skogsberg did on the record. It was really easy to work with him. We told him that we wanted an oldschool-sound, and he said that he would fix that. And so he did. The result is really cool.


– All this about «Reanimated Homunculus» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Oldschool, aggressive, diverse.


– And finally, what are your plans from now on? Is this a steady reunion? Can we expect a next full-length?

We have played together for seven years now (longer than any other Protector-lineup), so the lineup feels pretty steady. We will continue to write new songs and to play 4-6 gigs every year. Hopefully we will have a new record out in about 1½-2 years.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thanks that you did this interview with me. Stay Metal!


Tania Giménez

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