– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with NOCTUM?

Thank you for doing this. We’re right now waiting for the upcoming shows and dusting of the songs in the rehearsalspace, hopefully we will be able to confirm a tour soon!

– You will soon release your sophomore album but, first off, could you please make some history of the band? As I guess some people won’t know about you yet.

Well, We started back in 2009 just jamming around with some heavy tunes. We recorded two songs 1 month after we starded the band and I started to email every record label I could think of aswell as sending demo cds to a lot of them aswell. After we made one more recording we made 100 copies of a demo CD which I brought to a festival i Germany to spread the word.


– This new album is entitled «Final Sacrifice». What are your feelings on the final outcome? As I guess with a second album you have a clearer idea about what works and what doesn’t on the band.

Yeah, we’re more experienced this time around but there will always be things to learn, you know? I think the album is amazing, a few things could ofcourse be better and more well prepared but all in all its a fantastic album and I hope the people will enjoy it as much as we do.


– This new opus is a concept album so, would you mind to elaborate a little bit on it?

Yeah, we wont reveal any specific details about the storyline, but it’s a fictional horror story.


– Hearing the lyics and considering the cover it seems like everything on «Final Sacrifice» works as a whole, is it actually like this? How did you work on the whole visuals and who took such duties?

Ive spent the last two years thinking about the story, writing some lyrics, designing some artworks since I think the visual aspects of a band is as important as the music or lyrics I always put a lot of thoughts into artworks and such. After I decided that I had a potential sketch for the fron&back artwork as well as the inlay card I presented my idea to the band, we discussed it, added a few things and then we contacted the artist, Timo Ketola.


– Musically I found elements ala SABBATH style, like the guitar riffs on «Resurrected in Evil», though there are also guitars that reminded me to IRON MAIDEN. Are these bands an influence for you? But anyway, what have been the most influential bands for NOCTUM?

If I have to say one band, I would say Black Sabbath. But bands like Iron Maiden, Witchfinder general, MF/KD, Angel Witch, Candlemass etc are inspiring in their own way, you know? The list could be longer aswell.


– Compared to «The Seance», I could say «Final Sacrifice» is even darker and heavier than your debut album, hence getting more density and rugosity. Was this how you envisioned this new release or did you just let things flow naturally?

No, we planned to make a heavier and darker record this time, and next time we try to make it even darker/heavier, you know? we will always try to dig as deep as possible.


– It’s even catchier, anyway «The Seance» stood out due to its catchiness actually. How important is this element for NOCTUM? As I said this, along with the dark atmosphere, makes you stand out among some other bands into the genre.

We’re just doing our thing and want to make a dark & heavy album, a few songs comes out more catchy then others but thats life, haha. All the songs are good and a there is certainly a few hooks in there.


– Now that I’ve mentioned the atmosphere. Is there anything you draw inspiration from to create them?

Surroundings and horror movies for example.


– I personally think «The Seance» went a little unnoticed, now that you are signed to Metal Blade, one of the bigges labels in Metal, do you think you will get to another level? How are things working with Metal Blade thus far?

Metal blade is a GREAT label and I couldn’t be more happy about the result so far. Ive been enjoying every single minute working with them so far, hope it continues. I think we will skip level 2&3 and just head straight to four from one, you know? We have a strong record, a strong team behind us and now we’ll just have to wait.


– You are hailing from Uppsala, a small city with an enormous amount of Metal bands. Most bands from Uppsala are playing extreme Metal, though there are others like the heavy metallers IN SOLITUDE. Why has a city like Uppsala such a strong Metal tradition?

No idea, ive been asking myself the very same thing. All bands get this question but I don’t think theres a proper answer for this. No logic at all, theres just something here apparently.


– And, are there any other bands from your home town playing your style? Any acts from Uppsala worth suggesing?

I wouldn’t say theres any bands playing our style that I know of. A band that I think don’t exist anymore but was a great band were «Messina & the plague»


– Finally; what are your near-future plans?

We’re waiting for the feedback and planing the future, hopefully a tour soon!


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

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Tania Giménez

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