– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with MALIGNANCY?

What’s up Sergio! Thanks for the interview. I am currently answering interview questions about Eugenics. This is the first record release that we have had so many to do. It’s awesome. Malignancy is doing well, we have a listening party for Eugenics coming up on October 6th and then the release on October 8th in Europe and the 9th here in the States. Followed up by a New Jersey Death Fest appearance on the 19th.

– First off, could you please share some history of the band for all those who are not familiar with you yet?

Malignancy was formed in 1992 by me and a bunch of high school friends. We are a technical death metal band from Yonkers, NY. Twenty years of technical brutality with 3 full lengths, 2 EPs, a split CD and a demo compilation round out our releases.


– It’s curious the fact MALIGNANCY was formed in 1992 but has just released 3 studio albums. Do you take your time to put out a new release or you don’t have much time for MALIGNANCY with other projects?

In the early 90’s we released a few demo tapes before being signed by United Guttural Records. We put out three studio albums with UG, Intrauterine Cannibalism, Motivated By Hunger and Cross Species Transmutation. We then signed a two album deal with Willowtip. Inhuman Grotesqueries and Eugenics!

We have released six CDs, with Eugenics being our seventh album. Past projects and touring have not helped Malignancy’s catalog expand. We like to take our time with the writing process anyway. No sense in rushing it and then putting out a poor product.


– You have recently released «Eugenics», 5 years after your previous «Inhuman Grotesqueries» came out. How do you think has the band evolved throughout these last 5 years?

The band has evolved since Inhuman. Eugenics has a more mature approach to the song structures. We took about a year off after it was released to play shows and go on the road with Impaled, Phobia, Maruta and Illogicist in 2008. Upon returning we started to write songs for what was then going to be a 2 song 7”. That idea was quickly scraped and the writing and arranging of Eugenics began. The whole process was about a year total.


– In fact if I’m not mistaken the album was recorded in 2010 and 2011 so, why hasn’t finally been released until late 2012?

The main reason was the bass tracking, at the time of the writing we did not have a bass player. Roger Beaujard (Mortician) stepped in to help us and ended up tracking bass for Eugenics. Then there was the scheduling conflicts with the mixing and mastering.


– The album’s title is quite inspiring but, what’s the main concept/idea behind it?

There is a post apocalyptic backdrop with a cast of humans who endure the trials of being in the middle of the end of the World. Basically, I wanted to explore what would happen if such an event took place and how the people of today would react and survive. It is something you have to read to get the full story. Sorry downloaders, you are going to have to buy the album to find out.


– Your music is not easy yo digest, it takes some spins as your complexity is something obvious, and on this new record you make no exception. Anyway I personally think this new opus is more enjoyable, so to speak. What are your thoughts on this? Was this something you aimed for?

Thanks, I agree it is a more enjoyable album. It retains the technical essence of Malignancy but also captures more groove and insanity in the mix. We just had the goal to top the previous album. Trying different approaches to writing and pushing our own limits.


– Talking about you as singer, you have added some really high screams and I’ve also noticed the low vocal lines aren’t actually that low. Did you approach differently your vocal duties?

I wanted to do more variations in my vocals this time around, some things I never did before. The vocals are still low and guttural just a little more audible perhaps. I take pride in my writing and my performance on everything we record. Eugenics was a great time and the engineer Eliot Gellar made it a very comfortable process.


– The cover artwork, crafted by Justin Osbourn of Slasher Designs, is simply superb. How did you work on it (I mean, did you sent Justin the lyrics or something)? And what did you want to depict with it?

I sent Justin a few lyrics and a description of what we wanted. He showed us a few sketches and then we went for it. Unfortunately the first version of the album cover was not the vision I had in my head. It was a more gory style cover and we felt it did not accurately portray the music within. He then worked with us to create the cover art we needed for this record. A total professional.


– All this about «Eugenics» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Brutal, technical, different!


– You are the only founding member remaining in the band so, what are your best and worst memories with/for MALIGNANCY?

The best memories for me are continuing as the band grows. Everytime we release a new album, play a different country, any milestone is awesome for me. I really do not have too many bad memories about Malignancy. I have lost jobs for this band, invested money I will never get back, made bad decisions, pretty much the prerequisites for any band. I do not mind, I love Malignancy.


– In the States the Death Metal scene has always been quite healthy and strong, and ever growing, into different subgenres but, what are some of your all-time favourite DM bands from the US?

I am a huge fan of the classic death metal, like I think we all are. Death, Obituary, Malevolent Creation, Disincarnate, Mortal Decay, Suffocation, Incubus, Viogression, Gutted, Dehumanized and Deicide to name a few.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

Write, tour, record! Write, tour, record! Write, tour, record! Write, tour, record! Write, tour, record! Hahaha! We have a U.S. Tour coming up with Cerebral Bore and Dying Fetus this December. Looking forward to that. After that we plan to start writing material for a possible 7”. Then back to Europe for to support Eugenics hopefully early to mid next year.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thanks again for the interview and a special thanks to all of our friends and fans worldwide that support us and this sick scene Malignancy is a part of. Buy Eugenics and see you on the road! Stay Malignant!

Sergio Fernández


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