– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with LORD VAMPYR?

Hi thanks to you, all is fine and we are really happy of our new cd.

– First off, could you please make some history of the band? How did the ban evolved from a solo project to a full band?

At the beginning the band started as a solo band with the help of session members, but as you know after the problems with Theatres des Vampires, Lord Vampyr has become a band. After the first album I worked on two other projects (Cain, Shadowsreign), only to return with the first new line up in 2009.


– You released two albums in 2010, and then have been 3 years of silence until this new «Gothika Vampyrika Heretika». Why did you release so much material during the same year? And what have you been up to throughout these last 3 years?

We made ​​several new pieces, but did not satisfy me, then I had a paralysis of the right vocal cord that blocked me for 4 months. After several changes of line up we started to work on the new album, in the meantime, we made a new tour in Mexico and April 2013 we finally went into the studio to record the new album.


– How is the feedback «Gothika Vampyrika Heretika» is getting thus far? What were your expectations on it?

I think that is one of the best album of Lord Vampyr and in my career, we hope to organize more shows to meet our fans around the world. The feedback was good, from the webzine and our fans, but I ever thinking that I can do the best everytime. So I’m now working on the new album for 2014 eheheh


– Digging deeper into this new release; what did you want to depict on its cover?

The cover has been changed three times because the previous ones, although beautiful, is not convinced us. The new cover is very elegant and concise and contains in its Gothic and esoteric. But it also seems


– On my opinion, this record captures the band’s essence but on a more updated way. I mean, with a sound that fits better these present days. Could we say this new effort is the one that describes the best what LORD VAMPYR wants to show to the world?

Yes, this is the summary in the music of everything I’ve done over the years, you have to update and keep up with the times, but always with an eye to the past. I think now we have found the right formula that we will use and will improve in the next album


– I think the songwriting is the best to date. Could you say the three years have had their effect on a bigger degree of maturity for the band and therefore a perfection of its sound?

Surely these three years have served to understand so many things to learn from mistakes and to have time to find the right people to give something more to the band. Surely the entry of Francesco V. and Michael Arnone they brought fresh air into the band.


– You have managed to develop dark atmospheres that are perfectly blended with melodies full of passion and melancholy. First of all, where do you draw inspiration from to create your atmospheres? As they seem to play an important role on your music.

After all these years is all natural and honestly now I am inspired by anyone, at least not voluntarily. Then it is normal that every listener can hear the

various influences which of course are inevitably present.


– And secondly, what kind of feelings did you want to convey through «Gothika Vampyrika Heretika»?

I tried in every way to represent the three souls of the disc, looking with the songs and the way I sing to convey emotions


– You have done a cover for «It’s a Sin», by PET SHOP BOYS. Why this song and how did everything arise? If you had the chance of covering three songs; which ones would you choose?

I love the pop of the 80s, a-ha, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, cures, tear for fears, frankie goes to hollywood and so on. I think «Save a Prayer» of Duran Duran, «the saw is the law» of Sodom and «Live to tell» of Madonna


– All this about «Gothika Vampyrika Heretika» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

I don’t think there are three best words of the title itself.


– As I said earlier, LORD VAMPYR started as your solo project. Due to this I would like to know what feels more comfortable to you; working alone or in a band?

There are positives and negatives in both cases, in a one-man band being able to handle all by yourself allows you to unleash your inventiveness. But with a band behind you, everyone can bring their own experience and share ideas. And then when you’re playing by yourself is hard to be self-critical.


– LORD VAMPYR’s lyrics deal with different themes, always connected by darkness as basis. Where do you draw inspiration from to create them?

I love writing and I am also an avid reader of books, so inevitably my creativity is stimulated.


– You are hailing from Italy, where Gothic Metal has always been a strong genre both for the amount of bands as well as for its quality. What do you think is the main reason why this music style is so strong in Italy? As well as Symphonic Metal for instance.

Maybe because we are still surrounded by many monuments and gothic stories that we can live and breathe every day


– And what Italian bands could you suggest (besides the most well-known ones)?

Mmm…I don’t know about more Italian bands, I think our friends LXT, Zedher’s Coffin and a good black metal band named Barbarian.


– Finally; what are your near-future plans?

We are working for some shows in Italy and thinking on a new Mexico Tour 2014, and then I’m working on the new album.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Just to say thanks to you and our fans for the support…and for all metal guys give a chance to our new album!!! Keep the thirst alive!!


Sergio Fernández


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