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– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with 8th SIN?

Hi there Sergio, right now i am actually preparing for the upcoming tour with PAIN. I have just finalized the Cosmogenesis album with 8thSin and it feels really good!

– First off, as you are a relatively young an underground band; could you please share some history of 8th SIN?

I do not agree at all, in any sense. 8thSin was formed back in 1999-2000 so that’s about 12 years ago now. That’s not what i call young. Personally i am 41, which is not what i call young either, hehe 🙂


– And what meaning does the band’s name hold?

Everybody knows about the seven sins, and the 8th is all other sins as they sum up into one: humanity.


– I’ve read you didn’t release your new «Cosmogenesis» earlier due to the live schedule and commitments of the band’s members. Will we have to wait so many years until your next opus then?

Correct, and that’s a bit difficult to say, but both myself and Johan has been touring heavily in PAIN since 2007 so it has more or less been impossible to find time to finalize this album. But i am so happy it finally came out! Only time will tell about the future.


– I guess with a line-up formed by IT and two ex-members of PAIN could surprise some people you are playing a totally different style to both bands. Is 8th SIN a way to express your most intimate emotions?

First of all, me and Johan are not ex-members of PAIN, we are currently touring with that band as we have been doing for 5-6 years now. We are current members of PAIN. Then i don’t really think PAIN and 8thSin differs that much in style to be honest, with the exeption that Peter makes much better songs that are more commercial and catchy. I make songs i like to listen to, which normally ends up in a bit «difficult» music. But still, 8thSin doesn’t differ that much to PAIN. But if you mean all previous bands of IT and the comparison to 8thSin, there you have a difference for sure. Or maybe we can call it development, but that’s up to him to answer.


– I honestly didn’t know the band before this new album, and overall you aren’t a really well-known act, due to this I would like you to tell us what are the main differences between «Cosmogenesis» and your two previous efforts.

The energy! Cosmogenesis has a great energy that you can almost feel and touch. But Cosmogenesis has many similarities to our second album «Angelseed & Demonmilk». The biggest difference is when you compare to the first album «Sinners Inc» as that album was only me and IT and our mighty machines. The second and third album consists of a complete band and loads of other musicians which makes it more organic and alive.


– And what’s the main concept/lyrical ideas behind this «Cosmogenesis»?

I have done all music and production. Lyrics are made by IT and i leave it up to him to talk about them.


– You seem to be influenced by different music styles and periods so, where could you say you draw most inspiration from? More modern Industrial bands or Metal bands?

I’d say both! As a producer and songwriter i listen to music in a different way than normal listeners do i think. I hear sounds and production technique before i hear the actual song. I can think outside the box and hear the big picture when i have to, but pays a lot of attention to details as well. This is why this mixture of metal and industrial/goth is such a great combination to my taste. I can spend days to create an industrial loop to fit the song, then i mix it so low that you barely hear it, hahaha…


– On «Cosmogenesis» you’ve had several guest artists. Who did the idea arise and what have them all brought with their cooperation? And with which other artists would you like to collaborate with?

It is two separate ideas to be honest. One idea general idea was just to make a better album by brining more talented people in to the music, and as i have so many good friends that are so talented it was a pleasure to do it this way. The other idea is more specific to the cover song «Walking in my shoes» where i wanted to copy the cool idea from the song «Stars» from 1985. That song had loads of guitar solos from many different guitarists. This blew me away already in 1985 and i have always wanted to do something similar ever since, so now i did! Our song has 7 solos from 7 guitarists, and loads of vocals. The song ended up nearly 7 minutes long.

About other artists, i’d say anyone with cool ideas and great talented musicians is always interesting. I love to get free hands to do what i like with already recorded material as a producer. Mixing and producing is my passion at the moment.


– If we talk about guest artists, we should also mention the cover you’ve done of songs by DEPECHE MODE and VENOM. Why did you pick these tunes and what changed have you done to them? As you have adapted them both to your style perfectly.

Thank you! Yes i think both of them has been adapted to the 8thSin sound. The reasons are simple: both are really good songs that we like and respect a lot. When it comes to «Walking in my shoes», see the other question above.


– This has been your first opus with Soulseller Records. How did you hook up with them and how is everything going so far with this label?

I got in touch with them when i made the re-mastering of the Ophthalamia album «Dominion» in 2011 and also a few other projects in the pipeline.


– It also caught my attention the cover artwork. Would you mind to shed some light on it (how did you work on it, what does it express, etc.)?

I am happy you brought this up! This is a true sunshine story to be honest, and has no other explanation than this true story. We contacted Danne Jakobsen to make the artwork for Cosmogenesis as we know he is a really skilled designer. We gave him exactly no restrictions at all and just gave him all the files with the music from the album and told him: «listen to this music and create the images to what you hear». We gave him the ultimate artistic freedom and you are now looking at the result. We didn’t change anything at all. He made the images to the music and if you ask me i must say he did a damn good job!


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

My near plans are to go on tour with PAIN again. But for 2013 i don’t have that many plans for the first time in a very long time. That feels great to be honest. I have a few projects in the pipe but nothing i want to reveal at the moment.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thank you for interest in 8thSIn! Find 8thSin on Facebook and also the official website at www.8thsin.biz to find out more!

Sent from the dark side

Michael Bohlin




Sergio Fernández



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