– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. How is everything doing right now with PRIME EVIL?

MIKE USIFER: Thanks for asking! PRIME EVIL is doing great! We are very busy!

– First off, could you please make some history of the band?

MIKE: I formed the band in June of ’84 as a 3 piece. Later on we added a 2nd guitar, and Andy joined as lead vocalist in ’85. We went through some line-up changes, and added bassist Mary Ciullo (Incantation) and drummer Tad Leger in ’86. We released our self-titled official first demo in ’87 when Tad left to join the band Toxic. We got another drummer and released ‘The Manifestation’ demo in ’88. We played a ton of shows with bands like Death, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Pestilence, Immolation, Incantation, Sepultura, Malevolent Creation, Suffocation, Deicide, etc., and released our 3rd demo in 1990. Drummer Matt Mayfield joined the band in ’91, and in ’92 the 2nd guitarist quit and we released the 7 inch Ep ‘Terminal Dementia’ on Rage Records. We played our last show as a four piece at The Marquee in NYC with Incantation, Pungent Stench, and Brutal Truth in July of 1992. Some time later, we released 2 songs on a compilation CD on Growing Deaf Entertainment. In 2002, 10 years after we disbanded, we released the full length CD ‘Unearthed’ on Battlezone Records – a compilation of all of our releases plus some rehearsal recordings of unreleased songs. In 2010 we finally reformed, and played a couple of shows in 2011. We again went through some line-up changes, and in May of this year went in and recorded the ‘Evilution’ Ep which was released on INFERNO Records in August!


– You split-up back in 1992 so, what has changed in the band since then?

MIKE: Not much really… Andy is still our vocalist and I am still writing most of the music. I guess what has changed, is that our current line-up (that includes guitarist Steve Levin, bassist Will Escolano, and drummer Billy Wassweiler) is much more open, honest and talented than some of our past members.


– Though you were formed during the 80’s you have never released any full-length album. Is there any concrete reason behind this? Can we expect your debut album to come out anytime soon?

MIKE: The biggest reason why we never released a full length of new material was because we never garnered a proper record deal. We had quite a few offers during the day, but they were not the type of deals that would benefit us. Plenty of record labels want to own the rights to our music, and PRIME EVIL will NOT give up the rights to our music to anyone ever! We are looking to release our full length debut early next year.


– The “Evilution” EP is your first release in 2 decades. How have you felt about this recording and what were your expectations?

MIKE: Our expectations were extremely high! We wanted to make the best recording we had ever done… we feel that we have accomplished that.


– And how has the response, both from the fans and press, been?

MIKE: The response has been all positive! There have been many good press reviews, and the fans seem to dig it. We are very happy at the overall response!


– For all those who may be interested; what are we going to find on the three tracks this EP contains?

MIKE: For those of you who are interested, Track 1 is called ‘Crucifixion Aftermath’ and is the fastest song we have recorded so far. It also has a heavy downbeat, screaming chorus and classic PRIME EVIL chugging middle break and a chaotic solo. Lyrically it is about the lie of Christianity. Track 2 is called ‘Barbarick Rites’ and has a slower, more Evil riff that picks up speed and gets chaotic at the middle. Track 3 is ‘Evilution Decree’ and that has a little bit of everything; speed, heavy downbeats, blood-curdling screams, blastbeats, blistering solos, heavy grooves, pounding bass & drums! It’s a great song to end the Ep.


– And how could you describe “Evilution” in just 3 words?



– After so many years of silence; has the songwriting process been different?

MIKE: For me, the songwriting process has not changed. I never stopped writing music. For the band, everyone has more of a voice in the process than before. I feel we are at our best ever because of that.


– Since your dissolution the musical scene has changed a lot but, as artists, what are the main differences you’ve found in comparison to when you started?

MIKE: There is a lot more valuable information and tools available to artists because of the internet. It is actually financially and technically possible for an artist to record and release music on their own now; whereas we did not have those technologies or affordability’s when we started.


– One of the biggest differences I think it has to do with technology. Do you think thanks to tools as the Internet bands as yourself, that never got the deserved attention, can now reach more replaces and a broader audience?

MIKE: Without a doubt, it is ALL about technology! The internet definitely helps bands reach the entire globe… however, there are SO MANY bands on the internet, it is easy to get lost in a sea of music.


– Now that it seems a new chapter for PRIME EVIL has started; what would you like to get as a band? What are your main goals?

MIKE: We just want to continue to play live and release new music for as long as we can!


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

MIKE: We are playing on September 15th with Deceased and Derketa in NYC, and on October 27th at A Day of Death in Buffalo, NY. We are currently planning a small Northeast American tour for the beginning of October. We have a few shows booked for next year already, but we hope to get on some American and European festivals too. Of course, we are hoping to release a full-length CD by early next year; and maybe a couple of songs before that.


– That has been everything from my side, thanks once more for your time. If you now want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

MIKE: Thank you very much for the interview! PRIME EVIL is honoured to be included on the Queens of Steel! Please view our website for tour dates, new music, merchandise, CD’s, pictures, videos, news, and more, www.primeevil.net Thanks again! Metal RULES!!!

Sergio Fernández



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