– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What are you guys currently up to?

Mr V: Well..we’re up to our neck with musical workJ Doing a lot of stuff like this(interviews) and working in the studio. Just started out working on the next Vintersorg album and Mattias is also working on his other band doing some shows. I’m also working on recordings with Cronian, Gravisphere, Fission etc…so it’s plenty to do.

– When we interviewed you in support of “Jordpuls” you said it’s quite difficult to translate the band’s name as it has a special atmosphere. Due to this I would like to know how good does that special atmosphere fit your music and how strong it’s the link between both things.

Mr V: I guess it fits like a gloveJ. The link between the band name and our music is always very close. I mean we’ve choose to have a band name that doesn’t really have a natural meaning in this world. It’s quite a unique thing and therefore the band name develops with us as we go through different periods. This new album is just perfect to captivate the spirit of the band name.


– You have just released your new album, “Orkan”. So, first of all, what does the album’s title mean?

Mr V: A brief translation would be something like “Hurricane” and I guess it’s very accurate. With the previous album we started a four-album-sequence that contains the theme of the four elements. That one was “earth” and this one is “air”.


– Since some time ago your lyrics are again in your mother tongue, in Swedish. Due to this I would like know what’s the connection between the album’s title and the lyrics on this record. As you have always seemed to be inspired by the Romantic way of perceiving nature.

Mr V: I think it’s the classic Vintersorg-themes. The relation between Man and Nature, and with nature I mean everything that aren’t artefacts actually. Still, this time it’s much about nature from a more nature romantic and philosophical aspect than strictly scientific. It’s about our surroundings on earth and what we can see, feel, hear and so on….connected to the “air”-element


– In fact it seems like all your efforts are inspired by different elements. Does this one have anything to do with water? As everything on VINTERSORG has always worked as a whole.

Mr V: I guess many people think that this is the “water” album due to the cover art. But why work just with the obvious…the “Hurricane” is effecting the sea to look like that.


– It has been only one year since “Jordpuls” came out so; what could you say are the main differences between your previous opus and this new “Orkan”?

Mr V: I think you can say that this album is more symphonic and with a thicker production. But with that I don’t want to give you the impression that we’re not satisfied with “Jordpuls”, quite the opposite. Each and every album has its own demands and this time around it was natural to have a more symphonic atmosphere and in a sense a more “round” production.


– In fact you have been lately quite busy with BORKNAGAR as well. Is it easy to manage the activity of all bands? What does keep you inspired and going on?

Mr V: It’s actually not a problem of what so ever…the only thing I have problem with is time. That’s the limiting factor that constantly bugs me, otherwise I would be even more productive. But maybe that’s good thing though, so I still have that inner drive to accomplish stuff.


– Coming back to your new release, musically you haven’t changed radically but I’d dare say you’ve developed even more all the elements you have always used, creating something full of different flavours. Is the way of making your own elements grow and develop a natural process?

Mr V: Music should be an adventure from my point of view and I just go by heart and this is where we end up doing that.


– In fact this seems to be the band’s personality so, is this something you want to get on purpose?

Mr V: Nah..this is just the way I write music. But I like contrasts in art and feel that you can work with a lot of shades and nuances but still keep the spirit of the band steady.


– Due to this I think, when you listen to “Orkan” the more, the more grows and matures. Do you think this is something positive? Do you believe people takes the necessary time to dig deep into records? And what about the media?

Mr V: It’s definitely a grower and we like it like that. I mean art should be about exploring the piece and make up your own mind about it, how you respond to it emotionally and probably consciously as well. I like that kind of music myself, where I’m on a journey and for each time I discover new angles and details about it. I guess sometimes media don’t have that patience before a review, but I’m very pleased that media seems to like this album as much as we do.


– Anyway you have always been quire varied still managing everything to flow naturally. Is something easy to create a dynamic opus still being coherent?

Mr V: When I write the songs I don’t reflect that much about the things that come out. Somehow the music gets this kind of organic touch and flow. I like changes in time signature and tempo but it must feel “natural” and not forces. Forced art is always a bit dubious, then you don’t do it for joy and passion and then you turn into an entertainer instead of an artist.


– “Orkan” is a really extreme album, but not in the sense you are an extreme Metal band. I think you’ve captured this blending opposite and different details, the art of polarizing. Due to this, could you say “Orkan” is or has been a challenge both for you and your listeners?

Mr V: I can really see that. For us it has been challenging in a different way I suppose. The challenging thing for us was to translate our vision and give it the most accurate clothing, I think we manage to do that and I’m really proud of this effort and this new chapter.


– As always, on your new CD you are mixing Metal with Folk, certain symphonic elements and extreme Metal influences as well but, what have been the most influential music styles/artists for VINTERSORG? What names helped creating the VINTERSORG’s sound?

Mr V: I have really a hard time to analyse that. I’m a child of a quite remote area and have always have this close bond to nature. I guess nature is the thing that has inspired me most when it comes to writing songs. I listen to some metal but mostly to old progressive and symphonic rock from the 70’s.


– All this being said; how could you describe “Orkan” in 3 words?

Mr V: Epic, Symphonic, adventurous


– And finally, what are the near-future plans for VINTERSORG?

Mr V: We’re already on to record the third part of the sequence. Fire element in focus on that one and it sounds very promising. But still it’s a long way until it’s done..we’ve just started to record stuff.


– That’s all from my side, thanks again for taking your time to answer our questions. If you now want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Mr V: Just check out “orkan” it’s an adventure that grows on you each time you dive into it I think.


Tania Giménez



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