– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What are you guys currently up to?

Hi Sergio/Queens of steel. Gustav, bass player from Stallion four here. We just released our debut album «Rough times», and so far mostly got very good feedback/reviews.

– First off, could you please share some history of STALLION FOUR for all those who may not be familiar with you yet?

Started up back in early 2008. Our main ispiration for all the members was/is classic rock/hardrock. Three demos was recorded, and a 7″ vinyl single released on independent record label «SMP records» in Sweden.


– And what are your main musical influences?

We´re influenced by a lot of artists & bands. But to mention a few I say AC/DC, Guns n´roses, Lynyrd skynyrd, Motörhead, Rose tattoo & The four horsemen…


– You’ve have been through some line-up changes since your inception. Would you mind to tell us how is the current situation like?

We started out as a fourpiece rock band, now we are five. Since we started its me, Björn(vocals) & Peter(guitar) left. Oskar, our original drummer left the band in early 2011 and moved to the United states for personal reasons. In 2010 Markus(guitar) joined Stallion four & early this year Mattias(drums) joined to make the band complete.


– Last year you signed with Pure Rock Records (a sub-division of Pure Steel), did that suppose an extra push on motivation for you? As they are home for really good bands with a traditional style.

Ofcourse, we´re very happy to work with them. A label that really support their bands & burn for the music they release.


– With them you have recently released your debut album, “Rough Times”. How has been its feedback so far? Are you satisfied with the final outcome or would you like to change something about it?

The feedback have mostly been very good. We got some really great reviews in metal/hardrock press. But ofcourse, everybody can´t like what you do. No, we´re very happy with the final result of the album.


– “Rough Times” is an album title that fits perfectly with the current worldwide situation, but I guess your lyrics don’t deal with this; what do they deal with?

Hard times in life, hard experiences. Stand up, look forward.


– On several reviews I’ve read you’ve been compared to AC/DC, especially due to the vocals, but I think your vocals are rougher and less high-pitched. Anyway, what are your feelings on this comparison? Would you agree?

To be compared to AC/DC is an honour. I can understand the comparison to Brian Johnson in some high pitches, but it´s Björn natural voice. I guess you mentioned it very well here. But musically we´re influenced by lots of bands and ofcourse you can hear influences but we always try to put our own touch/sound on everything we do.


– Musically I’d dare say you mix Hard Rock and Heavy Metal of the 80’s. How did you get first interested by this kind of music? Moreover all of you have already been involved with several other bands.

I guess we are a mix of everything we listen to/like. We jam and work on ideas that someone comes up with. We never say: too soft, to fast, to much glam, to much thrash. A good riff/melody is a good riff/melody, and as long it is we as a band that´s create it, it will sound Stallion four. The first record I ever heard was Saxon – Crusader, and after that I have always been into this music. Yes, but let´s talk about Stallion four.


– I could say you also have a certain Southern vibe, in fact I noticed certain elements that could remind us to LYNYRD SKYNYRD. Is something important for you to create something musically dynamic and to don’t stagnate in one single music style?

That´s great to hear, most of us really like Lynyrd skynyrd very much. I guess that´s what I just told you. To not limit or lock yourself up in one genre. To be openminded and work on everything that is good.


– As I said, you seem to be quite inspired by the 80’s, in fact you also provide that good old attitude bands as MOTÖRHEAD had. Do you think your Rock is something else that just music? In fact the spirit bands of the 80’s had is something a lot of people and bands have seem to forgot about.

Awesome you say that. I guess it´s all about the spirit you feel when you listen to music, that´s what it´s about. Sometimes I can get the feeling that the focus is more on over the top production than on create great songs/music.


– Due to this I would like to know how was the songwriting for this record like (was it something spontaneous? Is the whole band involved?)

Yes, we´re all involved in the song writing. Some songs was written in the rehearsal room, some was written live in the studio, very spontanous. We played & recorded day and nignt.


– And what about the production process? As you’ve managed to get a really organic sound.

That´s what I mentioned earlier. We want to sound like a living band, not a mechanical. We wanted to have a real «live» feel on the record.


– All this about “Rough Times” being said; how could you describe it In just 3 words?

Rock n´roll….


– You’ve shot a video for “Madness”, how was the experience like? How did the filming go?

«Curse of the bat». It was in early Januari, -20, snow and down in a cold cellar. And when it started to get hot inside down there some creatures and insects started to woke up, like an bat that started to fly around our heads. I guess the creatures thought it was spring allready.


– You are hailing from Uppsala, where it seems to be a really interesting extreme Metal scene, anyway in Sweden, since some years back, there’s also a huge Rock scene, and not only into Sleaze. Anyway it seems to be a special urge for Sleaze and Melodic Rock bands, and you are actually offering something different to that. Do you think this can be something that may help you stand out among other Swedish bands?

Great to hear you think we stand out have our own sound. And not placed directly in an genre, timeless hardrock/classic rock music. I guess all kind of metal,rock,punk music is popular in Sweden, there´s an scene for everyone. Just look at all the festivals that exist right now…


– And as an insider, how is the Rock scene in Sweden nowadays?

Gueas I told you, great!!!


– Finally, what are your near-future plans?

Play live, work on new songs for the next album mmTime will tell…


– That has been everything from my side, thank you once more. If you want to add some final words; last lines are all yours.

Thanks, keep up the great work.

Bottom´s up


Sergio Fernández


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