– First off, thank you so much for answering our interview. Tell us a bit how is the band currently doing.

Its a pleasure for me to be able to answer your questions and thanks for showing interest. We are still promoting the new album”Warhorse” and are currently finishing off playing our gigs here in Holland. Soon we will start work on a new video clip for “My kinda woman”

– This 2012 you released a new album entitled “Warhorse”. Please tell us how were the recording sessions like and what are your feelings on the overall response the album has got.

The recording went very well and we were finished with all takes including vocals in 6 days.Thia is because we had worked hard on getting everything well prepared and rehearsed before we went into the studio.Then our good friend and excellent metal producer “Oscar Hollemans “ did the mix.All production was done by Picture and this was the first time we produced ourselves.So far everybody seems to like the album alot and many say it is the best Picture album up until now.


– Listening to this record, the overall impression it brings is a really powerful sound, really heavy but, at the same time, keeping some elements from the earlier PICTURE. Was this how you wanted this opus to sound like?

Yes we wanted to keep the old school feel because that is exactly what Picure is…old school..the sound is very strong thanks to Oscar but the Picture sound remains..This is the way we always will sound because its the kind of music and style of writing we grew up with and love.


– Already back in 2009 you released an effort named “Old Dogs New Tricks” which, with this new record, it’s the following of the band in scene since its reunion. How have these 3 years, between each album, been? Has life treated you (musically) better than in the 80’s?

We seem to attract problems in the band !! hahaha.We have changed guitarists a couple of times and its always beed a struggle for a cult status band like Picture….but we’re used to it now !!over all , we have nothing to complain about..We are still happy that we can play our music and people like it .


– Talking about the 80’s, I don’t want to miss the chance of reviewing a bit your history and doing some balance of your discography so, first off, how was PICTURE born?

It wat a small band from Rozenbug in South Holland that had only Rien and Bakkie as original members ..after a time they were joined by Jan Bechtum and Ronald van Prooien ..Then they found Henk van Antwerp to manage the band who got Backdoor Records interesteb in the band..They recorded the first album at the birth of NWOBHM.and all of Holland paid attention as this was the first band to record and play this kind of music/


– You are hailing from Holland, a country where they came out such good bands as HORIZON or VANDENBERG, beside PESTILENCE or HELLOISE. Without any doubt, most popular bands from your country. How was the Dutch scene back in the 80’s?

It was good…It was new and everybody wanted to be part of it..there were lots og gigs to play because everyone wanted to have a metal band ,. Picture was one of the most well known metal bands so it was a busy time.


– In 1983, with “Eternal Dark”, on my view you really went a step further in quality terms, and I think that’s the favourite album of any PICTURE fan. It was the introduction of Pete Novell, a revulsive after having changed vocalists two times in a really few years.

Pete was new but so was Herny van Manen and Chriz van Jaarsveld .They gave Picture another dimention and style . It all worked well and Eternal Dark was the best selling album.


– In 1985 “Traitor” came out. I think from 1983 to 1985 you were really near to the most traditional Heavy Metal style. Did influenced in any way during that time bands as JUDAS PRIEST or IRON MAIDEN were leading the worldwide Metal scene?

The influence comes from all Old School metal..thats what we listen to and love..It was our generation and so it comes out in how you write and compose songs…that is something that has remained constant in Picture


– From 1986 to 1987 you released two records, “Every Story needs another Picture” and “Marathon”. You changed your singer again. What happened with Pete during that period?

Pete joined Emergency and recorded “Martial Law”after that he did lots of different things in music


– We could also notice a change to a more melodic sound. On my personal opinion it didn’t actually convinced me that era. How did you experience that change and that period? Was it something positive for you?

That wasn’t Picture .It was only recorded to honour the record contract..half or the musicians were hired for the recording.!! The songs were written by non members also and so it’s not the typical Picture sound..


– PICTURE fell apart from 1987 to 2009. What were you up to during all those years? And what prompted the band’s reunion?

I personally made a CD with ‘emergency” then I had a power rock band “Bedrock” after that I had a metal band together with my son “Dead Legeacy” I also did various session work for other bands. Most of the old Picture members played with various bands in the period between break up and reformation


– And how do you see nowadays de current music industry? Has technology worked for you as a benefit to reach more people?

It give you the means to reach a lot of people but at the same time it does the same for millions of bands so your competition for space is much bigger , For the public, it offers a massive choice of music that maybe would not have reached them before internet..That’s always a good thing..


– I have had the chance of seeing you guys at Germany’s KIT and at Metal Espectros in Spain and, without any doubt, you are in an amazingly good shape. How was the experience of these two shows?

Both were excellent for us .Its always good to know that all the work you put into a band is apretiated and were happy that people still get a kick out of the band


– And on a view to the future; what plans do you have in mind (tours, gigs, DVD, etc.)? Is there anything you haven’t done yet and you would like to do?

We’re going to keep on playing around Europe and later this year make a new video clip for My Kinda Woman..then we’ll see what else we can come up with.


– So that’s everything from our side, thank you so much for everything and hope to see you more times in Spain.

Well…thanks for showing interest in the band and I hope we meet up again some time soon….Keep the Faith !!


Paco Gómez



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