– First off, thank you so much for answering our interview. Tell us a bit how is the band currently doing.

Thank you for doing this interview with us. The band is doing great, since returning to the scene in December 2011, we have had opportunity to play a few shows with some incredible bands for some truly supportive crowds.

– You are back into the scene with a compilation album featuring your “Spectrum of Death” album plus the demos. ¿How has this comeback been and how was like doing this compilation?

In May of 2012 we released a 3 disc set called «Thrashaholic», which contains remastered versions of «Spectrum of Death», «Destruction System» (which was never finished, we released is a rough mix copy of what we had taken home from the studio to listen until we returned to finish it, but that never happened, and the original studio tapes were lost), a DVD of a MORBID SAINT concert in the early 90’s, and 4 newly recorded old songs that were never released. We couldn’t have imagined the response to be any better than what we have gotten since returning to the scene, from the bands, the crowds and people we have met, we really appreciate it…


– Did you think about recording a new album or was the first choice creating this compilation and let your old fans (as well as those who aren’t familiar with you) get all your material?

Releasing «Thrashaholic» was, for us, a way to complete the past, anything and everything that had been written before the band disbanded in 1993. There have been so many rereleases of «Spectrum of Death», the last thing we wanted to do is put out the same thing again, so we took a digital copy of an original studio tape and remastered it, to try to put out the best sounding copy of «Spectrum of Death» thats been released so far, and remastered «Destruction System», along with the 4 other never before released songs into one set, so everything we had done before 1993 would be available in one set, also it was the first time we had any control on the content, pics, info, art, layout, etc.


– Usually when I interview cult bands as yourself, I ask them if nowadays, with new technologies and the easy access to any bands, if their albums are revaluated and it they are discovered faster. Have you noticed that? Is this one of the reasons of your return to the scene?

I think nowadays with the Internet it is easier to get things out to a broader audience worldwide a lot quickier, but there is also a lot more great bands to syphon through, but absolutely, if there weren’t people out there that liked what we have done, and what we are doing, we wouldn’t be doing it. After all these years to have an opportunity like this to play these songs live for the crowds we have played for, is truly inspiring, and motivating for us, you really appreciate every moment.


– You are hailing from the 80’s US Thrash Metal scene; how were those beginnings like and why do you think you didn’t manage to excel as some other bands into the style did? And why didn’t you record more albums?

When we first started, there weren’t a lot of bands doing Thrash, specially here in Wisconsin, so being that there wasn’t a huge demand for this music we played pretty much anywhere we could, but eventually started pulling 500-600 people at shows in the mid to late 80’s here in our hometown of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. But the music scene changed a lot in the 90’s with Grunge and Death Metal had, for most part, dominated the heavier part of the Metal scene, there wasn’t really a place where we fit in. We had almost enough music after «Spectrum of Death» and «Destruction System» to start thinking about recording a 3rd album, but never finishing «Destruction System», and the fact we were here in Wisconsin life happened, the shows were becoming less frequent, some of the members were more concerned with careers, some started families, making the band thing more and more difficult to do.


– During that period you toured a lot with DEATH, and I also know Chuck Schuldiner was a really important element in your career; how were those years and what did Chuck mean for you?

It’s an interesting misconception that we had toured with DEATH, the fact is we only played 2 shows with them, I think that Eric Greif, who had produced «Spectrum of Death» and and had been involved with both MORBID SAINT and DEATH, is maybe why we are associated with DEATH. We didn’t really to Chuck except for a few times outside of when we had played shows with them, but it was very inspiring talking to Chuck, he was always really cool to talk with, and very supportive of us.


– Coming back to the new effort, it also contains a DVD with a live show recorded back in 1991. Tell us a bit about it, was that one of your last performances or maybe it was the only live footage you had to include on this compilation?

The DVD is of a show we played in the early 90’s with a band called WRATH, it was recorded in Racine, Wisconsin, before a crowd of about 800 or 900 people, it is probably the best quality video we have of back then, except for some home video stuff, which the audio on old camcorders isn’t that good. We just thought it would be a cool addition to complete the «Thrashaholic» set.


– How is the tour situation? I know next year you will be playing at Keep it True. I’m devoted to this festival and I’m really looking forward to see you guys. Tell us how are or how do you pretend the current shows of MORBID SAINT to be like.

We have been fortunate to been added on some great shows, and are continuing to book shows for the future, we are looking for additional shows while we are in Europe next April, and are booking more shows when we hit the road here in the U.S. this fall.


– And on a view to the future; do you plan recording new stuff? Do you unreleased tracks or something new to show?

We actually have a few months coming up where we did not schedule any shows to concentrate on writing new material, and hopefully record a new CD of all new MORBID SAINT music sometime next year.


– That’s all from our side, our best wishes and hope you can play in Spain someday. See you at KIT 2013.

Thank you for the time to interview us, we would love to play some shows in Spain in the future, and we look forward to meeting and hanging out with you all of our European friends at KIT 2013!!! SEE YOU THEN!!!

Paco Gómez


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