– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. How is everything doing right now with KOBRA AND THE LOTUS?

Hi! It’s a pleasure. Everything is going wonderful. We are touring through the UK right now and the gigs have been awesome!

– First off; how did you come up with the band’s name?

The name represents fierce beauty. The Kobra represents a fierce creature of vitality, strong and fearless and there to protect. When a cobra puts up its hood, it will not back down or run away. It will face you head on. The lotus is a beautiful flower that grows from the mud. This represents the music. Metal can be heavy but it can also be very intricate, full of detail and have big emphasis on the integrity of musicianship. For this reason, the snake and the flower together represent the band and the kind of music it brings forward.


– You have recently released your new “Kobra and the Lotus”; how is its feedback being so far? After releasing your debut album, “Out of the Pit”, what are your expectations with this brand new effort?

We have just released our album in Europe thus far and we have received great feedback. This album puts forward a big evolution of the band compositionally so it is very exciting for us. My expectations for this album are to greet the world in a strong unforgettable way that will hopefully leave a longing impression for more.


– Comparing both records I think the new one is rougher and heavier. Did this just happen naturally or was this the sound you wanted to get?

This is a mix of both. Through-out the last couple years, our music has naturally become heavier as we have started to narrow down the sound we really want to put out there. It takes time to figure out initially what your band really wants to sound like. This album definitely represents the sonic base we wish to move forward from. We feel it finally distinguishes the groundwork for Kobra and the Lotus and what is to come.


– This being said; what could you say are the main differences between both CDs?

The main differences are without a doubt the vocal sound and song composition. There were bits and pieces of what we were trying to achieve, within the first album. Now we have polished up the ideas further and come forward with the strong dual lead, driving, classic metal sound we have been trying to achieve.


– With this album it seems you have everything clearer, as it was a reaffirmation to the good job you did with your debut opus so, could you say with this sophomore release you’ve released the album you have always wanted to do? Or is there always room for evolution?

Yes exactly! We have finally released the debut of the signature sound we want Kobra and the Lotus to be! That being said, this is the first album of many, and it will always be necessary to evolve. This is a great start for us but there is a lifetime of musical growth to do!


– I believe having shorter songs is a really positive element which KOBRA AND THE LOTUS knows how to take profit of. And you mix this with that epic and ferocity in straight-forward songs. Do you think this straight-forward approach is a good way to keep interested the listener from start to end?

I believe it is, especially because we are introducing ourselves for the first time to most of the world. The focus for this album is to be punchy and memorable with lots of high energy to give a taste for our live show.


– I’ve read you started writing the album two years ago so, what has it taken you so long to finally release it? As it was fully mixed and mastered for last April 2011.

It’s nice to say, the postponing of our release was for a great reason. We signed to a major record label! Once we became part of the Universal/Simmon’s Records team, we had a little reworking to do on the album. Because it is a debut from the new label, we were requested to write more music for them to choose from. The strategy we created together was to make sure this album was as strong as possible and that required some different tunes as well as new mixing and mastering. We have learned that patience is indeed a virtue.


– And due to this, have you done many changes to these songs throughout these years you’ve been playing around with the compositions you did two years ago?

We did not change any songs compositionally but 4 of the tracks were written very recently in January of 2012, specifically for this album. The interesting part of the recording for us was that we already noticed another evolution in sound on these 4 new tracks.


– All this about “Kobra and the Lotus” being said; how could you describe this piece in just 3 words?

Two words: Fierce Beauty


– You’ve released this record via Simmons Records (Gene Simmons’ record label); how did everything arise? And do you think the fact of being on their roster can open KOBRA AND THE LOTUS new doors?

This experience has been very surreal. There was an A & R representative from Universal Records in Canada that had been following our journey for quite some time. When we brought him that first mastered version of the new album in April he took it to Gene Simmons. The very next day we had a phone call from Gene saying he wanted the band. Within a month we were inking a worldwide deal with Universal Music Canada in partnership with Simmon’s Records. The level of promotion, guidance and support this new team brings to us has been a huge blessing and has opened many new doors for us. It has been a great opportunity-


– It has also been your first effort produced by seasoned Kevin Churko along with Julius Butty. Are you satisfied with the work done by them?

This was our first time working with Kevin Churko and with Julius Butty. It was a great experience! We had wonderful experiences with both of them and were able to learn new things from working with both producers. Kevin Churko and his son Kane Churko, even co-wrote “Forever One” with us which was something we had never done before within a studio. They are a very talented team.


– What do some of the lyrics on your new album deal with?

Most of the lyrics deal with internal demons. There are songs about shame, guilt, self-sabotage and predominantly fear. The songs tell different stories about different hardships and how we as individual forces have the ability and strength to overcome them. Everyone is capable of battling those demons.


– You’ve already filmed a video for “Welcome to my Funeral”; why did you choose this concrete song? And how did the shooting go?

We chose this song because it was the first new track we had completed that showed the evolution of our music. We wanted to give the world a taste for what was coming as soon as possible. The shooting was super fun! We filmed in an old church in Toronto, Canada from 3pm until 5 in the morning. It was very eerie and very metal!


– I’d dare say you have always blended different music styles with your music, from Heavy to Power or even Thrash but, what have been your most influential genres/bands?

Yes! You are correct. Everyone in the band is influenced by many different genres of metal and rock. I listen to a great variety myself. Initially, we were very influenced by traditional metal bands but this has expanded every year. We find there is something important to learn and take away from in every genre. We are mostly influenced by traditional, thrash, folk, progressive, and death metal. All these genres shine through one instrument or another at various points.


– Your fame and success has been constantly increasing but, what were your aims back when you started the band?

Our aims are exactly the same as they were from the beginning and I expect they won’t ever change. We aim to bring our music to the world and be a global metal band that does not cater to one niche but rather is enjoyable to all fans of metal and rock. We want to have something for everyone, as best as possible.


– In fact you have already toured a lot but, what could you say have been the best shows you’ve played to date?

That is almost impossible to choose! I would have to say Sonisphere Spain was very memorable for us. It was the first big festival we had ever played at and the anticipation was immense! The crowd was wonderful and warmed us up for a very positive and unforgettable tour.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

Hopefully to come to Spain haha! Our immediate future plans are to tour and promote our new album. Stay tuned for where we plan to be in the next 6 months!!


Sergio Fernández


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