– Thank you so much for answering our interview. How is the band doing with the release of your new album?

We are very excited about the new album «Axe to Grind» we have had so much good feedback from people and very good reviews from all over the world. We worked very hard on the album with the songwriting and producing/recording and it has been a relief to hear that people really like the album.

– This new record is entitled «Axe to Grind». Tell us a bit how were the recording sessions like and why did you pick that title and cover artwork.

We did most of the recording in London in my studio and two other studios run by 2 of my friends. The mixing was done in south of England in Chris Tsangerides studio and mastered in Copenhagen by the legendary Flemming Rasmussen. The whole recording of the album was done over 6 month but if we break it down it was done in just 2-3weeks max. The artwork and title is sort of a link to «Fit for Fight» like we are not done yet.


– Listening to this opus, without any doubt, is a Heavy Metal effort with a old school structure. Did it come out as you expected? Are you happy with the final result?

We didn’t really try to write another «fit for fight» but we still wanted the album to have good strong songs and lots of guitars and we are really happy with this new album, also playing some of the songs live it’s clear that they work well with the old material. The new album was a long project from when we started to write till we finished it. Took maybe 1.5 year or more. We are already working onthe 3rd album, and we are involved with a few compilation albums as well.


– Both Flemming Rasmussen as Chris Tsangarides have been part of the album taking mixing and mastering duties. How has been working with these legends like and what do they brought to the final outcome?

We have great respect for both Chris and Flemming and when it came to mixing the album we looked around to see who we would like to do the job. Chris is based in south of England just a few hours from me so it was a good choice as I wanted to be there for the mixing. And then we asked Flemming to master it in Copenhagen, I have worked with Flemming before and knew he was gonna do a great job. We couldn’t have asked for 2 better people to be involved. And they have made the album sound amazing!


– Since that distance «Fit for Fight» the band has been inactive. How did the possibility of recording again a new album after so many years arise?

I had an idea to record a new album before the reunion at Keep it True, but the songs were a bit different to what’s on «Axe to Grind» and when we realised how many people liked the old album we really wanted to make the new album the best we could. I run a small studio so we worked on the material in my studio and then did the drums with a friend in London. It was really a case of pushing and working hard to bring the whole project together and the result is a very strong album. It was great to work with the old band and the new members did a great job!!


– Nowadays a lot of bands that back in the day released one or two albums are reforming. Does it have something to do the fact nowadays the Internet makes having everything closer and, therefore, people gets to know faster cult bands and albums that never heard before and this way the resurgence is easier?

I think that the Internet/youtube/Facebook has helped to creat the cult following Witch Cross has today. I was so surprised to see how many people knew the band and all the old songs. In the old days we had to mail tapes and vinyl across the world, it was very slow but back then when we got a letter from someone in Brazil or USA we knew they were gonna help spread the music of Witch Cross.


– You are hailing from Denmark, a scene where names as MERCYFUL FATE or PRETTY MAIDS have had really relevant success, but there also came out great bands by bands as yourself, MALTESE FALCON or ALIEN FORCE. How was life back then and what’s the reason why just a few bands got famous?

We all knew each other in the bands and did concerts together. The metal scene was very small in Denmark in the 80s with only a few places to play. So most bands just gave up and moved on. After Witch Cross I was in a band called Harlot with Alex Savage. Before moving to London in 1990.


– I had the chance of seeing you at Keep it True and, honestly, it made me excited; I knew your 1984 album and you were one of those bands one thinks he will never get to see live. How was the experience of forming part of that estivals where each year plays a band that back in the day was into the Metal underground like?

Keep it True was a truly fantastic experience for the band. I was blown away with the positive vibe and support from the audience, still makes me smile when I think about it. And I would like to thank all the people who has believed in us and supported the band for years.


– And nowadays, how is everything doing in terms of festivals and shows? Any touring plans?

We have a some shows booked in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland and next year festivals in Holland, England and Germany so check out www.witchcross.dk to find out where we play.


– And on a view to the future, will there be more albums by WITCH CROSS? Do you already have something in mind for new records?

We are allready working on the new album which will be another killer album. But first we will play some shows with songs from «Axe to Grind»


– Coming back to your new album, will there be any vinyl special release? And about «Fit for Fight»; have you thought about rereleasing in order to make it more affordable?

The new album is available as CD, blue and black vinyl and digital download. Fit for fight was re-released by our record label Hells Headbangers in America and they have been so supportive and amazing to work with.


– That’s all from our side, our best wishes and hope to have the chance of seeing you in Spain. Lots of thanks.

Thanks for doing this interview to help us spread the word about Witch Cross. Hope to come to Spain in the near future. Mike


Paco Gómez


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