WIG WAM (Eng.)

– Hi and thank you for taking part of your time to answer our questions. We can proceed with the questions if you agree!

GLAM: Ok! Go ahead!

– WIG WAM was formed by musicians that have played in different well-known bands. Why did you form WIG WAM? Who come up with the idea of creating a new band? And why did you pick that band name?

GLAM. We actually formed the band just for fun. Teeny called me up one day and asked me to join this JAM-band of his. So we basically started up as a JAM-band in a sleazy club in Halden. Norway. We just got togehter and played whatever songs from the 70’s and the 80’s you know. Songs we loved and that had inspired us. Lots of Van Halen, Jiss, Zeppelin, The Who and so on you know. Since the JAM-night was called ABSOLUTE FRIDAY, so was our band name ha ha But one day the most popular club in town were throwing this 80’s party, and needed a band. They asked us to do a proper concert there. So we needed a name and a poster. So our stage names, band name, costumes and everything came from that. And this party was simply just us having loads of fun. It happened though that the night made the Beer record sales, and we were re-booked…and re-booked..and re-booked. Until we got in with our own tour .


– Your debut album was entitled «667… The Neighbor of the Beast», later renamed and reissued as «Hard to be a Rock ‘n’ Roller». I think that was the best way to show the WIG WAM’s identity to Rock lover all around the globe. Was the original title of your debut opus inspired by one of the Metal masterpieces by IRON MAIDEN, «666 the Number of the Beast»? Is MAIDEN one of the band’s influences?

GLAM: The album title was VERY tongue in cheek back in those days. Even though we took our music and our inspirations seriously, we didn’t take ourselves too serious you know. I mean. People would laugh of us when we entered the stage wearing our costumes and make-up. But a song later into the set they would be die-hard fans. I don’t think anyone of us has been big Iron Maiden fans except Flash. But I remember I fancied Maiden when they released their 666… album. And I’ve seen them live a dozen of times. But don’t consider my self a FAN. But they’re a GREAT band!


– And secondly, on that awesome debut piece you included some of your most representative songs, like your two singles. One of these singles was created by the own band and its called «Hard to be a Rock ‘n’ Roller», a Glam Rock masterpiece. The other one is a tune crafted by Mel C (ex-SPICE GIRLS) and entitled «I Turn to you», which I personally think is a stunning song, better than the original one. Why did you decide to feature a cover song of Mel C? Do you know her? And by the way, thanks for this overwhelming first record.

GLAM: No, we don’t know Mel C at all. When we were merely a cover band we started to mix our own songs with the cover songs, without announcing them as original Wig Wam songs. People actually thought they were classics and sang along ha ha ha. We recorded a 4 track demo and presented them to a couple of producers that we knew. One of them Ole Evenrude… He really loved our band, but thought our original stuff was passed and outdated you know. So he advised us to record cover songs never heard in pour style of music. One of them was Mel C’s «I Turn To You». It was the only tune we really enjoyed from those recordings, and we simply put it on our first album. It has the kind of Billy Idol flavour I think, and the melody fits our style of music like a glove.


– But a lot people from Europa knows WIG WAM because of your participation in Eurovision back in 2005 with the beautiful track «In my Dreams», and with it you brought Norway to the 9th place. Why did you consider the possibility of participating in the Eurovision contest? What was your main goal with that? And how do you think participating on Eurovision has affected the band throughout the years? If you would have the chance of participating in Eurovision 2013, would you agree?

Glam: It had a major impact on our carrer. But it’s nothing we would consider doing again. Been there done that you know. For it was a great opportunity for a band without any major record deal or marketing budget.


– Then in 2006 you released another great record named «Wig Wamania». Maybe this was your solidification into the Glam Rock world. With it you showed your intention of keep on being successful into the hard world of Rock. That effort had amazing melodies and great different songs as the ballad «Slave to your Love» and «At the End of the Day», or more powerful tracks like the party-orgasmic one entitled «Gonna get you Someday» or the perfect «Bygone Zone». Do you think (as I do), that was somehow your «confirmation» album? What do you know think about it? At least you made clear none «Kill(ed) your Rock’n’ Roll».

Glam: «WIG WAMANIA» was a very important record for us to prove that we were more than a one-hit-wonder participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. We had toured the whole year, 200 and something shows, took 5 days off for Christmas and started to record the album January 3rd 2006. March 17th the album was on the market and we were back on the road again he he

What most people didn’t know was that we came from a pretty heavy tour in 2004 as well, and the years before that we worked our butts off touring Norway. So we were pretty much burnt out during that year and needed a break for sure. But then we were invited to tour Japan…and released «Live In Tokyo».


– And your next album was «Non Stop Rock’n’ Roll», in 2010. The name of this 3rd studio album corroborates a reality: your Rock’ n’ Roll kept on being stronger than ever! It was a successful album as well and critically acclaimed. It was the record that took you longer to release, four years. Why did it take you that long? Was hard to make this album or was just coincidence? And what are your memories from this release?

Glam: I really love «Non Stop Rock’n Roll». «Do Ya Wanna Taste It» became a big hit in Norway, and we released the album on the same day that I wan the TV-show «The Clash Of The Choirs» on TV2 – Norway. The reason why it took a bit longer to release «non Stop» was that we released «Live In Tokyo» In 2007, with 2 new tracks. Then we toured the rest of that year. Then we just needed a break from each other you know.

We really needed to spend some time away from each other since we more or less had lived with each other since 2000. So I made a Queen tribute show that took off in between some festivals with Wig Wam. It suddenly became a smash-hit-show in Norway grossing 200.000 tickets. On top of that I hosted a TV-show called «Singing Bee», released my solo album #2 «GLAMunition» and toured Norway and played some gigs in Japan. And the other guys kept themselves busy doing other projects. So during summer 2009 we were back on track and ready to have some fun again. But with a new respect for one another and loaded batteries!! «Non Stop» was an extremely fun album to make I tell you.


– I had the shot of seeing you in my town, Barcelona, at the Non Stop Rock’n’Roll Europe tour. Your live show impressed me. I love your sound and your show on stage. Your power and your love for music is something more than obvious when you are playing live but, what’s your secret as a band to be always in good shape and to perform such wonderful gigs?

GLAM: We’re simply high on adrenalin. And the music and the crowd give us such a rush, you know. We really put a lot of energy to our shows, and I guess that’s why our crowd is getting bigger every year.


– One of your influences is the legendary band KISS, isn’t it? In fact you were part on one tribute album to KISS. WIG WAM recorded one of the KISS’ masterpieces, «I was Made for Loving you», with the cooperation of Bruce Kulick as guest artist. What did that mean to you? How did that possibility arise? And how did you feel when you were recording the song?

GLAM: Sure they are, among with Queen, Aerosmith, Beatles , Elvis and many more. We recorded a brand new version of «I Was Made For Loving You» for the Norwegian Kiss Tribute album Gods Of Thiunder in 2004. And we did a version like Kiss would have done it on their «Revenge» album. Actually this came about through Kiss Army Norway who was a big part of the Wig Wam family. We did some KISS Parties for them and played with both Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer.


– And now you have released your 4th album, entitled «Wall Street». Why did you decide to dedicate a song to Wall Street?

GLAM: Teeny happened to bring a song to the table titled «Wall Street». So we thought that made a great album title.


– This new record is different to your previous material. On it we can find tunes with a different sound to what we are used to hear from WIG WAM. I had the chance of listening your solo albums and I love them, I think tunes as «Wrong I Feel so Right» or «The Bigger the Better» are nearer to the style on your new offering. Do you agree with this perception? And why did change into the WIG WAM’s style?

GLAM: «Wall Street» just happened naturally you know. Four guys playing, sweating and laughing together. Some songs were co-written within the band and some individually. I guess the songs from Flash’es pen are bringing the most different flavour to this album. He comes from the old school Heavy Metal you know ha ha


– Anyway other tunes like «Try my Body on» or the title-track, «Wall Street», are absolutely pure WIG WAM’s tradition. So if you had to choose five songs of all the ones you have recorded so far; which ones would you choose?

GLAM: Yes they are. Even though «Try My Body On» is a bit on the side too the way I see it. In my opinion the major of the songs are in Wig Wam tradition, they just have a bit more substance… If I was to pick 5 songs from our entire carreer I’d pick: Do Ya Wanna Taste It, In My Dreams, Daredevil Heat, Wall Street and Hard To Be A Rock’n Roller…but it’s hard to pick among your babies.


– Another funny peculiarity your new album has is the artwork. Your artworks used to be really striking, but this one is quite simple. What’s the reason behind this?

GLAM: The artwork for the European «Wall Street» was actually a major fuck-up by the Norwegian record company… The Norwegian and Japanese artwork is the real artwork for the album. But Frontiers had a too tight deadline, and our Norwegian company sent them this cheap looking, ugly cover «art» that they used for our first single. The real artwork has the band dressed up in suits at the office «Wall Street» style!


– A few years ago I found out back in 1968 in Finland there was another band called WIG WAM. It was a great Progressive Rock band, do you know them? What kind of music do you usually listen? Do you like Progressive Rock?

GLAM: We found out when we visited Finland. We were doing some TV-shows in the same period the Finnish guys played some gig in Helsinki, and a lot of our Finnish fans thought we were throwing in concerts as well. But we didn’t. We have yet to play in Finland. Regarding Progressive Rock, I like all kinds of music as long as it’s GOOD. So…yes..,GOOD progressive rock is great.


– Norway is one of the countries where people supports Rock music a lot, moreover we can usually find new Rock bands coming out from Norway. Which one do you think is the best Norwegian band of all-time (WIG WAM not included, of course). And could you tell us some of the «new» Norwegian bands that you think have a bright future into the Rock ‘n’ Roll world?

GLAM: I think Stage Dolls is the best Norwegian rock band of all times. They’re real craftsmen when it comes to songwriting, and they sound great live as well. But hell…TNT is great too. As for New Norwegian rock bands….I wouldn’t know.


– Finally, congratulations for the good amazing and fantastic work you have always done. Listening to your music is always pleasure and I think your new offering is a good piece. Do you plan touring in support of this «Wall Street»? Will you come to Barcelona or Spain anytime soon? Hope to see you soon again.

GLAM: Thanx the same Alex. We will definitely head out on tour again, but not until 2013. And BOTH Barcelona and Madrid are on the list 😀 See you there! Now…ROCK LIKE YOU’VE NEVER ROCKED BEFORE!!


Alex M. Romero

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