– Hello, lots of thanks for answering our interview. How is everything going into the TRIBULATION’s camp right now?

Hello! There’s alot going on actually, plans are in the making and times are quite hectic. But it’s all good!

– Some months ago you released your latest album, «The Formulas of Death» so, how is it working thus far? Are you satisfied with the finl outcome?

The response has been very good so far. It has been as we expected to be honest. Some people dislike it because they are afraid of the changes and some people really like it because of where it eventually ended up. It is a big album and I think that if people are willing to take the time to get to know it properly it will give them a lot in return. We are satisfied, yes.


– If I’m not mistaken, your debut album, «The Horror» was written in 2007 but it didn’t come out until 2009, due to this I wonder when did «The Formulas of Death» started to be shaped.

It was recorded in 2007 but written earlier and up to that point. Some ideas and riffs in Fomulas are almost 10 years old and some of the stuff was made in the studio. But the most intense year of the creative process was the year before we recorded it. But things had been coming up from 2009 and onwards.


– This new record its been released after 4 years so, how could you say has the band evolved throughout these last years?

The evolution that took place is portrayed in the album. We are, first and foremost, older. I think that has a lot to do with it, we are different people than we were since we were still teenagers when we did the first album. It is thus very natural.


– «The Formulas of Death» is your first opus with drummer Jakob Ljungberg. What has he brought to TRIBULATION?

A lot actually, not only to the music but to the band as a whole. He fits perfectly! Musically he has his own style that sounds quite different from our first drummer’s, Jakob Johansson, style. And his style fits where the music is going!


– After giving the album some spins I would dare say is a more atmospheric record. Was this something you were aiming for?

I guess so, but it was a very natural thing for us that it ended up in that way. We never really discussed where everything was going, we just did it. But in some ways we emphasized the «atmospheric» parts more this time. They were always around, though, but we never fully embraced it in the way we did now.


– Anyway the whole record feels quite organic to me, everything flows really good. Is the songwriting process as spontaneous at it seems? How do you use to work on it?

The “flow” of the music was very important actually and I agree that the music flows really well. It all depends on how you see it. The ideas are very spontaneous since they just come “out of the blue”, but the puzzling of the ideas together aren’t really that spontaneous. It took a lot of time.


– This being said, you have always done your own thing and with your sophomore release you have solidified your own sound, really fresh still rooted upon a quite traditional basis I could say. Was doing your own thing something you had clear since the beginning, when you formed the band? Would it make any sense to you to do the same thing over and over again?

When we started the band we wanted to play a certain kind of music, now we don’t. It’s not as much as doing your own thing as going where your creative spirit tells you to go. When you do that and stop thinking about external factors you eventually end up doing your own thing. We don’t want to make the same thing over and over, no, so that’s a conscious decision at least.


– Lyrics seem to be quite spiritual and I would even say they have certain «gothic» vibe but, what are some of the main inspirations behin them? Some of them seem to be even influenced by Eastern philosophies/cultures, are you interested in such?

The lyrics are quite varied actually and they range from mere western magic to shamanic thought to Indian philosophy and of course horror (that gothic vibe I guess). What they all have in common is that they represent an idea about the world that is not commonly accepted in the west. They stand for that which isn’t considered to be natural and our embrace towards that whatever it may be. They stand opposing to narrow minds and the philistines (as does the music). They deal with change and transformation, spiritual death and rebirth. The inspiration just comes from life itself. Indian philosophy and practice, as varied as it is, is a huge inspiration, yes.


– In fact that fits perfectly your atmosphere, as well as the visuals. Does everything on the CD work as a whole?

More or less, yes. It’s not a conceptual album but I guess everything is sprung from the same seed.


– Your music I think it also has certain aesthetic, always really dark still beautiful, as we can clearly hear on «Ultra Silvam». Is this kind of feeling something you strive for?

I agree! That’s just where it ends up really, I guess that’s what we have to get out.


– Anyway, overall I could describe your music as emotional. Due to this I would like to know what your music is for you, maybe some kind of outlet for your own thoughts and feelings?

It is emotional and hopefully it will generate emotions in people. People in general are afraid of emotions. Just think about the taboo about crying men! At least that’s the case up here in the north. We are the opposition. I don’t mean that we encourage people to be sad or to cry, or anything else, but we stand for the release of emotions and the destruction of culturally ingrained patterns and views. To me, personally, the music is my one true art. In a way it is definitely an outlet for thoughts and feelings, it always is I guess, but it’s also an outlet for something else. I feel a need to do this and it’s not about touring and releasing albums and so on. It’s just the need to create art, hopefully subversive art. It is a part of my “spiritual” life, an outlet for it.


– I guess each album you release might reflect where the band is in that moment so, will you always be on a constant evolution?

That is probably true, yes. We are already somewhere else actually and we have only just begun doing the third album. We will most likely always be on our way to something else. Hopefully!


– And is musical evolution linked to personal evolution? Maybe each album you create also reflects some periods on your personal life?

It has to be I think, at least when it is as personal as this. It will go hand in hand, but Tribulation doesn’t present everything, far from it, and that’s the way it will remain.


– Jonathan himself did the cover artwork. How positive is having an own band member taking such duties? As I guess no one ike you may know what kind of art the album needs.

We have always done the artwork and the design ourselves and we don’t see that changing. We work well together. Jonathan is an amazing artist and I can do the graphical part well. Since Tribulation is supposed to come from us we find it natural to have the artwork coming from us as well. If we ever find someone else who can do the thing we want to express we might hire him/her but that isn’t very likely.


– For the production you worked with both Tore Stjerna and Jonas Wikstrand (ENFORCER). How did the whole process go? I think you managed to get a really good sound, with a good equlibrium. Whatare your thoughts on it?

It worked out really well. We knew what they could offer us, both of them, and both of them did their jobs really well. Most of the creative work during the recording was done with Jonas and since he’s a friend of the band and has been for about 10 years we knew what he could do to help. And help he did, as did Tore.


– All this about «The Formulas of Death» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Deathly. Psychedelic. Releasing


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

Touring, then creating!


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thank you for showing interest in the band!


Tania Giménez

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