– Lots of thanks for answering our interview. We would like to know how is currently the band doing and what are your near-future plans in terms of tours or festivals.

The (famous five) or CITA line up is very happy following our appearance at Zwarte cross in Holland! 22/7/12. We are now planning what may be possible in 2013 which is 30 years of Court in the act! The only remaining date is to headline The ages of metal festival 29/09/12.

– You belong to the so called NWOBHM. Nowadays is easier having access to bands what were part of that movement. Do you think nowadays is when NWOBHM is getting its highest level of recognition due to technology and all those cult festivals?

Younger and old fans of Satan and associates are finding it much easier to access NWOBHM bands and in some cases if the bands are still active has created a long overdue recognition! We played the Purple turtle in London Oct 12 and gained a reception we had only previously witnessed in Europe ,truly Awesome!


– Still with the NWOBHM, tell us a bit how were those years in England like? Every time I talk to bands of the genre they have good comments about that period but, at the same time, they think it was a shame a lot of bands didn’t get more success (as MAIDEN, SAXON or LEPPARD did for instance). How was that era for your first steps?

Personally I have played in Raven, Warrior and the rest I think you know so I remember the period well, there were so many great bands that the more famous bands only gained the needed promotion and chances to aspire to their true potential!


– Knowing a bit of your history it surprises me in a positive way the fact some of you were also involved with acts such as BLITZKRIEG, BLIND FURY or PARIAH all of them, plus SATAN, being part of almost a same, and really interesting, concept. I would like to dig a bit deeper in your history so, first off, please tell us how was SATAN born and through what other bands was it formed.

Satan began in 79/80 with Steve, Bean ( MR English) ,and Russ, they had no previous experience in bands but looked up to local bands like Raven ,Fist and the Neat collective! Angel witch .Iron Maiden and Judas priest were also influences the band which is obvious in the early material! In 1983 others were recruited to bring some experience into the band hence CITA!


– Already on 1985 you changed the band’s name to BLIND FURY and you released another superb opus, on my eyes one of the best albums ever created in the UK. Why such change? Why wasn’t Brian involved with that opus? And, of course, how did you leave that work?

Later changes of names and style would warrant a book but I think we reflected a bigger picture of confusion of direction in Rock/Metal Thrash/and so on ! Satan is and always be a difficult name to name! Still there is people who wish to be small minded!


– From late 80’s it seems like SATAN’s history stopped, but I wouldn’t like to leave all this without talking about BLITZKRIEG which, without any doubt, an act that was also strongly connected to your family tree. You played there in the past and Brian is still playing in the band. Tell us a bit how were your first steps with BLITZKRIEG like and how important was it when it came to form SATAN?

I was only to happy to help re-establish Blitzkrieg after Brian departed in 1984 and have a friendship to the Ross family for 30 years!


– Is there any chance of doing someday a reunion as BLIND FURY or PARIAH? It would be absolutely awesome having on the same stage yourself, Lou Taylor and Michael Jackson. Would you like to do something like this?

A follow on return of Pariah or Blind fury though not impossible seems unlikely, the pure presence of Satan is nothing short of miraculous!


– And well, coming back to the present and on a view to the future; when can we expect to hear a new album by SATAN? And what are your long or short-term plans?

New music in 2013, Now or never!


– That’s all from our side, our best wished and lots of thanks for answering to our questions.

Although we will in the words of our German friends- KEEP IT TRUE! Sean!


Paco Gómez



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